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To create a make-up apply different cosmetics, different composition and texture. To make your eyes look beautiful, you need to use high-quality shadows. The firm is engaged in manufacturing of Nyx cosmetics for makeup. In the assortment you can find eyeliners, pencils, mascara. Each tool has an excellent quality, including shadows Nyx. The reviews confirm this. Women are praised cosmetics for a pleasant texture, variety of colors.

About the firm

The Company manufactures cosmetics of excellent quality, while its price is low. Due to the wide range, you can pick up different tools for texture and color. The products of this company used in salons and at home, because they will look chic.

nyx shadow

The company Products have quality certificates, which were obtained after checking the cosmetics. Each vehicle has information about the manufacturer, part. When buying goods firm Nyx, you can use proven and safe cosmetics.


It is Important to choose the right shade Nyx, ideal for long lasting make-up. Cosmetics will allow you to create a casual and evening look. In the production of shadows, the emphasis is on original color and sequins. No less significant is the role of quality, so all products are subject to control.

shadow nyx reviews

The range includes the following products:

  • Palette and shadows, allowing you to create makeup of any kind, holidays and evening;
  • Matte and mineral baked eyeshadow is designed to create bold images.
  • Mother-of-pearl shades of Nyx (shadows can be used as highlighter);
  • Palette with a matte texture is used for special occasions.

All kinds of shadows can be used for any skin type, it is only necessary to apply them correctly.


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Advantages of shadows

If you have difficulty in choosing cosmetics, you can safely purchase the product Nyx. Eyeshadow have the feature of changing the female image, because stress is a natural beauty. If the right to use them, then they become an excellent tool for the visual correction of the face.

Pays Great attention to technology of manufacturing of cosmetics firm Nyx. Shadows increase the size of the eyes, change their shape and do expressive. It is necessary to apply a small amount of makeup to the face looked neat. For each skin tone you can choose the right tone. The composition of shadows includes only high quality components, so they are ideal for sensitive eyes.

There are different means Nyx. The shadows are roller, compact, crumbly. A convenient form is a pencil that you can take with you. Every line of cosmetics has rich colours.

How to apply the shadows?

To Apply cosmetics needed in a well-lit room, so you can see all the colors. Better for this the fluorescent light is directed on the face, this will allow you to accentuate the beauty of the eyes.

nyx eyeshadow

The eye Makeup is performed only when applied blush and painted brows. The funds will allow you to see the border you want to apply makeup. And with the blush adjusts face color.

The inner corners of the eyes applied a light shade, and on the exterior – dark. For the bottom fit the dark tone and top – light. The first is masking, while the second allocates the eye. Due to this, the makeup looks neat.

Before you can use the shadows, the skin around the eyes need to process a small amount of cream. The tool must be absorbed, and you can then remove the remains with a napkin. Then you must close your eyes, powder the eyelids, which will allow the shadows to be distributed uniformly.

Apply the shade with the applicator, brush or damp sponge. Not to accidentally capture a lot of funds, the applicator needs to be shaken on his hand. If you use the sponge, it should be wet with a damp cloth. So the shade will go much better. The use of these simple rules will help to avoid mistakes in creating the image.

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