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The founder of the modern movement in art can be considered modernism, which is a generic definition of such diverse phenomena of the last century, like Fauvism, futurism, expressionism, surrealism, cubism etc. the Goal of artists here – to show that art transcends reality, despite the fact that the works are distinguished by great than before, social orientation, social acuity.

Conceptualism emerged in the 60s as one of the directions of avant-garde art. A feature of this style was the principled rejection information of art only to the phenomenon of consciousness. The work of the conceptualists, who believed that art is a source of communication and information, associated with inscriptions, documents, texts and everything that is somehow connected to the field of language. This was done by various techniques, in which the result was a collage of newspaper clippings, medical x-rays, raw footage, neotremontirovannyh portraits.

In 70-80 of the last century trends in art are characterized by a discharge from conceptualism, and a return to pictorialism, color. More and more artists are beginning to realize their ideas not on canvas, in photography. Modern technologies are developing, which can not influence the techniques and capabilities of the craftsmen.

At the same time, and up until the early 90-ies in our country attended the so-called Sots-art. In the works of artists of modern art was attended by irony, humor and a sarcastic attitude to propaganda and ideological clichés that in abundance were dissolved in the mass consciousness of the Soviet people. We can say that this style was a seamy social realism.


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The 80s is characterized by such directions of art as:

1. Apt-art exhibitions of artists directly into the apartments due to the inability to exhibit works in the halls. Craftsmen were United by an ironic attitude to life and art, to create images they used consumables. The result was a so-called installation – spatial composition, created by their industrial products, household items, fragments of visual or textual information and even waste.

2. Graffiti as a form of street art. Includes a variety of areas, in particular the bombing, tagging, Reiting, scratching and the so-called “reverse” graffiti that uses to create works of paint, but on the contrary, detergents, household chemicals. Until today is a bitter dispute than whether this style is real art or plain vandalism. Meanwhile, this direction has been recognized the most dynamically developing.

3. Demoscene, which appeared due to the development of computer technology and represents a kind of fusion of creativity and programming.

4. The "new wild", based on the tradition of Fauvism and expressionism. The result of this direction in art has been pushed to the limit of the principle of spontaneity, of freedom from any restrictions and rules.

In the 1990-ies in art there are such areas as toism, stuckism, as well as video game and web art. And with the beginning of the new Millennium, we got the street art, the art of relationships, fanism, Vee-Jay, soft-art.

Modern trends in art are constantly evolving, reflecting the many social processes that occur in our society. Painters, photographers, sculptors reflected in the works of their own vision of life, his attitude to the events occurring in it. Well, modern technology and new trends just help the art evolve, becoming bigger, more accessible and more popular.

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