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Very often people complain of cracks on the heels. How to get rid of them? This question is not easy to answer. Indeed, many point to the fact that there are no really effective ways to get rid of cracks and corns. And someone says the opposite. On the shelves there are a variety of tools, creams and ointments. They will help to quickly cure the problem. Someone was of the opinion that the most effective treatment option are popular methods. So how to clean up deep cracks on the heels? The best advice will have to learn next.cracked heels how to remove


Just so in the body do not occur any changes. It all happens because of something. From corns and cracks also have their causes. The most common is poor hygiene. Excessive peeling or dryness of the skin is also able to cause our current problem.

Also, the reason this phenomenon is often a lack of vitamins. In General, the options are very many. It would be good to find out what exactly was the impetus for the appearance of cracks on the heels. Then get as efficiently as possible to cope with the task. But it's not necessary. Most people are trying to be treated comprehensively, not to understand the causes of occurrence of cracks. This is the most appropriate and effective approach. But how will have to act?


Remember, the person caring for your body almost no problem. So you'll have to deal with them. In our case, special attention should be paid to the feet. Regularly do pedicure. How to remove cracked heels? Timely foot care will help.


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For the first time for a pedicure it is advisable to go to a professional. He will show you how to properly care for heels. Over time, you will be able to repeat procedures. You can even purchase a personal professional pedicure set. There are special tips for the treatment of heels.remove cracked heels at home

Only here to cure fully cracked so will not work. For a start, you should do so that there is the healing of the affected area of the skin, only then to maintain the achieved result. But the sooner you start caring for your feet, the better.


What else can be paying attention to? Uncomfortable shoes - that's another reason that cracks appear on the heels. How to remove them in this case? It's very simple - I have to change my wardrobe. Or rather, shoes.

It is Desirable in the formation of corns and cracks start using orthopaedic "footwear". The feet should be comfortable. Women can be advised to withdraw for a time from heels and high heels. Limit orthopedic shoes. Soon you will notice how the cracks began to disappear. Of course, this does not negate the need for regular pedicures. Consider this fact. To maintain hygiene of the feet still to remove cracked heels

However, due to the Shoe cracks are not so common. So hope for such a simple treatment option is not worth it. If the disease did not appear because of the shoes, this does not mean that you can use any type of uncomfortable "footwear." Better to be safe than sorry.

Vitamins & nutrition

It has been said that sometimes our problem today arises from the fact that the body lacks some vitamins. So affected by the lack of nutrients. What to do if you have cracked heels? How to remove them once and for all?

You Need to normalize your diet. Will have to enrich it with a variety of vegetables and fruits. In fact, you are eligible for a health diet. It is impossible to starve in any case, but from overeating refrain.

In addition, you can take supplements and vitamin complexes. You can use any. It is advisable to figure out which vitamins you are missing in your body as quickly as possible to achieve a result. But this possible action does not end there. A very effective means of treatment are considered traditional methods. They typically involve the preparation of various tinctures and ointments. In stores such funds are also available, but why pay more when you can self-heal cracks, and even corns?how to remove deep cracks on heels

Bow and wraps

For Example, you can use compresses. Usually the treatment in this way will require about 5-6 weeks of the procedure. It must be done daily. So you can achieve maximum results. Helps in today's question onions. The most common onion and baking soda.

First chop onion medium size, and wrap it in a napkin. Next, wrap the special of compress film. Now is about 10-15 minutes to soak your feet in water with baking soda. In a bowl, add about 1-2 teaspoons. As soon as "cold", it is possible to dry the feet and then to the heels with a bandage to bind the poultice of onions. Leave it overnight, the morning rinse with warm water.

At the end of the procedure, lubricate heel moisturizer. Fits absolutely any. Let the cream soak is all. Such a process will quickly rid you of cracked heels. Completely safe and very effective folk remedy!pedicure how to remove cracked heels

Cabbage with honey

How to remove cracked heels? If the poultice of onions does not help you (or not liked), you can use another recipe. It also does not require you to any third-party action, no special knowledge. We are talking about the compress of cabbage with honey.

To begin, take a cabbage leaf and slightly repel it. Next, miss honey, and then sprinkle the top with flour, just a pinch. Leave the sheet to soak for 10-15 minutes, after which you can tape it to the affected area on the heels.

You Can go to sleep. In the morning rinse with warm water honey and flour with cabbage juice, treat the feet with a pumice stone. At the end of the procedure, lubricate heel moisturizer. The procedure is repeated about 5 days in a row. You will see the result very quickly. After a full recovery unable to regularly do this kind of compresses. They won't hurt and will help you once again be safe from the appearance of corns and cracks. Easy and simple!


Wondering how to clean up deep cracks on the heels? Here you can help of baths with boric acid. Not the easiest, but very effective. Instant results can not wait, will have to repeat the procedure.remove cracked heels folk remedies

Before sleep, prepare a bath with boric acid. To 1 liter of liquid add 4 teaspoons of the acid, then dip in a solution of feet. Sit there for a while, then dry heels and smear them with vaseline. Cover affected area with band-aid or bandage. Do not remove the bandage the day.

This procedure requires the regular conduct. Visible progress will be visible in 8-12 days. And approximately after 2-3 weeks of treatment you will be able to fully get rid of the disease. But don't forget to care for your feet all the time. And do not skip days - daily or at least every other day, do the bath with boric acid.


Want to get rid of cracked heels? Folk remedies will help you with this! Very good saves from our current problems potatoes. If you do not have the vegetable, you can use potato starch.

How to proceed? You need to make a decoction of potato peel. As a substitute you can use starch. Just add it to boiling water. Per litre, you need just 2 tablespoons. Then let the water cool down and poparte there feet before bed. The procedure is continued for at least 30 minutes. Then treat the feet with a pumice stone or a stiff brush and apply the cream. Fits absolutely any. The procedure is repeated to complete remediation of the situation. The treatment takes 2 to 3 weeks. That's so easy, you can answer a question about how to remove the cracks and corns on the heels. Everyone is capable of folk remedies to deal with our current problem.


What else can be paying attention to? For example, in Eastern medicine. It is full of a variety of healthful recipes. You can find even a tool that will eliminate cracked heels. How can I remove this problem?how to remove the cracks and corns on heels

To do this, prepare a special pellet, which is fixed with a bandage overnight and in the morning heel are treated with a pumice stone or brush. The recipe is simple - mix equal parts fish oil, aloe (juice), flour, onion juice. Get a mass from which pellets are formed.

In fact, to remove cracked heels at home not so difficult. The main thing - to ask and to be patient. It is the foot care and a variety of folk infusion compresses help to cope with the task better.


What do people think about the previously proposed methods of treatment? Some firmly believe that traditional methods do no help. But store-bought creams can help solve the problem in several steps. Such people are willing to pay a lot of money for not very effective ointment from cracks on the heels.

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