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Every mother tends to her baby to spend time not only interesting but also useful. That's why our grandmothers read to us in childhood a fascinating tale. The years have passed, but these entertaining stories have not lost their relevance. Nowadays mothers buy for their babies colorful illustrated books, which are old stories, loved by us since childhood.

What is a tale

For many centuries has been invented many interesting stories, but who invented them and, most importantly, why? Folk tale is a story or fiction, written by people. This story has no specific author, but it displays the character and values of the people who created it.folk tale is

Typically in such stories deals with the confrontation of good and evil, and they always win positive characters. To such tales was fascinating to read, they include adventure, magic and able to talk to animals. That is why they are read with delight not only kids, but adults parents.

Why do they need

Today, folk tale is a storehouse of wisdom which needed little man, because he is just beginning to explore the world. Such stories help to develop in the mind of the child moral values, give him to understand what kindness is and what acts are considered to be bad.Russian folk tale cartoons

In addition, reading together with a parent, the kid trains the language skills, and similar pastimes of two generations makes them even closer to each other. But even in the case when the child can not speak, the pictures help him to Express emotions at the sight of the familiar Gingerbread man, chicken little or the residents of the house. A fabulous story set out in accessible language, contribute to the development of the inner world, because for small children it is very important.


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In addition, the actions of the main characters preschoolers learn the wit and ingenuity that will be useful to them in adult life when they themselves will face difficulties. Folk tale is a real help in the development of the creative personality. But other than that the kid has formed humanity and empathy for other people and animals.

What to tell Russian folk tales, cartoons and movies

Every nation boasts a collection of tall tales. Any such story displays its own characteristics, which are endowed with the main characters, they also have a habitual way of life and traditions. So, Russian folk tales, cartoons and movies reveal the essence of the Slavic soul. In particular, this simplicity of character, kindness and resourcefulness that help earn a good reputation and to reach happiness.folk tales cartoons

Someone might not understand what's the use of fairy tales about Ivan the fool. But this shows the humility of the character and naklonost him to anger, which helps to get what can not get crafty and cunning people. It is precisely these intricacies is able to capture the kid, which is just beginning to emerge in nature. Such a child would be able to distinguish beauty of soul and inner ugliness. Interestingly, all the popular movies, fairy tales, cartoons teach that is in trouble can help out friends that need to remain faithful to his love, and that kind people are happier.

List of Russian fairy tales

It is Known that there are many interesting narratives. But sometimes when trying to remember them, not come to mind anything but “Bun”. So now you can repeat to yourself the names of the folk tales that we so often read in my childhood.the names of the folk tales

Russian fairy tales about animals is “the Fox and the Crane”, “the Wolf and the seven little kids”, “Goat Yes Sheep”, “tower”, “the cat-gray forehead”, “Cock and cernovcy”, “zaykina hut», «Masha and Bear”. There are also tales that contain magic. This "Vasilisa the Beautiful”, “maiden”, “frost”, “Sivka-burka”, “magic”, “chicken”, “Ivan and the grey Wolf”, “Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka”. It is noteworthy that all these folk tales, cartoons, and productions of films interesting to watch and read again and again and each time to empathize with the heroes of the narrative.

Heritage of other Nations

In every country there are tales that will fascinate any child and will help him even better to learn one or another quality. For example, the Ukrainian tales are very reminiscent of his writing style and characters in Russian fiction. It is known to all “Goat and Sheep” and “the Straw Bull”, “Serko”, “the cold and the Wind”, “Farmer” and others.

popular movies tales

Belarusian folklore also opens to the reader the traditions and customs of his people. As an example we can consider the following tale: "Lost word”, “As of three Pan told”, “pan science”, “Grandmother sheptooha”, “Two Frost”, “Alenka”, “Andrew is all wise”, “Fathers gift”, “Fox-chitrita”, “Why Badger and Fox burrows live”. Of course, we have not mentioned all the stories, as the folk wisdom is very deep and extensive, but from each of these stories the child will be able to make an important lesson.

Teach the kid to fairy tales

Sometimes modern parents are hesitant to introduce their children with similar folklore. They believe that folk tale - that's a silly fiction, which does not allow the baby the right ideas about life. They believe that is represented in these works, talking animals and easy success will only bring unnecessary imagination.

In reality, this is a misconception, because the kids perceive the world in completely different colors. It is this language that helps them take life and introduces the fact that there are evil and good people, teaches you how to behave towards them. Also, the tale suggests that you need to listen to parents that it is important to become a good man, that animals have feelings.

Since the kids are still not logical thinking, such truths are perceived naturally and do not cause unhealthy reactions and disturbances in the psyche.

Finally it is worth to remind the joy which bring these tales to you as a child when grandma or mom took a book and began to recite the magic words: “Lived-were...”


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