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Dmitry Shurov I., better known as Pianoboy – one of the most popular musicians of Ukraine. Co-organizer of the Moloko Music Fest – Kiev festival, held in 2008 and 2009. He is the author of soundtracks to the films “public Servant”, “Orange love”, “faster”, “Mysterious island” and others. In 2017, the artist became a member of the jury of the Ukrainian “X-Factor”.


Dmitry Shurov was born in the city of Vinnitsa October 31, 1981. The mother of the artist is a musician and teacher, and his father – a painter, poet, and editor of TV programs. Dima playing the piano since the age of four. She graduated from music school.

Shurov speaks fluent French and English, because he was a student at the lycée Auguste Renoir and American participant of the exchange program Flex. In the U.S. the musician has worked with the jazz band, Barbershop Quartet, sang in the octet and choir. While in theatre class, Dmitry Shurov was a fan of American musicals of the last century. Upon returning from the States entered the Linguistic University in Kiev.

Dmitry Shurov personal life

As for his personal life Dmitry Shurov, the musician is Tarakanovskiy wife Olga, the eldest daughter Margarita, and son Leo. The singer and his family live in Kiev.

Shurov in the composition of the "Elza's Ocean”

Members of the legendary Ukrainian group suggested Dmitry cooperation in 2000. Their first collaboration was the song “OTO Bula Vesna”, which was to enter into the collection “Spring”. The product was not destined to see the light, although the acoustic version of the song was in the album “Tviy format”. Debut concert Shurov and "Elza's Ocean" held 1 April 2000 in Odessa.


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Together they created three Studio albums (“Model”, “Supersymetry” and “Tviy format”) and played concerts in the CIS countries in the framework of the four rounds is “Vimage blogo”, “Supersymetry”, “Pacific” and “Better songs for ten years". Fruitful work with ‘Elza's Ocean" is in the biography of Dmitry Shurov three years.

Dmitry Shurov singer

Cooperation with the Esthetic Education

In 2001, was an acquaintance of the singer with the Belgian composer and vocalist Louis Franck. A few years later they began working together on a new Ukrainian band Esthetic Education. During the four years of cooperation Dmitry and Louis are released such successful albums as Face Reading, Leave Us Alone, Live At Ring, Werewolf, and played many shows.

Work Shurov Zemfira

In 2006, the inimitable Russian rock-singer invited him to his group as a pianist. This event led to another radical change in the biography of Dmitry Shurov. The result of joint work of musicians is reflected in the following albums and compilations: “Thanks”, “the Green theatre in Zemfira", Z-Sides, “Zemfira.Live2» and «the Crocus/Arrow”. Also Zemfira and D. Shurov had about a hundred times to perform on stage together.

The Era of Pianoboy

Work on the Opera "Leo and Lea» gave a musician the idea of a solo career. In 2009, with the advent of the project Pianoboy, as stated in the biography of Dmitry Shurov, in his life started a new round. His first performance under the pseudonym was part of the second festival Moloko Music Fest. The following events sing Pianoboy, became the fashion show of Liliya Litkovskaya, Week of the British cinema and the celebration of the birth of the women's magazine “harpers Bazaar".

Dmitry Shurov biography

At the end of 2009 Pianoboy presented on radio stations and TV channels song “" and played his first solo performance in Kyiv. The concert was presented, the music video for the debut song. In late February 2010 Shurov went on a club tour through their home country. In 2011 Pianoboy and a group of "Boombox" recorded the song "Floors". After this began a collaboration of Dmitry Shurov with the producer of the mentioned team Aleksey Bogomolovym.

In December 2011, the entertainer gave the fans the album “Brussels”, which was created in conjunction with such Ukrainian musicians as S. Vakarchuk, S. Babkin, M. Malyshev and P. Chernyavskaya. Russian radio station “radio” called Shurov ‘discovery of the year 2012” as part of the “chart dozen” for the song “Witch”. Then on the label Lavina Music saw the premiere of the debut album of Pianoboy called “Simple things”. The following music compilation Shurov “don't stop dreaming” was released in the fall of 2013. He later became the owner of awards ELLE Style Awards.

The Singer Dmitriy Shurov were made by the group "Elza's Ocean" during the Euromaidan protests and the anniversary concert of the musical group in the “Olympic”. In the spring of 2014 Moscow theater "Contemporary" staged “Cinderella” based on the works of E. Schwartz. Composer performance was Pianoboy. 20 may 2015 at the sports Palace was held a memorable evening of Andrei Kuzmenko. At this concert, Dmitry, together with the musicians of the project “Skryabin" performed the song “Semancik Ochi”.

Dmitry I. Shurov

For 2015 came the third Studio album Pianoboy Take Off. The current composition of the project includes a sister of the singer Olga Shurova (guitar, backing vocals, percussion and keyboards), drummer Gregory Oleynik, guitarist Vladimir Pavlovsky, Sergei Plugs (flute), Denis karachevtseva (cello), the violinist Matthew Mironov and Nikolai Kisteneva (bass guitar). At the moment Pianoboy managed to submit 16 music videos.


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