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Valentina Oseeva – author of a series of children's stories. In her work she continued the realistic tradition of K. D. Ushinsky and L. N. Tolstoy. Stories for kids (Oseeva) are great educational load, typically the rod is some kind of current moral and ethical issue.

For 16 years, Valentina Andreevna has worked with troubled Teens, she was a teacher in a children's colony, the municipality and several detpriemnik. Her pupils and helped the writer to become what it became. Wrote stories for children Oseeva of the war and the commanders who helped the children with the staging of plays, came up with a variety of party games.

The Beginning of the author's biography

a brief biography and stories Valentina oseeva

Biography of Valentina Andreevny as a writer began with works by “Gregory”, published in the newspaper «For Communist education”. Their pre-war stories for children Oseeva Valentina Andreevna writes, focusing on moral standards. Examples of works of this period are the stories of “Red cat”, “Grandmother” and “the day Volka”. Stories for children V. A. Oseeva uses to conduct artistic research of the actions of people of different ages. The protagonist of her works is traditionally the child who did the wrong from the point of view of the ethics act. A child going through a difficult offense and in the throes of conscience he gives birth to enlightenment: how to do, how not.

Opinion of Andrei Platonov

Writer Andrei Platonov analyzes stories for children (Oseeva) in his article, where he emphasizes that a work “Grandmother”, written in 1939, is a jewel not only in terms of successful transfer of the author's intention, but also in terms of the sincerity with which the written story. The point of the story is that he lives an old grandmother, and all treat her with disdain, not taking it seriously. But she dies, and the grandson finds written by her simple notes. He reads them and understands how much was wrong referring to sweet loving lady with irony and disdain. The boy deeply regrets, and it clears his sick soul. Purification through pangs of conscience – here's the recipe Valentina Oseeva.


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Stories 40 years

A short biography and stories of Valentina Oseeva teach young readers how to behave in difficult situations. Works written in the 40-ies, intended for preschoolers and elementary school. They also address ethical issues associated with the formation of the character of the child-teenager.

stories to the children oseevaThe works of this time ("Blue sheets" of the “Cookies”, “Sons”, “Three Amigos", "rink", "Magic word") the author writes to help children learn to read in parallel, acting on them is not wise life experience of the soul. So could only knew how to make Valentine Oseeva. Stories for children, and a brief analysis of her life help to make the conclusion that only honest, strong, sincere people are capable of the correct, honourable deeds. Stories Oseeva are characterized by a careful selection of the means of artistic speech, they produce a deep impression on the child and the adult. This is due to the skillful sentence structure, proper use of intonation and precision of choice of the conflict. For many years the stories of Valentina oseeva A. is in literature textbooks of primary school children and preschoolers.

Story, gave the name of the cycle

“Magic word” – the story that became paradigmatic. To interest young readers in the reading of the work and to communicate to them the importance of polite words “please”, the author uses in the story the reception of the fairy story. All the advice the main character of a work gets from a mysterious old man, a bit like a wizard.

oseeva stories for children and analysis of the quick

Indeed, the word, suggested by the old boy turns out to be magical. Its use leads to the desires of the hero to domestic and sister and grandmother and even older brother. The magic word of making people tractable and friendly. The story is written in such a way that, having read it, little reader will hardly resist the temptation to come up with a sequel. And even better to experience the magical effect of speech on themselves and their loved ones.

The series of stories called "Magic word"

All the stories of the cycle somehow affect the moral-ethical problems. They describe the lives of ordinary people who live with us side by side. For example, the characters of their artworks Oseeva Valentina teaches them how to comprehend the moral laws and rules. Creating their own stories to the children, Oseeva, Valentina Aleksandrovna, as if it publishes its own endless set of rules that are formulated or derived from the narrative.

In the stories of writer all is the disclosure of author's intention, even the names of the works, some of which ask the main question, which is devoted to the story. For example: “Bad”, “Good”, “Debt”, “Who's the boss” and so on.

stories for children oseevaParse examples of these works, problems are not conventional children's sins and virtues, such as disobedience or negligence, and serious, worthy of any adult qualities (kindness, sensitivity, honesty) and contrast them with the shortcomings of human nature (dishonesty, selfishness, rudeness, indifference). The accuracy of the life stories of Valentina Oseeva takes the living and makes to think deeply on the moral problems raised by the author.


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