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Acne, or as many call them, pimples – this is a frequent occurrence in many women. Of course, this is a huge cosmetic flaw, delivering a lot of problems and discomfort. There are many cosmetic products designed to fight acne. Cream active acne «Clean Line» is one of them. Talk about it in more detail.

Cause rash

Before we talk about the part of the money, remember, what is acne and why they appear on the face and neck. As a rule, there are several reasons. First, a hormonal imbalance. This phenomenon occurs as adolescents and many adults. When such a problem, medication is required and recovery of hormonal, acne cream «Clean Line» in this case, will only as additional means.

acne cream pure line

Another thing, if health is all right, and pimples and then popping up in the most inappropriate places. In this case, the cause may be improper care of the skin: the sebaceous glands start to produce excessive amounts of grease, the pores are closed. All this is perfect ground for breeding bacteria. A large number of microorganisms in the subcutaneous layer, causing inflammation and, as a consequence, the formation of acne.

Skin Care

To minimize the appearance of acne you must follow some important rules. Acne cream «Clean Line» can help to cope with the problem of frequent rashes only under the condition of proper care of the skin. In addition, in cases of severe rash, it is recommended diet, abstinence from alcohol and nicotine. As for cosmetic procedures, the first thing you need to pay special attention to the pores (holes that allows the skin to breathe).


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cream for acne

If you apply the cream clogged pores, the effect of the use of funds is likely to be the opposite. The skin must breathe, and if not, the cream won't help and will only exacerbate the situation. Clear pores help special gel cleanser, mask and facial scrubs. They cope with deep black dots that look not very aesthetically pleasing. Especially in such funds for the care of the face needs skin with enlarged pores. After a thorough cleansing of the dermis, you can use the acne cream «Clean line». Penetrating the cleansed skin, useful components of the tool will treat and moisturize.

What promises to be the cream of the company «Clean Line»

Manufacturers of these cosmetics claim that it is toning, purifying, soothing and matifying face cream. Due to its composition it heals damaged skin, removes traces of acne, tightens pores. In addition, this tool effectively fights with black dots surface, eliminates oily Shine, and then normalizes the sebaceous glands. Acne cream «Clean Line» contains only natural components that help to cope with the rash. The tool is well suited for daily use and not addictive. In addition, even if there is no rash, this tool will be a great prevention against acne and can be used as a base under makeup.

cream for acne

«Clean line» cream against acne. Composition

In order to determine exactly how well the cosmetic product can cope with their tasks, you need to know what components are included in its composition. Manufacturer «Clean Line» declares such useful ingredients in this cosmetic product, such as zinc, tea tree oil, aloe Vera and grape seed oil. Other excipients are also only of natural origin. Let's talk about each separately.

Organic zinc

Zinc is one of the most popular natural ingredients used in cosmetics and medicine. The company «Clean Line» acne cream contains this chemical element for a reason. It is scientifically proven that zinc helps to dry out the inflamed areas of skin, involved in processing fatty acids, regulates hormonal balance, inhibits the formation of free radicals. In 1500 women living in Ancient China, rubbed his face with a special pearl, which contains zinc ions. This gave the leather a shiny and healthy look. In case of some diseases this element in the form of ions can be taken inside.

cream for acne reviews

Tea tree Oil

This element is extracted from the leaves of a tea tree growing in Australia. It has a very pleasant smell and a light yellow color. A disadvantage of many creams against acne is that instead of tea tree oil in their composition includes salicylic acid, which dries the skin badly. A very different composition of the cosmetic line for acne in the company «Clean Line». Cream for acne reviews, which you can find many information resources, contains in its composition it is the tea tree oil. Thanks to its bactericidal properties, it kills bacteria that cause rashes, but it does not dry the skin and nourishes and moisturizes it. It is very important for all skin types.

cream active acne clean line

There is a false belief that combination to oily dermis must be dry and not wet. Overdrying the opposite effect and the sebaceous glands begin to produce more subcutaneous fat. Accordingly, the number of spots is increasing. In combination with other ingredients tea tree oil moisturizes the skin, and the sebaceous glands begin to work normally.

Aloe Vera

It is Difficult to meet a person who does not know about this plant, as aloe (agave), and of its beneficial properties. Of this plant there is an interesting legend.

In the North-West of the Indian ocean, on the island of Socotra, the tree grew scarlet. The juice from the leaves of this plant has cured many diseases of the natives living there. On hearing this, Alexander the great immediately conquered the island.

Indeed, the leaves of the agave have many useful properties. Once mom and grandma forced kids to chew these leaves to prevent colds and flu. They contain about 20 different amino acids that cannot synthesize by the body. clean line cream active against acne reviews

Also, the aloe Vera juice contains very important trace mineral, called allantoin. It moisturizes the skin, heals microRNA and restores the structure of cells. As tea tree oil, aloe has antibacterial properties, which helps to quickly treat acne. The SAP of this plant can be found in a variety of biologically active supplements to food. It normalizes the gastrointestinal tract and strengthens the immune system.

Usage instructions

Each cosmetic product should be used only in accordance with its instructions. Incorrect application of the cream in the best case may not help, and at worst – to give the opposite effect. Because the funds «Clean Line» (cream-active against acne) is composed of only natural ingredients, it is very important that they are applied on a clean face. The tool recommended to use 2 times a day, morning and evening. In the morning, wash the client's face, preferably using gel cleanser.

clean line cream active against acne

After this the skin should be wiped dry and massage cream «Clean Line». When absorbed, can apply makeup if needed. Biggest advantage of this cosmetic product is that it absorbs quickly, leaves no residue and can be used as a base under makeup. In the evening to remove remnants of makeup, use makeup remover, wash and then clean the face again to apply the cream. Do not apply thick layer of this tool. It doesn't work on the principle: the more-the better. Let you apply it a little, but regularly.

The Pros and cons of tools «Clean Line»

Cream active acne, which reviews are mostly positive, has a lot of advantages and not so many disadvantages. According to those who have already used this tool, it does its job: it moisturizes the skin, heals her, restores healthy complexion, removes pimples and shallow marks from acne. Because every body is different, there are negative reviews, indicating that this tool is not a panacea from all the rashes. Of course, if the seborrheic processes on the face are at an advanced stage, disturbed nutrition of the cells, clogged pores, downed hormones, one cream can't handle these all in a matter of days.

clean line cream active acne reviews

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