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The Famous Coco Chanel said that hands-business card girls. Gentle, well-groomed hands men want to kiss.hand cream reviews

Care and once again care

But women often forget to take care of the skin. Often they are forced to endure the negative impact of aggressive factors-cold, heat, chemicals. As a result, the skin becomes dry and brittle, is rapidly aging.

She needed regular care. Creams for face, hands, feet, body, today provided by many cosmetic companies. But to choose the ideal tool is very difficult.

Today we'll discuss hand cream "CIT". Budget but high-quality tool, which has already received many positive reviews from satisfied customers.hand cream CIT

Hand Cream "CIT"

Hand Cream "CIT" manufacturer "AVANTA" produces the series. Each tool has a positive effect on the skin and is focused on a certain effect. So before buying the cream you should read the company's range and to select the most suitable for you. In the mass contains a complex of nutrients.

Effect per minute

The advantages of this series:

  1. The Cream has a light texture and is quickly absorbed, leaves no oily spots.
  2. Creates on the skin a protective film.
  3. Of course, there are chemical components, because without preservatives today not do any cosmetic. However, these substances are not numerous. The composition also contains oils that nourish the skin with essential vitamins.
  4. Manufacturer promises effect for 1 minute. And the reviews confirm that the skin becomes soft and smooth to the touch almost immediately after application.
  5. Wide range. The creams are targeted at young girls and women.

Part of the line CIT

moisturizing hand cream

"Summer silk" – the first on our list. This hand cream "CIT" – softening and nourishing. Means for care of the pens during the summer. There is peach kernel oil and allantoin. Oil reduces inflammation, hydrates and regenerates damaged cells. It rejuvenates and tones the skin, therefore indicated for sagging, aging skin handles. Peach oil is also good care of cuticle and nails, strengthens them and restores. Allantoin has a pronounced healing properties, moisturizes and softens. The tool has a light texture and mild floral scent that quickly disappears.


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Cream "CIT" for hands and nails "Strong nails" has a lovely caring characteristics. Contains coconut oil and grape seed, vitamins B5 and F, collagen and elastin. Has a delicate pleasant aroma. Tool nourishes and moisturizes the skin, giving it elasticity. Repair damaged, brittle nails, making them healthy and strong, accelerating growth. Protects from UV rays.

"sensitive skin" – cream hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Tool restores dry skin, prone to peeling and irritation. The present composition of avocado oil and wheat germ, allantoin, chamomile and aloe Vera. Contains no preservatives.

"Moisturizing" hand cream provides the skin protection against moisture loss for 24 hours. Deep hydration is due to the active moisturising complex. In addition, the cream contains in its composition a large amount of tocopherol (vitamin E), known for its antioxidant activity. Grape seed oil softens and prevents moisture loss.hand cream manufacturer CIT

Hand Cream "CIT" "Winter velvet" (80 ml tube) used in the cold season, when the handles are in particular need of protection. However, reviews indicate that for the treatment of chapped hands cream is rather weak. To apply it is better to prevent. The composition of the complex lipids, Shea butter and avocado oils, and chamomile extract. The cream helps to moisturize and nourish the skin. Protects from the negative impact during the cold weather.

"Softening" cream "CIT", according to reviews, no less effective than its more expensive counterparts. It is recommended to apply in the summer, when hands need to be protected from sunlight and intense hydration. Among the ingredients-provitamin B5 which stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and avocado oil. The last known nourishing and protective effect. The cream has a protective membrane. No oily sensation after suction.

“infinity” – moisturizing cream for the hands, focused on girls and dry and normal skin type. Pistachio oil nourishes and forms a protective barrier handles. Peppermint energizes, vitamins E and F provide antioxidant and nourishing action. Indicated for young skin, which needs careful maintenance.

“Nutritious” hand cream "CIT" nourishes the skin with essential vitamins. Has a pleasant aroma of fresh Apple. Almond oil promotes the growth and strengthening of nails. Shea (Shea) nourishes the skin making it more elastic and cocoa butter prevents moisture loss, normalizes barrier function. Jojoba oil has a number of useful properties, including anti-aging. After applying the cream, a minute later there is a soft and velvety skin.

“French walks” – cream with a huge number of positive reviews. It includes a range of oils-Shea, cocoa, coconut, lavender, and vitamin B5 and innovative silicone microspheres. Cream moisturizes, reduces dryness, maintains elasticity. Forms a protective barrier.CIT cream for hands and nails

"Spanish date" - a new series of funds. Indicated for aging skin. The effect of the cream is aimed at nourishment and rejuvenation. B9 slows the aging process of the skin and E and B3 provides a vitamin complex.

Feedback about the line "CIT"

Each of the creams found by our girls. Negative reviews about the line "CIT" no – not one shopper complained about allergies or discomfort after applying the cream. In a small number of women, he is not delighted and was priced at 4. Others use "CIT" regularly and in admiration of the achieved effect.fancy pants hand cream 80ml winter velvet

The advantages and disadvantages of tools

So, what is this tool so attractive to women? Reviews about the hand cream can be divided into a list with a description of its advantages:

  1. The Cream is very effective. Buying it once a using it for a long time. After all, it indeed has all the properties which are stated by the manufacturer.
  2. Creams are very diverse. All of them enriched by several kinds of cosmetic oils and vitamins. Each of the components has a pronounced effect on the skin. Of course, there are preservatives, but in moderation.
  3. Design. Nice design resonates in the hearts of the buyers. Elegant fun-loving girl in the picture seemed to glow with ease and enthusiasm. Many such youth have in mind.
  4. Fragrance. Tools in the line have different types of fragrances. However, they are light and unobtrusive – Apple, caramel, citrus, etc. After the cream is absorbed, the flavor is not retained. A few reviews found the complaint – the cream has a subtle smell of plastic.
  5. Affordable price – one of the major advantages of the cream. Because it releases a domestic producer (Russian cosmetic company "AVANTA"), the cost is much lower than foreign analogues and ranges from 40 to 55 rubles. In Ukraine "CIT" can be purchased for 160 UAH.
  6. Cream easy to apply, has a light and pleasant texture. Does not leave unpleasant greasy film on the hands.

According to the estimate of women aged 18 to 35 years, "CIT" – it is efficient, lightweight and gentle care for young skin. fancy pants hand cream softening

Where to buy?

You can Buy creams for this line in stores with cosmetic products and to order online. "CIT" is in the range of the following stores:

  1. Apteka.ru.
  2. GradMart.
  3. "Zdrasti".
  4. Pudra.ru.
  5. "Laboratory of Beauty".

In conclusion

Reviews about hand cream "CIT" they say only one thing – feel free to buy it and use with pleasure! Your hands will thank you.


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