Nail design with foil: five spectacular options


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In Order to properly perform nail art design with foil, we first need to determine its type. In the sale there are many varieties of this popular material, each of them has its own characteristics in application.

Types of foil for nails

  1. Transfer foil is applied on an adhesive base. This is a very convenient, simple and affordable variety of the decorative material. Sold in small rolls that can be of different colors, with patterns, for example, in the form of a snake skin.
  2. Sheet or foil is sold in sheets or in rolls. It is a particularly thin plain metallic "paper", can be colored or embossed with patterns. It is possible to cut out any elements.
  3. Crinkled foil is sold in jars and is a thin slices, similar to gold leaf. Presented in different hues. Nail design with the same decorative material popular among the professionals working with acrylics and gels.
  4. Foil Minx is a nail sticker, repeating their shape, they are fixed under the effect of temperature.
  5. A Thin strip of foil. Sold in rolls and are designed for decorating the finished manicure.

Consider the design of every view. In General they will be that, apart from the usual tools, you will need a fair share of patience - this manicure is way too bright and noticeable to cover up any flaws.

Transfer foils for nail art. How to use

The advantage is that you can put aside a pair of scissors: to cut out anything not needed. Nail design with foil of this kind is easy and fast. Cover the nail varnish-basis, dry it, then apply a thin layer of glue. Carefully attach the foil matte side of the nail, a cotton swab, carefully flatten it. Then a quick but clear movement clear. The conversion layer remains on the nail, you have just thin layer of "imprint" of the nail. The smoother you applied the base coat and glue, the more accurate will be the result. After a few hours, cover the finished manicure top, to better hold, otherwise this design will be pleasing you for just one day. Foil decal nail may also be suitable for the allocation of part of the nail, such as corners.


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nail design with foil

Sheet foil

Nail art Design with foil, which is sold in sheets, is very different: it can cut any small items or stick it on the entire nail, achieving a mirror effect. To secure it will need a special glue, which is easily found in specialized stores or the usual clear nail Polish. The desired shape of the elements glued to the set, but not yet dried varnish, dried, and then coated with a top coat. Thus it is possible to do French manicure with foil or highlight the corners. If you use glue, then it should be applied on the wet end to the base coat. For manipulation of this material to buy tweezers, hands there is a risk to break it. If you want to get with the help of a smooth metal foil nails, will have to work hard. First, sharp scissors will need to be cut of the workpiece for nails. They have a little notch so they could smoothly distributed on a convex nail. Then they put on still wet clear Polish and gently smooth. The difficulty is that the foil is thin enough, but not elastic, and not easy to put on without creases or wrinkles.

foil nail how to use

Crinkled foil

Nail art Design with foil of this type is, of course, the festive variant. It's also fastened with glue. It can be applied to individual pieces of the nail. The most simple but very effective design is a little shiny pieces of foil between the several layers of the gel. This aquarium manicure looks and air, and catchy. On natural nails you can also do something spectacular. For this you need to apply a base coat, dry it. Then apply the glue. A prepared piece of foil in the desired shape is taken with tweezers and applied to the desired location, then pressed with a wooden stick or other suitable tool. The finished design is covered with a transparent varnish. Thus it is possible to make a spectacular mosaic manicure by combining different shades of foil and much more.

foil decal nail

Foil Minx

Nail art Design with foil Minx is not necessarily a brilliant mirror finish. It can be predatory prints, floral patterns, plaid and much more. How to apply this foil? Prepared at the beginning of the nail plate, nail grind, Polish, disinfect and degrease. Then select the right size Minx plate, all the excess can be cut in advance or after the label is already on the nail. Then a brilliant striped pattern is removed from the base and slightly warmed in the rays of infrared lamps to become more elastic, then the strip is applied to the nail cuticle is pushed in advance. To wield better orange stick, which is suitable and in order to remove the sticker from the base, and for moving away the cuticle, and in order to smooth the sticker on the nail. Then stickers additionally pressed with your fingers.Then with a nail file to file down all the excess parts of the stickers. Now comes the stage of consolidation. The nails are placed under the lamp and warm up. In the end, it is desirable to cover the finished design top. As you can see, under the stickers don't even need a base. The main thing is to maximally smooth the nail surface. Removed this manicure is very simple - you need about 5 minutes to hold the nails in hot water.

foil decal nail

foil nail how to use

Nail Design with foil strips

These stripes are universal and very easy to use. They stick to the wet varnish, all the excess is cut off with scissors, the result secured a top coating. With stripes is very easy to do multi-color manicure, because they can hide not quite accurate boundaries between paints of different colors. Very trendy and stylish looks French with such a foil on the nail paint of the same color, e.g. dark blue. On the free edge, stepping back a little from the end, put one or two thin strips of foil gold or silver color. Gently push the sharp end of an orange stick. Dry and secure finished pattern top. If a manicure is done carefully, the attention and the admiration of others is assured.

foil nail how to use

As you can see, the design of nails with foil is not only shiny chrome nails. It is also a lot of opportunities that are simply created for the creative mind. Experiment and amaze others original manicure!

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