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Today we're talking about a woman, called “the bed, the journalist and literary critic”. Ursula Le GUIN – that's her name. And the most famous works of this amazing woman associated with the cycle of Earthsea.

About the author

Le GUIN Ursula

Le GUIN Ursula have long been recognized as a classic of the world of science fiction of the 20th century. This American writer has long been on a par with such literary giants as A. Asimov, S. LEM, R. Sheckley, Bradbury. The secret of success Le GUIN – a simple story, woven into a complex composition; the main characters from among ordinary people; a philosophical sense; affordable but at the same time rich and beautiful language; closeness to reality. It does everything incredibly lively writer of invented worlds.

Now let's talk in more detail about the life of writer. In addition to the biography in our article, you can find more her photo.

Ursula Le GUIN: the early years and marriage

The future writer was Born in 1929. Its birthplace-the small town of Berkeley, located in California. Her father Alfred Kroeber was a renowned scientist-an anthropologist involved in the Eastern culture. Mother, Theodora Kroeber, is a writer. Parents identified her interest in literature and Eastern traditions that are so different from the European.

the works of Ursula Le GUIN

Le GUIN Ursula went to Cambridge College. After graduating from it in 1952, defended at Columbia University dissertation. The theme of her work was: “Romantic literature of the Middle ages and the Renaissance». After the defense she received the diploma of the philologist and began to teach literature, working in universities in the USA, England and Australia. Simultaneously, Ursula has taught courses on science fiction, because this genre was her passion.


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With her future husband, Charles Le GUIN, she met in 1951 and almost immediately married him. Today they have a son and two daughters. Since 1958, the family lives in Oregon, city Portland.

First works

Le GUIN Ursula wrote his first story in 1961. It was called “the Dying musician” and spoke about the obstacles and problems that prevent the genius to pursue their dreams. Subsequently, this work was included in a collection of short stories about the fictional country Orsini, located in Eastern Europe. This country is reminiscent of Poland, caught in the middle of the 20th century under the rule of the Soviet Union.

The Collection, despite the genre of alternative history, related to real literature, which can be printed in a school textbook. Already in this book revealed the talent of Ursula Le GUIN.

In 1979 to Arsenism stories added novel “Malafrena”, the main theme of which was the eternal problem of searching for themselves, their vocation and place in life.

biography Ursula Le GUIN

First publication

Very interested in the work of the writer and her biography. Ursula Le GUIN was first published in 1962, and it was not a story from the series about Orsini. It was the story "April in Paris", published in a literary anthology “Fiction-1962”. The work focuses on single people who suffer from the same problems, regardless of their social position and status in society. The story got good grades as readers, and critics.

Only in 1963 was separately published fiction writer. And they have already appeared, characteristic of Le GUIN's style, more suitable for story-telling of parables. Despite this, complex characters and a vivid too rich narrative overshadowed the deeper meaning of the works. In Russia, the most famous story of this period is considered "Box, which was darkness”. In this work, describes a world where no concepts of evil, death and shadow.


literary critic Ursula Le GUIN

Le GUIN Ursula received a lot of popularity and fame thanks to this cycle. However it began, oddly enough, with the usual short stories, published in a book called "Fiction-1964”. It was two works: “Liberating spell” and “Rule”. They marked the beginning of the cycle of Earthsea. Even then, the writer began to fold, like a puzzle, the future mysterious world, full of strange magic. And in the first stories, the writer begins to explain the rules of a foreign reality: no you can not call the true name, and true freedom can not take away even the strongest wizard.

Only four years later appeared the first novel of this series – “the Wizard of Earthsea". Work in the same 1968, was awarded the prize of the publishing house Boston Globe-Horm Book, and a few years later received the award named Lewis Carroll. Then came the next novels of the cycle is “the tombs of Atuan” and “the”. The first book was awarded a Silver medal, Nyeri, and the second – the national award in the USA for literature as the best literary work for children, published in 1972.

In 1979, the writer received the title of “Grand master of fantasy”.

The great success enjoyed not only the plot of the books about Earthsea, but the image of the hero-Archmage Ged-Hawk. Ursula Le GUIN was the first writer who invented the story of the orphan boy that enters the school for wizards, overcoming a lot of difficulties fighting against evil and in the end reaching great power and wisdom.

After the publication of the first three novels, the writer almost 20 years left the world of Earthsea. In 1990 came the continuation called “tegana: the last book of Earthsea". Readers recognize this part the most unfortunate, however, professional criticism and literature appreciation. Moreover, in this book the author received the most prestigious award of the American science fiction writers “nebula-90”.

However this book was not the last, it was followed by a collection of short stories and another novel.

photo of Ursula Le GUIN

The Last novel about Earthsea

The Work of Ursula Le GUIN is inextricably linked to the world of Earthsea. Perhaps that is why the writer is so hard to part with it. To date, the last book of the series is the novel ‘the other winds”, who in 2002 was awarded the world fantasy award.

Thus, to date, published 5 novels and several short stories related to the cycle of Earthsea. The end of it? This question can be answered only Ursula Le GUIN.


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