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When I read the description of the drug for eyelash growth Kareprost just wonder: does the tool really could be so effective? It helps to make eyelashes long for such a short period of time?

We decided to gather in one place Feedback about Carepost for eyelash growth to understand its effectiveness.

Em>Marina, 24 years old, photographer: "I'm usually on the other side of the lens. But once, a couple of years ago, ordered a photo shoot. And get the results I was horrified how short and straight my eyelashes are. Nothing beautiful, nothing at all. And then I decided to try "Kareprost". At first he didn't impress me. I was expecting some sort of instant effect. But I decided one bottle to finish — that really, nothing was ordered or what? And after five weeks the eyelashes as flooded! First noticed by myself, and then others began to make compliments. In General, for two years and grief do not know! Very beautiful lashes I now have!"

Em>Tatiana, 21 years old, dancer: "I always wished I had long eyelashes. But nature somehow cheated me. I work in a club, dancing, and the girls always use fake eyelashes. And then one of my colleagues told me about Kareprost. Honestly, I didn't believe her. Well, how can it be that suddenly the lashes started to grow? Thought it was all lies and advertising stories. Moreover, already faced with drugs, are all praised, but in fact, they didn't helped. But decided to try it. A colleague offered to make the order together — it's cheaper. What do you think? It really began to grow eyelashes! Still can't believe it, but the fact remains".

Em>Elena, 44 years old, Bank employee: "My review will be short: it's great? And so sorry that Kareprost wasn't there when I was 20 years old!"

Em>Olga, 37 years old, entrepreneur: "I — the man who all his life had built himself. I own an education, make a career, started a business, had burned and started anew. She chose a suitable husband, she decided when to have children. In my life everything was successful, except for one thing: I could not affect the length of their eyelashes. So about a year ago I decided that this point it is necessary to take into their own hands. Learned about the existence of Kareprost and decided to try it. What can I say? I'm happy! Now I have everything under control!"

!! There are contraindications, consult your doctor!

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