The best thrillers. A list of movies


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From time to Time everyone wants to tickle your nerves. This can be done in different ways. However, if climbing on rocks, for example, is dangerous, watch the best thrillers – very exciting. Some of them will be discussed below.

The best thrillers. List

One of the most famous Directors who make intense movies, is David Fincher. So, his picture of the “Game” 1997, literally “not letting go” to the last minute. This movie about a businessman named Nicholas, who in the day of his another boring birthday receives an unusual gift from my brother – the opportunity to participate in a game. Soon it turns out, fun isn't so harmless as he first thought. This is a real survival game.

best thrillersAnother great film by Fincher, which invariably include in the various lists called “The best thrillers of all time”, is a painting “Seven”. The two detectives – beginner and experienced mills William – are investigating the case of sophisticated murders. It soon becomes clear that the perpetrator has assumed the role of God and punish their victims for mortal sins.

“From hell” is one of the best movies with johnny Depp. Time of action – the second half of the 19th century, the place – England. Inspector Abberline have to find out who commits a brutal murder, conducting terrible rituals. Soon the protagonist discovers that this business is a Masonic order, which dominates the Royal court.


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best thrillers

The best thrillers often with erotic elements. So, the picture is "Basic instinct" has become truly iconic. This film, released in 1992, tells the story of a detective Curran, who is investigating the murders on the sexual soil. All the evidence points to the writer Catherine. However, to prove her guilt is not possible. She feels confident and sensors lie detector body, and the society's experienced and astute investigator.

And here is another example of a good erotic Thriller: “killing me softly”. Alice meets a mysterious and charming Adam. She, without thinking, divorced her husband and married her new lover. And only after the wedding it turns out that she really knows nothing about Adam or about his past life.

Sometimes the best thrillers may not look at first sight intimidating. This applies, for example, to the picture “the Truman Show". Jim Carrey played the role of a young man living in a perfect world. Once he realizes that the people around him behaving strangely, as if acting according to the script. But most importantly, they prevent him from leaving town. Who and what is behind all this?

the best Thriller list

“wild river” is an interesting Thriller with Meryl Streep. The main character Gail and her husband relationship has long been not going well. But when they, along with son are going on a river rafting, the feelings of the spouses is breaking out again. However, this newfound happiness can prevent strange people traveling on the same river.

the best thrillers of all time

The Film "Leon" always cited when talking about the best thrillers. This story has already become a classic of French cinema, will tell us about the professional killer, who meets once a girl named Matilda. He soon realizes that he had feelings for her. However, a huge age difference – this is not the only obstacle to happiness and peace of mind.

There are many wonderful paintings in the genre of Thriller and the above – but a small part.

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