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Since the Foundation of the design home of Pierre-Francois Guerlain in 1828 was created a rich collection of various flavors, which, however, remain recognizable and every time relevant. Perfume Guerlain has about eight hundred compositions, United in the line and direction – Legends, History, Myth… And it's not just the names – each scent truly embodies the tale. Maybe, in the end, will create a collection called “the Thousand and one nights from Guerlain”? Consider at least some of the flavors.

Guerlain Perfumes

Perfume Guerlain Shalimar (1925) was inspired by the Taj Mahal, with its fountains and gardens. The concept of flavor-crazy that conquers death, the love of Shah Jahan to his wife Mumtaz. Sincerely this is the first Oriental fragrance in the history of Western perfumery. Not only the content but also the crystal perfume bottle baccarat showed himself to be a masterpiece. Jacques Guerlain was connected, in varying degrees, purified vanillic sticks, to make this substance touch of bitterness. To the 60th anniversary of the company was made an "upgrade" of the perfume, and in 2004 there were more slight variation on Shalimar Light (the author – Mathilde Laurent). In 2008 he published a more democratic product – Eau de Shalimar (perfume).

But in the XIX century the family perfume house was surprised by the aristocratic public. Um, Guerlain, son of the founder, in 1889, created a unique perfume Guerlain Jicky six components that are now classic chord inherent in all products of this brand. Great-nephew of the Patriarch of the dynasty, Jacques, a distinguished creation of a series of songs that shook the world in the period between the First and Second world wars: Vol de Nuit, Apres L ' Ondee, Mitsouko, L’Heure Bleue. They are all good.


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Guerlain perfumes

The Period from 1956 to 1989 was the "Golden age" for Guerlain. The last dynasty of the famous perfumer, Jean-Paul has worked very fruitfully, demonstrating to the world such wonderful songs as Ode, Samsara, Vetiver, Eau de Guerlain, Habit Rouge and Chamade. Now chief perfumer of the company is Thierry Wasser continues to work according to the old canons, instituted in the nineteenth century. However, this does not mean that the House just produces the old and forgotten scents – every new Guerlain perfume is the embodiment of one of the images of modern women.

But Les Elixir Charnel is warm, body balm, causing a storm of passions. Seductive, sultry, intoxicating...It can use only a strong-willed woman. A line Aqua Allegoria is as light as the spring, the moth evokes the mood fresh and clear morning. Another masterpiece, famed Guerlain - perfume Le Petite Robe Noire. Romantic, bold, a little daring, they will fit any woman who wants to draw attention to themselves, but not to be Intrusive. Like the proverbial little black dress, this fragrance will never go out of fashion.

Perfume Guerlain Idylle

Since 2009, launched a line of overtly floral beginning, the core and base. Guerlain Idylle perfume was created for "alchemical kitchen" Thierry Wasser, Guerlain but the handwriting has been preserved. As vox Dei "sounds" angelic choir of Bulgarian roses, white freesia, turning into a bouquet of Lily of the valley, Jasmine, white Lily, peony and lilac. Sweet patchouli and musk set off the whole composition. In 2012, a interpretation of the classic fragrance Idylle Duet Jasmin-Lilas. The name speaks for itself: the Duo of Jasmine and lilac. However, it is not just floral water – Guerlain remains true to itself: it is a complex perfume with a musky-woody notes.

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