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Jason Fleming – a popular English actor. Viewers he is known for such films as “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels”, “From hell”, “Big score”. In the past, the actor has turned into a vile servant of Jack the Ripper. Creative piggy Bank Jason soon collected a hundred works, each year he participates in several French and Hollywood productions. In 1996, at the film festival in Geneva Fleming was named the best actor.Jason Fleming

Childhood and young years of the actor

Jason Fleming was born 25 September 1966 in London into the family of Gordon Fleming, a well known Scottish film Director. Since childhood, Jason dreamed of becoming an actor, his love of art appeared together with the first love of a girl friend. His passion in the school play “Wizard of Oz” played Dorothy. To be closer to the girl, Fleming had also agreed to participate. Casting the boy was, but he was given only the role of the Scarecrow. However, Jason realized that he likes to play on stage, to transform into other characters.

In the early 80-ies of the young talent joined in a political party, the socialists, and joined the troupe of the National youth theatre. For a period of Fleming joined the labour party. In 1990, Jason enrolled at the London Academy of music and drama art. Soon the young man joined the Royal Shakespeare company.Jason Fleming filmography

Creative ways

Jason Fleming debuted in 1992 in the television series “the adventures of young Indiana Jones". In 1994, the novice actor was invited to the movie “the jungle Book”. After the release of the big screen gangster film by guy Ritchie “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels” has become more recognizable Jason Fleming. Photos of the actor began to appear in popular magazines, media started talking about it, critics liked the young man and the audience. Jason admitted that in between the shots played with the producers in poker. As a result, he lost so that a few days worked absolutely free. With such Hollywood stars as johnny Depp, Jason Statham, Sean Connery in his time has worked with Jason Fleming.


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Fleming First showed his potential in one of the TV series. The role got him a cameo, but it was necessary to begin with something. In 1992, Jason starred in the television series “Good guys”, the mini-series Witchcraft and the telefilm “I love you”. The following year, the actor invited in a television picture of the “Diamond swords”. In 1994, he starred in the adventure drama “jungle Book" in 1995 – in the biographical Thriller ‘Rob Roy". In 1996 actively worked Jason Fleming filmography has been joined by four bands: Beck TV series and dramas "stealing beauty", "Hollow reed" of the “Live and die”. In the last scene the actor starred in the title role.

Jason Fleming moviesThe year 1997 was no less productive, Jason took part in four works: the TV movie The Temptation of Franz Schubert, the film The Life of Stuff, the criminal Comedy “the James Gang” and the family Comedy “Spice world”. In 1998, Fleming starred in two short films Clueless and Shuttle melodrama "Red violin" drama "Tess of the genus d’'erberviley" of sci-Fi action movie “rise from the depths”. Thanks to the last work became popular Jason Fleming.

Movies of the new Millennium can also be called successful. The actor starred in the Thriller “Bouncer" drama "Body" of crime Comedy “Big score”. In 2001, Jason was invited to the drama “Rock star”, “the Enforcer” and the Thriller “Bunker”, “From hell”. In 2002, Fleming appeared in the Thriller “Anazapta” and “Depth”. In 2004 he got the role in the Thriller ‘layered cake’, ‘the Offspring of Chucky”, “Reel” and the drama “Abandoned”. In 2005, the actor starred in the TV series “the Department of Ghosts" of the film «air force: Cannibals" Thriller "Transporter 2".

In 2006, Fleming was invited to the drama “winter Woman”, “Plutonium-239" and the Thriller "mean streets”, “Setup”, “Mire”. The following year, the actor starred in the Thriller “the Mystery of the manuscript” and the book “Stardust”. In 2008, Jason has pleased fans with paintings of the “Slick”, “Mirror”. In 2009, Fleming starred in the drama "City life" and the blockbuster "Solomon Kane". In 2010, the actor played the role in the blockbuster “the expendables”, “clash of the titans”, “Kick” and the Thriller “shadow”. In 2011, Fleming has pleased fans drama "Lost Christmas” and “Wild bill”, in 2012 – Comedy “I Give the year" Thriller "Welcome to the trap”. In 2013 Jason was presented the Thriller “Wii”. In 2014, the actor began to appear in the series "the Musketeers". There is not going to stop Jason, he has a lot of plans and ideas. Jason Fleming photo

Personal life

In 2008, Fleming has tied the knot with English actress Ellie Fairman. The wedding of the couple played in Tuscany. Children the couple yet.

Interesting factsfrom the biography

  • Jason Fleming is professionally run long distances, and participated in several marathons.
  • The Actor is fluent in French.
  • Favorite football team Jason – «Chelsea», he does not miss a single match with her.
  • For a Long time met with Lena heady, a popular actress. Their affair lasted 9 years.

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