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Most Often the Opera with the inexperienced listener associated with loud music, strong voices and, frankly, incomprehensible text. Usually the audience enjoy a libretto to understand what was going on. But few know that this concept is much deeper. What is Opera? In music this term is used to refer to a number of genres associated exceptional role of music in the presentation.

History of Opera

Opera as a genre originated in Italy in the fifteenth century distant. It was part of the theatrical performances on religious themes, in which music played a secondary role. Later came the pastoral songs performed most often in chorus, he performed in plays, accompanying the actions of the artists. And only a hundred years theatres have started to use the solo performance of music – this is considered the birth of the genre that was called "musical Opera".

what is Opera in music

Development of the Opera

The Original composers preferred to call the new genre in which they worked, a musical drama, but in the seventeenth century coined the term “Opera”. The first theatre that works in this genre appeared in the first half of the seventeenth century in the sophisticated art of Venice. Prior to that, the audience views could be the only high-ranking officials. Music Opera very soon went beyond the borders of Italy, penetrated in most European countries. For half a century opened in seven theaters, for which he worked about forty composers.

musical Opera

Russian Opera

Russia took over something new very reluctantly and very late. What is the Opera music, the court of Empress Anna Ioannovna learned only in the eighteenth century, when the country was visited by Italian actors. The first Russian work in this genre (“the Power of love and hate”) has been translated from French. Twenty years it took to was written by a Russian Opera.


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Nationalization of the Opera

Mikhail Glinka – undeniably, a brilliant composer who has done much for the development of music in Russia. He did his best to display their works of a national character, to show the soul of the Russian people. Glinka's Opera had appeared in Italy, where he studied music, but even their names ("Ivan Susanin", "Ruslan and Liudmila") suggests that the composer in any case did not want to abandon their roots. It is surprising that Glinka took part in writing the libretto, he was not afraid to challenge the canons to change the mood of their works, were not afraid to experiment in their music. He used new instruments, until then seen only in European productions. Glinka's Opera had become a source of inspiration for such famous composers as Weber and Berlioz, and later some ideas borrowed Wagner.

from Glinka's Opera


After the success of Glinka's Opera did not seem alien to Russia, this genre. Many famous composers have tried their hand at this challenging genre, is no exception and Rimsky-Korsakov. Opera this musician was considered magical, it was called the storyteller. The reason for such good reviews was an amazing talent, able to create in their works of stunning realism atmosphere. But very soon he proved that not only is capable of staging fairy tales. Opera “Mozart and Salieri" demonstrated personal development, inconsistency of characters, confusion of feelings and emotions of the characters. It seems that Rimsky-Korsakov has fundamentally changed the concept of Russia about what Opera in music, creating fifteen unique works, which entered the history of world art.

Rimsky Korsakov Opera


The amazing Genre of Opera that combines elements of classical theater, drama and dance, most often presented by the ballet, which adds amazing power of music with equally amazing vocals. It is impossible to imagine Opera without the arias. Aria – the same as monologue in lyrical work. It serves to ensure that the hero can reveal their thoughts and feelings, to talk about his attitude. The word “Aria” originates from the Italian “breathing”, the reason is that the whole musical phrase probivaetsya on a single breath. Researchers believe that this technique gives dramatic events on the stage. However, many of the arias already gone beyond the scope of the stage. For example, Aria from the Opera "Carmen" in the Russian analogue of the statement beginning with the words “love is like a bird rebellious”, is known not only to art lovers but also ordinary people. The same applies to such famous musical works as arias from “marriage of Figaro" (a phrase from which “Figaro here, Figaro there” has become a cruise) or “Heart of beauty tends to change the» of «Rigoletto».

Aria from the Opera


Opera – one of the most surprising and controversial of musical genres. On the one hand, it is impossible not to admire the perfect combination of dramatic story, music, strong voices and amazing scenery. But on the other hand, sometimes it seems too difficult for the unprepared listener. But we should give credit: there is no other genre combines all that appreciated theatre. What is the Opera music? It is an endless storehouse of feelings and emotions, invested in sound, the highest level of skill of the composer, who was able to embody in his work the whole world, showing its tiny details in the sound of musical instruments. There is no genre, equal in scale and complexity of the Opera, which is why it is worthy of admiration and respect of listeners.


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