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Women on her beauty, it seems at first and superficial glance, a very simple and even enjoyable. However, when all the efforts are not crowned with success, and it seems that beauty can be forever, work on your face becomes flour. In this article we look at the ways to bring the girls to their goals, or what to do to prevent the pimples.

The Main principle of getting rid of acne: slow and steady wins-on going

First, you need to take into account that to achieve a beauty face we need to constantly observe the system, which will be not just a set of rules, but a way of life. No more “discounts” “but I dared not because I was tired” or “I don't want to do a face mask, because there's a lot of cases”. If so to speak, then your ideal will forever remain elusive, and the time spent on getting rid of pimples will be gone in vain.

How to quickly remove acne? The answer to this question depends on the condition of the skin of the questioner. Quick relief from pimples, perhaps only the expressive methods that can badly affect the structure of the skin. Therefore, it is necessary with great care to treat methods that can effectively and quickly remove pimples.

Skin problems: looking for a reason to decide

To find out what helps acne, you need to see the real causes of their appearance. It has long been known that the skin reflects the internal problems of the body. The face is the mirror of the internal systems, and if one of them is broken, then it would have an impact on the face.


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The Most common cause of acne is hormonal imbalance. If you go to the doctor and follow his recommendations to control hormones, the pimples will disappear by themselves, you only need to wash morning and night and moisturize it in accordance with the type.

In the second place, the cause of pimples – violation of the digestive tract. If the food is improperly digested, or poorly excreted from the body, then there are processes of fermentation and putrefaction of food, due to secreted toxins poisoning the entire body, and with the help of acne your body will get rid of these harmful elements.

What helps acne: practical tips

So, what helps acne? The first thing to get rid of internal problems in the body, but because treatment can occur long time, you can improve the situation with household or cosmetic products.

No wonder our grandmothers said that it helps for acne one of the ancient alcoholic drink-vodka. Rubbing vodka pimples or making use it compresses to dry the pimples and they will disappear. Vodka contains alcohol, but it is soft enough not to burn the skin as it can make the compresses from the pharmacy of disinfectants alcohols.

Yet we know that helps with the acne clay. Making regular masks and applying them on a steamed clean skin, rid of acne will occur more actively. This is achieved due to the fact that the clay removes and pulls sebaceous fat which, standing out in giperplazirovannom number, closes the pores and the skin stops breathing. In this case it is necessary to help the skin to get rid of excess fat. Clay is especially useful during the spring and summer seasons, when the sebaceous glands are more active.

You may be surprised to learn that it helps for acne and basic skin hydration. If the skin is not wet, then the sebaceous glands work actively, and this creates a favorable environment for the occurrence of pimples.

So, to get rid of acne you must follow some points:

  1. To go to the doctor to check for diseases of the internal organs and systems;
  2. Regularly clean the skin. If you do your skin regularly, then you will ensure the cleanliness and get rid of bacteria on the skin surface that cause acne;
  3. For rapid getting rid of pimples, wipe the inflamed parts vodka;
  4. And finally – love yourself, because the constant aggression directed at your body can disfigure even the most smooth and clean face.

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