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Be groomed from head to heels and not spend endless beauty treatments your precious time – a dream of many girls. One of the latest developments in the field of skin care of the feet - products "Golden trace”. Pedicure performed with cosmetic products of this brand, gives a chance to every woman to boast velvet leather heels. This procedure is time consuming and its implementation is necessary not more often than once a month. The result-soft skin, velvety heels and no irritation and dryness.

Golden trace of preparative pedicure

Products «Golden trace” suitable even for those who have quite sensitive skin, prone to cracking and dryness.

How to do a pedicure with a Golden Trace

«Golden trace” – preparative pedicure, which is carried out using special trains. The main components of this cosmetics – micelles and fruit acids. They also contribute to the careful and smooth removal of rough skin on the foot, fighting even with deep corns and cracks. The procedure of pedicure “Golden trace” does not require any mechanical action on the skin: no long soaking, no cutting or grinding.

When applied to the skin the composition for a pedicure micelles attract dirt and fat, special enzymes dissolve dead skin cells, without exerting any harmful influence on the living layers of the skin.

Golden trace of preparative pedicure

Duration of the procedure does not exceed half an hour. Many have tried to imagine the magic power of pedicure “Golden trace”. The feedback from these lucky women say that this procedure can successfully independently exercise at home without spending extra money. But you can pass it in the cabin, in a pleasant atmosphere, relaxing, surrendering into the hands of professionals and have fun.


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Tools Golden Trace for a pedicure. The composition and characteristics

The Complete Golden Trace For preparative and absolutely atraumatic pedicure consists of several components:

  1. The Special gel of the brand «Golden trace”, used to soften cuticles on nails. Comes in a convenient jar with dispenser.
  2. Face cream to prepare the skin to stop the effects of a unique composition for a pedicure.
  3. The Elixir for feet. The main working component of a line of tools for pedicure “Golden trace”.
  4. Jelly for your feet, allowing you to make an easy exfoliation.
  5. Cream to stop. Transformed is applied to the skin of the feet to secure the result and care for the velvety skin of heels.

Using all the components when performing a pedicure ensures a stunning result. Reviews of masters of pedicure “Golden trace” say that to achieve a good result may be quite enough to use only the elixir of the brand. All other components can be replaced by conventional means to care. Of course, that when you use all of the components of the line the effect will be excellent.

Golden trace pedicure reviews

Pedicure “Golden trace” has a number of advantages over other types of pedicure and solves complex problems of feet.

All of the arguments in favor of the acid pedicure

Pedicure Golden Trace solves the following problems:

  • Removes even deep cracks on the heels and corns,
  • Regulates perspiration on the skin of the feet,
  • Helps prevent blisters on your heels,
  • Hydrates the skin and promotes tissue regeneration.

The benefits of a pedicure Golden Trace:

  • Noninvasive method of pedicure
  • Suitable for highly sensitive skin
  • Due to its natural composition can is not restricted for use even in pregnant women,
  • Solves complex problems and has a prolonged effect.

Pedicure at home with the Golden Trace

In order to perform the procedure of preparative pedicure “Golden trace” in the home, you will need a minimum of time and effort. Everything you need for the acid pedicure:

  • Half an hour of free-time;
  • Tools from the line Golden Trace;
  • Film;
  • Cotton pads.

Before beginning the procedure is to clean the skin of the feet, using a special cleansing mousse.

Then applied the current composition of the elixir of “Golden trace” on cotton pads and applied to the problem areas of the foot. After treatment of the feet must be wrapped in plastic and left for some time. The duration of exposure depends on the degree of imperfection of the skin of the heels, but it should not exceed 30 minutes.

After exposure of the composition to the skin of the feet should lightly float.

At the end of the procedure, you can apply the cream Golden Trace, or use jelly for the implementation of the peeling. In this case, you need to put a little money on the skin of the feet and wrap in foil. Leave for a while (15 minutes, maximum 30) then wash.

Golden trace pedicure reviews masters

The Procedure is not complicated, and the result is excellent. Skin on the heels will be like a baby at the same time without much effort. The only disadvantage of this method is its price. Makeup is not cheap, but spent very frugally, so in terms of lifetime use, it may happen that this lack of will become virtues.


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