How to learn to dance dubstep dance?


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Dubstep dance that is called music, under which it is executed. This genre emerged in the 2000s years in South London. This music is characterized by particular rhythmic clarity and vivid sound. The effect is achieved due to the abundance of low frequency bass, the barrage of sounds takes dancing in unimaginable and unpredictable maelstrom of movements, like a man controls an artificial intelligence.

How to learn to perform the dance of the dubstep?

First and foremost, you need to feel the rhythm of the music. Listen to dubstep, feel the "mood", postaraytes to understand the main points of music and dance. Please note the successful dancers will learn as they move.

The base of the dance

dubstep dance

Dubstep dance that combines several styles, borrowed mainly from the electric-Boogie - dance, he is a veritable "goldmine" of various genres. This style combines animation, popping, liquid, waving etc. All these elements are integrated. Therefore, in order to learn the technique of dance, you have to work hard and study all the mentioned styles.

The Foundation of dubstep be the electronic mechanical movements that imitate a dancing robot.

What elements is dubstep (dance)?

The rhythm, the sharpness and speed of movements depends on the specific track. There is no universal solution - you need to listen and feel the music. First, it can be difficult, but with time will work out. In order to feel confident on the dance floor, you need to learn the basic elements before the mirror. It is important to ensure clear and sharp, but at the same time graceful and plastic performance. When the body remembers certain movements, you will be able to arbitrarily use them depending on the music. dubstep dance


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Dubstep (dance) consists of sudden accelerations and decelerations. In some cases, even appropriate stop. Movement can be short and sharp, and can be protracted. You can suddenly go from slow motion to fast, and Vice versa. The main thing that it looked beautiful and seamless.

The Purpose of this dance is to convey the mood, the pace and rhythm of the track, to feel and to imagine his character. You need an original beat to the music, and using his body to convey to the viewer the mood. You have to completely merge into an unpredictable flurry of sounds.

All the dancers in different ways to feel the character and mood of the same track, so dubstep is a dance that provides a space for imagination, the opportunity for self-expression and initiative. The rhythm and tempo of the music will be the same for all, so it will join the dancers.

dance dubstepIn this direction there is no pattern. There are only General principles. Everyone can use what suits him. The dance develops, so you can not just copy someone else's ideas, but to propose.

The Abundance of variations technique is impressive. You can perform various turns, curves, waves, sudden movements of the whole body or only the hands or the feet. During the dance the audience the illusion. When quite clear, but smooth, continuous movements feel like dancing the body is bent in the places where it is impossible.

The more professionalism you have, the more effective will be your dance. Over time you will learn how to make quick and unexpected transitions and will master this unpredictable and fascinating dance.

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