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William Shakespeare – one of the greatest playwrights not only in England but throughout the world. His name has become a household name and works are mandatory reading in the schools of almost all countries.

the birthplace of Shakespeare

The Great playwright of England

The Town where Shakespeare was born, is in itself a monument of his work. This person, undoubtedly, is the greatest known in history. Shakespeare – the most famous English poet and playwright, and actor restless Renaissance.

Where was William Shakespeare born

Because he had a huge impact on change and development of theatrical art. His works are available to read in almost any language of the world. Every modern theater in the current repertoire there is at least one statement based on classic, historical and romantic works of Shakespeare: “Romeo and Juliet», «King Lear”, “Macbeth”, “Othello” and other. Productions of Shakespeare's plays are performed more often than the works of any other playwright. At home in England, he is considered a national poet and considered the cultural heritage of the country.

The Cradle of a great writer

The English town of Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare, is well known in the County of Warwickshire. Father of the creative personality was a successful merchant and noble craftsman John Shakespeare, a respected in the town. He even once was elected mayor.

the birthplace of William Shakespeare

To have survived the scanty information on the childhood and adolescence of the writer. It is known that he was trained in the best "grammar school" of those times, studied several languages, including Latin and ancient Greek. Also the young man thoroughly mastered the history, was fond of literature and classical mythology. All this knowledge is reflected in the further work of the playwright.


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Glory to the family in return penat

In the same city where Shakespeare was born, lived his future wife, Anne Hathaway. They married when the writer was only 18 years old. They had two daughters and a son who died in early boyhood. Three years later, Shakespeare left his family and left their hearth and home. He went to conquer the capital of Albion – London, and after a few years he conquered the best stage, and his unique pieces were published during his lifetime.

the birthplace of Shakespeare street

The Early work of the writer was dedicated to the creation of the Comedy genre and chronology of historical events. Already quite famous playwright returned to his native town in 1613, and three years later died. He was a little more than fifty years.

Twenty years of creativity

Biography of the great William Shakespeare has for centuries, been subject to many discussions, assumptions, hypotheses, conjectures among the leading historians and chroniclers, as full of white spots. And it is likely that disputes about the identity of a popular playwright would be discontinued soon, or may never happen, but nevertheless, genius of creation and creations of the Renaissance to this day inspires publishers, Directors and artists across the planet. The first works of the playwright relate to the 90-th years of the sixteenth century, and the latter play was written at the beginning of the second decade of the next century. Thus, the creative way English poet, to the great regret of the descendants, was a mere two decades. But even in such a short period in his drama managed to reflect the evolution of the whole ideology of the Renaissance era.

Memorials in the birthplace of Shakespeare

The Town where Shakespeare was born, still lives and breathes the legendary grandeur of the famous playwright. Places organized museums and recreated the atmosphere of those times. The place where Shakespeare was born, street Khinli Street and a small Elizabethan house, which belonged to his father, famous in the whole district and are point, where thousands of fans. In the house to keep all the rooms and the interior of those early years: the workshop of the father of the playwright, as well as the parent's bedroom with the cradle of the future of the great author of brilliant plays.

Next to the mansion, the birthplace of Shakespeare, theatre Royal, opened in his honour in 1879. In the ancient ancestral mansion, owned by the wife of playwright Anne Hathaway, is also a memorial Museum.

After returning from London, where Shakespeare has achieved success and recognition, he remained in Starford-upon-Avon and lived in the house known as new place. Heat it supported ten fireplaces, and Windows smashed two of the orchard.

the birthplace of Shakespeare country

The Writer lived here until his death, after which the house was inherited by his eldest daughter Susanna. Later, the descendants of Susannah sold the house, and in 1759 it was demolished. At the end of the nineteenth century, public Fund “Shakespeare’ bought this plot. Now in the town where Shakespeare was born, the country of Albion, and the whole world can enjoy the beautiful gardens and courtyard preserved still. They are available for visits to all fans of the playwright.

Festivals of plays

From year to year, has for quite a long period of time in the city, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, is a literary and theatre festival of plays through the magnificent works of the playwright. It is held annually on the same day – 23 April, the day of the angel and the death of the writer. The city is solemnly decorated, the streets is a theatrical performance, the libraries and the Shakespeare center conducted educational lectures.

Curiously, Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare, is twinned with the domestic Pushkin – a city named in honor of another great Russian poet.


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