What is the musical, not modernized operetta?


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The Musical as a genre originated in the late nineteenth century in the United States. Today it is very popular all over the world, including in our country. In essence it is a musical Comedy, but in a separate art form. For whatever reason – a special subject.

what is the musical

The musical, and operetta is a combination of music, dialogues, dance and other artistic techniques, United by a single storyline. So what's the difference?

Some musicologists who believe that they know what a musical, saying: "it's All about the vocals". Rather, in his school. Say, in the Opera as the operetta the other, and in the musical third. However, in all three cases, votes are needed, and good. There are many records with lots of famous musicals, for example, Clara's lullaby from "Porgy and Bess" Gershwin, or “Memory” from “Cats” Andrew Lloyd Webber, performed famous Opera performers.

The Second version of variouthe producers musicalChii genres – the story. Usually tragic Opera, operetta is comical. What is the musical - Comedy, tragedy or farce? Both that, and another, and a third. But operetta are sad... And musicals too... No, it's not in the story.

The Third and most important component of the musical – jazz. There is, however, the rock Opera, which can also be attributed to the same genre. “Juno and Avos”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Hair” give a very specific idea of what is musical and what it should be. These are the best examples of the genre and is worth looking in more detail.


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the count of Monte Cristo musical

Since its inception in musicals were the most fashionable of musical forms. And if the Opera "Porgy and Bess” is aimed at fans of jazz, “West side story" Leonard Bernstein felt intonation, rock-n-roll, however, in Symphony design. «Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Cat”, “Evita”, “the phantom of the Opera”, “sunset Boulevard" and other works of Webber closer to the culture of seventies rock.

However, this assumption has its contradictions. “the Count of Monte Cristo” - the musical is contemporary, but, oddly enough, hip-hop or R-N-B when the audition is not detected. The same can be said about "Notre Dame". It sounds as if written thirty years ago, and it's not bad. This style suggests that the genre in General was formed, he developed his own ideas about his classics. Now no need of detailed and tedious to tell what a musical is enough to give examples of works, and everyone will understand. Also no explanation needed and Opera, and operetta - genres of vocal art, which at the time was developing rapidly and caused a lot of controversy.

Production of the musical – it is time-consuming. The Director is responsible for the creative concept of the show, vocalists, harmonies and drama, main artist - for scenery design. A lot of care and costumer. One of the features of this genre is invariably entertainment. Everything should be beautiful: the sound and the costumes and choreography. Technical design, including lighting and stage mechanics, can also be arranged for “the last peep”. Do all these questions are the Executive producers. Musical only then can be considered valid, when it is "voted with their feet” audience.

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