How to draw a poppy in different ways


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The World of flowers and plants is simply amazing with a variety of shapes and colors. Many flowers and asks to be painted. But you should start with something simple and bright. And before dealing with a complex floristic composition, think about how to draw a poppy.How to draw a poppy

To begin with, take watercolor

When we paint watercolor poppies, very quickly come to understand that this technique is not as easy for everyone as it seems at first glance. But nothing overly complicated in it. Just need to know the characteristics of watercolor paints and put them to skilful use. All the watercolor technique is based on the principle that through the thin layer of paint shines through the white sheet of paper. And we only need to skillfully mix and apply a thin layer of these colorful pigments are water-based. Paint watercolor poppiesSo let's get started... How to draw a poppy? For starters, perform a preliminary pencil sketch a very light outline, without hatching. Paint begin to deal with the darkest places, gradually moving to the lighter surfaces, the process is continued until, until the sheet will remain clean. Pre-paint diluted with water and mixed on the palette - just white paper, where we try to force the tone and make a mixture of different colors before applying them to the drawing. If you have a little experience and skills - the paints can be mixed directly in the figure. You can correct errors and remove paint, but it is better to avoid it. Once dry, all the colors will be slightly lighter, it should be considered. You can give colorful layer to dry and then return to continue working. And you can do everything in one session. Brushes used in several types - wide flejtsy and pointed at the tip. Squirrel and kolinsky, melanotinae. Bristle brushes for watercolors is not useful. In the end, critically analyze our work - how well we coped with the task: how to draw a Mac?

Try oil paint

Draw poppies oilSo we draw poppies oil. Task - how to draw poppy, converges with the previous one only in the first stage, at the level of the pencil preliminary sketch. And then everything will be very different. Except oil paints, we will need a specially prepared cardboard or primed canvas, stretched onto a wooden stretcher, thinner for oil colors and some brushes - bristle and kolinsky. Paint squeezing on a wooden or plastic palette, where and make the necessary combinations. Dunk the brush in thinner, try to understand how it affects the number on the mixture of colors. First, make a so-called undercoating liquid layer of colorful chart a common tonal relationships in and out of the white background. At a later stage, working out details and finalize the details of small sharp brush. If you fail to finish all in one session - the work can be back in a few hours or the next day. If the paint layer is not very thick - the product can be modified repeatedly. Subsequent layers of paint behave differently, and overloading the canvas is invalid, you need to be able to stop in time.

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