Natasha Rostova. Characteristics of the Russian soul


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Natasha Rostova – the Central female character of the novel "War and peace”, one of the favorite heroines of Leo Tolstoy. The appearance of the girl far from the canons of classical beauty (the author "painted" her plain, even ugly woman with memory foam features: with black as night eyes, a big mouth, awkward physique). Citation feature Natasha (especially compared to Helen Kuragina) most fully can give an idea about the image.Natasha Rostova featureIn the beginning of the novel Natasha appears before us as a playful, playful girl, passionate and genuinely loves life. Even as a teenager, she was completely independent of other people's opinions and didn't want to play by the rules of high society. Natasha Rostova which characteristic is so similar to Tatyana Larina from "Eugene Onegin", Sophia of "Woe from wit", and many other female images, fills the novel with light, dynamics, life itself in its entirety. A striking episode can be called Natasha's dance after the hunt, when the inside of the heroine rebelled Russian soul, and for a moment was forgotten “French” education, count for the origin – only Russian girl Natasha Rostova. Feature succinct, isn't it? Her fascination with divination, folk entertainments and the love of French novels close the girl with the heroines of Pushkin and Griboyedov.

The Image of Natasha was sincere. She is able to understand and listen to people, aims to lend a helping hand. Quotational feature Natasha

Natasha's romantic Nature, the girl is prone to deep feelings and sincere emotions: she falls in love with Andrei Bolkonsky, the hero, is mistaken in relationship with Kuragin... Natasha tells us about such qualities as thoughtfulness, intelligence and life vision is not the most important features that would give its author. Love, sincerity, purity of soul – these three qualities are Central to the image of the heroine. Leo Tolstoy wanted to show everyone that Natasha Rostova - this feature of the Russian soul, a strong woman that did not break the events of the war of 1812. Internal force drives her actions-she is caring for the wounded Bolkonski, steadfastly experiencing the death of Petya, assumes a dominant role in the family. Feature NatashaRostov becomes a true Russian woman, capable of the feat.


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Sensuality, sincerity, kindness and warmth became the Foundation of her character, so she found happiness with Pierre Bezukhov. Natasha Rostova, feature which tells about the development, spiritual maturation, formation, Leo Tolstoy on what should be a real woman. Even the fact that at the end of the novel he called Natasha by the female, which has four children (youngest son, she feeds herself!), does not say anything about negativization her image – female (within the meaning of Tolstoy) is a woman worthy to continue the family line are able to educate future generations.

The Main characteristic Natasha tells us what is important, not the appearance, but inner beauty – the girl was young and been invisible, and by the end of his life became quite ordinary. Natasha – the Russian soul, the personification of Russia itself – shredded, plain, but spiritually strong, able to withstand all the tests.

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