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For anybody not a secret that the wrong chosen hairstyle can ruin the whole image. That is why ladies who are watching their own appearance, so sensitive to the hair. In recent years, the increasing popularity began to acquire a foam curler. How to use them, you will realize in this article.

The Advantages and disadvantages of similar products

Perhaps start with a few cons. These include the fact that the fixation on foam hair curlers can not be called reliable. These rather soft wares, so to speak, "attuned to the night dream." However, those who are spinning on the cushion, do not count on perfect curls. Keep in mind it is desirable to not less than five hours. Removing the curlers before the expiration of this period, you will get a not too good result.

foam curlers

These products are a soft elastic curlers, twisting in any direction. They come in different lengths. Thin curlers are perfect for creating small volume curls, thick – for large curls.

The advantages could be considered simplicity of operation and compactness. They don't take up much space. Therefore, their storage is perfect small box or cosmetic bag. They can be used not only for medium but also for long hair. And the owners of the short cuts you'll have to find another way of Curling as foam curlers will not be able to fix their locks.

Existing varieties

All of soft curlers can be divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical. With their help, you can get different shape of curls. Some are suitable for creating spiral curls, others – ring-shaped curls.


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hair rollers foam hair

Horizontal products may vary in diameter. The smaller it is, the more curls it turns out on one strand. In most cases they are fixed in hair with rubber bands or plastic clips. Those who are planning a night laying, it is advisable to opt for the first option.

Spiral foam curlers resemble twisted covers. They range in length and width. Included with them is the plastic hook that is necessary to capture the strands and putting it in curlers. Curls of tissue are fixed with a rubber band.

Preparing for a wave on a foam curler

The Hair should be pliable. To do this, you must first wash your hair with the use of emollient conditioning. To curly the curls came out smooth, hair should be treated with liquid silicone or foam for styling.

how to cheat a foam curler

Cheat need dry hair. This will allow you to avoid unsightly creases. Combing wet hair and his head bowed down, dry them with a hair dryer. It is necessary to give the curls a beautiful volume. Otherwise, they will look “sleek”.

How to cheat a foam curler?

Appliances are very simple, so with this task you can handle yourself. To start a Perm is recommended on the back side. Horizontal the curlers must be located so that they are perpendicular to the strands. Then begin to tighten the tip of the curl up or down to the roots. The hair is held in place by elastic bands. The same repeat with the remaining strands.

foam curlers how to use

Spiral foam curler is pretty simple to operate. Attached plastic hook placed in the case so that its end could catch a strand. Combed a lock of curled at the base so as to form a loop that you want to stretch out in raspryamitsya case. When the hair will be inside, you should extract the hook. To do so, preferably through the bottom. In such cases it is recommended to use medium-thickness strands, because too thin will not be recorded, and thick can do not to curl.

Soft hair rollers are usually used for night styling, so the blooming curls is better to start after the morning washing and make-up. It is advisable to start with lower part. Released strands can be separated by your fingers and lightly sprinkle with varnish. This will allow you to achieve the desired result and to consolidate the effect.

For removing soft spiral curlers just enough to pull the cozies first with the lower sections in the same order as was the wrap. We must start from the back side, gradually moving to the side curls and ending with the top.

Useful tips

Experts know a few special techniques, successfully used in the process of winding. So, the longer the length of the hair, the thinner should be a lock. Studs, used for holding paper shoes, stuck in the opposite direction to the winding.

So the strands do not slip with the curler, the latter should be extended using ordinary paper. For fixing thin hair it is advisable to choose funds that have a light texture.

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