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This season is very popular manicure dark blue. After using this palette you can think of many interesting nail art. A wide variety of colors gives you the opportunity to combine blue with other colors and with various patterns. Drawings, sequins, rhinestones, French manicure, moon manicure, and many other ideas will make your nails unique.

manicure in dark blue

Choose color

Varnish very much. And even after you decided to get a manicure in a dark blue color, in specialized stores from a wide variety begin to diverge the eyes. The color should be suitable for the type of skin, clothing, shape of the nail. It needs to be combined with the time of year and just like its future owner. If a woman has light skin, it is best to choose darker tone. For those who have more dark skin, will look good are bright shades of blue and blue. Before buying varnish it is necessary to examine the palette that should be in every store. Using dark blue manicure can accentuate any outfit, especially if it is a blue dress.

Blue French manicure

French is loved by many girls. And if a few years ago, valued the classic white tips, now trend different experiments, using different colors for the edge of the plate and the base of the nail. Dark blue shade itself looks good on the hands. So it is often used. In addition, now popular are matte varnishes. They combine with glossy coatings. The line “smile” it is possible to outline gold or silver color. One thin strip will make the manicure more festive. On individual nails using the drawings, prints, rhinestones, foil, sliders and newspaper clippings.


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manicure dark blue

Other colors

The Blue color refers to the base. It blends perfectly with other colours. Warm season involves bright colors, so you can use the manicure dark blue, combining it with yellow. Juicy sun shade reminiscent of warm Golden sand and a blue deep rolling sea. Those who know how to draw beautifully, often depicted on nails famous cartoon characters “Minions”. The simplest option that doesn't require special skills is a common combination of colors. Cover all nails except the middle and ring, in blue. And those that remained intact, apply yellow. Fast, exciting, memorizing.

Alluring Ombre

Ombre – this is another trend of the season. It can be done using any two colors. Importantly, the tip of the nail was decorated with a darker tone, and the base – light. To create a trendy Ombre will suit not only different shades of blue, but a good combination of contrast colors. This nail art is very stylish and festive at the same time. Manicure with dark blue lacquer, in particular Ombre is very simple.

To create it you need a sponge to apply two colors, and carefully DAB it nail coated with a base plate bright finish. Get a smooth transition between colors. The border can be done in both horizontal and vertical directions. In this case, it is necessary to use a combination of white, yellow, blue, green colors with blue. This manicure will be relevant in any situation. Also it can be decorated with rhinestones, foil or patterns.

dark blue manicure photo

Usage patterns

All girls are different, but each one wants to have a dark blue nail Polish. Photos of different variants of filled magazines. So many ideas of what to invent! In today's world you can do whatever you want. So to use on each nail a different picture – a great option. For those who can't draw, there are sliders that stick on the plate and close to its dense pattern. Some of the pictures nor sold: flowers, images of space, animals or geometric shapes. Many masters no longer anything to draw with a brush and use only labels.

dark blue manicure

A Few quick tips

Manicure dark blue you can perform differently. There are some good tips for getting stunning effect:

  • Night sky has in its palette of dark blue color. You can pass this beauty on their nails. If the first layer blue, and the second – transparent with glitter, you can achieve the effect of the night sky.
  • Natural your hands will accentuate the matte varnish or the one with the sand effect.
  • Denim will never go out of fashion. Therefore, the minds of the fashion industry invented blue lacquer Indigo, which has a special structure, reminiscent of denim.
  • Look Great coatings of the same color with different structure. For example, dark blue glossy and matte. On the entire nail plate, apply Matt varnish, and the free edge of the drag strip glossy media.
  • Marine style – the successful combination of blue and green. It can be performed in aqueous manicure or make the stains with a needle.

The Moon manicure

The Moon manicure has long been popular. It is the same base as French. In such a design, you can perform manicure dark blue, and it can be combined with other colors, and leave the beginning of the nail plate with natural color. The hole can be decorated with rhinestones, as well as to conduct a contrast line or a line with sparkles. This part of the nail is sometimes painted in a different color. For example, in white or gold. Between hole and plate in General, it is possible to leave a thin unpainted line. The moon manicure is universal and fits for any length of nail. And given the fact that now in Vogue more than a short plate, it will be the ideal option for those ladies who give them preference.

manicure with dark blue lacquer


The Rhinestones looks very nice on the nails. They decorate them and make richer. But to perform a beautiful manicure with this design is somewhat more complicated than the ordinary nail art. It is often first need to draw something on the nail, and then to the pattern to add a beautiful stone. Now often use different shapes and sizes of rhinestones, successfully combining them with each other. And even the most simple varnish can spice things up just glued a stone at the base of the nail.


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