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As the seasons Change, and age categories follow one another, they added experiments with hair color and clothes... And each of these factors affects the selection process of Foundation for the face. Searching for and selecting the desired colors, testing out different cosmetics brands, many are faced with unnecessary costs, wasted time and the “tired” from this treatment skin. “Max Factor colour Adapt” – concealer, reviews of which promise the solution to all these problems.

max factor colour adapt Foundation cream reviews


The Company “Max Factor” not long ago offered its consumers new and unique product for make-up, which also aims to take care of the skin and its aesthetic appearance. Concealer “Kolor Adapt” is an innovative design beauticians USA. Its composition includes adapting particles that are able to adapt to the natural color of the skin, aligning it and giving a beautiful tone.

Compared to other bases, the tool is claimed to be four times more effective according to studies all the same cosmetic brand. “Max Factor colour Adapt” – concealer reviews, which allow to make conclusions about its efficiency and versatility. If there are comments of consumers in the use of tools, in fact none of them questioned its mattifying abilities.

 concealer max factor colour adapt reviews

The Packaging and bottle design

Usability and minimalism are connected in a single solution. The bottle has a simple and sleek design. It is comfortable to hold in the hand, but it's big enough to carry it in my purse during the day or to take with you on trips. The bottle is equipped with a pump with a thin nozzle. It allows you to extract exactly the right amount for application. Volume – 34 ml.


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The Bottle also has a lid, keeping the spout in contact with him and things clean. “Max Factor colour Adapt” – concealer, the feedback he gets is positive. Especially women praise pimpochku comfortable, equipped on the tank, which as you use the funds rises and thus promotes its efficiency.

concealer max factor colour adapt photos and reviews

Structure and texture

The Formula has a liquid consistency, uniformly applied and distributed on the skin. It's best to work with a brush or fingers. The first well and evenly distribute the cream, leaving streaks. Under the action of the fingers it will be “melting”, to say they dispersed to their areas. After applying the tone to the touch lightweight velvety like a powder. It is hardly noticeable and not “weights” person.

A Lot of opinions expressed about the concealer “Max Factor colour Adapt 3in1" of the consumer reviews emphasize that the product does not dry and does not clog pores, thus gives the skin a healthy glow. This is achieved due to the presence of micropigments and reflective particles. They hide minor flaws, redness, pimples. Elastomers make the skin velvety. There are oils. Therefore, the product is suitable for sensitive skin. The cream was dermatological control.


The line includes six shades in a fairly wide range that will pick up the tool to a wide range of buyers. The light – “China”, and the dark – “Natural”. In addition, the adaptive capacity of the fluid will allow you to create the perfect color, even if the tool is slightly different from yours. Shades have the following digital marking:

  • Gold - 75.
  • Natural - 70.
  • Red buff - 55.
  • Porcelain - 50.
  • Warm almond 45.
  • Ivory - 40.

European and American markets is still 80 tint - bronze. After applying the formula, the skin color is aligned in 10-15 minutes. Concealer “Max Factor colour Adapt" reviews and shades which give hope for choosing the perfect tools for every day can be a great option for the off-season with his sudden changes in temperature. Wind and frost will now only give a glow, and not spots on the cheeks.

how to choose concealer max factor colour adapt reviews

How to choose concealer “Max Factor colour Adapt”?

Reviews have already tested the fluid buyers enable to draw the following conclusions. When choosing products it is important to consider the following factors: season, skin type, age, texture, shade. The cream is presented in a consistency of fluid. Therefore, as already mentioned, it is well suited for summer and off-season. For winter is better to choose a more dense texture or combine it with the appropriate season basis.

Plus the texture of the fluid also lies in the fact that it is well adapted to different skin types. The cream does not clog pores and does not cause irritation and inflammation. The tool does not dry out dry skin, moreover, cares for her during the day. Concealer recommended for ages 18 and older. To find the closest shade, focus on the skin color on the jaw line. This area sheds light on the required option. The correct tone "will melt and disappear” on the skin, not leaving any of the transition lines.

How to apply “Kolor Adapt”?

In the instructions to the tool it is recommended to apply a small amount of fluid on the outer side of the palm of the thumb to “heated”. Then with a brush type structure on one and the second hand and make light strokes on the center of the face. Spread with gentle movements in the direction of its outer contours.

If necessary, apply concealer on the lips or eyelids, using it as a base under lipstick or shadow. So they will not spread and will remain crisp lines. In the reviews mentioned that the tool will not mask the significant irregularities or pronounced pigmentation of the skin, so in such cases, use the advanced concealer. On hot days it is recommended to apply the concealer with powder.

concealer max factor colour adapt reviews and ratings


The views of users who have tried the product on your skin and in your way, mostly positive. “Kolor Adapt” enjoys high popularity due to the quality and effectiveness of the impact. It was quite a long test of time and earned high ratings. In the characteristics of users, you can find the following definitions: coincidence of tone, soft and silky skin, natural, powdery texture, perfect color.

Foundation “Max Factor colour Adapt" reviews and ratings which inspire confidence and cause genuine interest of new buyers, has several disadvantages in use, like any tool designed for a wide range of consumers. Consider the pros and cons in detail.


The Most important and significant advantage is the ability of Foundation adapt to the skin tone. It gives a pleasant sensation, makes its surface soft, velvety. The facility has a liquid texture of the cream is well applied and spread evenly with your fingers or a brush. Customers claim that it leaves no residue, absorbs quickly and does not give a mask effect. Convenient bottle with a thin spout will allow you to use it as economically.

Happy women and a rich choice of colors in a wide color range. It will give the opportunity to pick out the perfect tone, which is additionally adaptable. The tool can be used as a base under shadow or lipstick. “Max Factor colour Adapt" (Foundation) has positive reviews. Girls say that he is the perfect choice for every day. The tool is also suitable for evening and party makeup, but with the additional use of powder and corrector.

concealer max factor colour adapt 3in1 reviews


Judging by the reviews, of the disadvantages of the cream include the following details:

  1. Poor durability when applied on oily skin (about 2 hours).
  2. Clogs pores, so with these features it is better to take a tester.
  3. Small coverage. In case of significant defects must also use base and concealer.
  4. If you have dry skin, on the contrary, emphasize the peeling. Therefore, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer.
  5. Price is also some women seems too high. However, this is typical for most vehicles of the brand.

Foundation “Max Factor colour Adapt”, and which was presented in the article will be a perfect tonal means subject to the application technique and a properly chosen shade. Owners of oily and dry skin need extra care to achieve perfect coverage, even though the property of adaptability.

concealer max factor colour adapt reviews

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