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Sci-Fi series "Dark matter" ("dark matter") once appeared on the Network, quickly became popular with the originality of the plot, an interesting presentation of visual content and, of course, the charisma of the actors who played the roles of members of a gang of mercenaries who left in the past, the robberies and raids and concentrate fully on that, to atone for their past transgressions. Paul muli and Joseph Mallozzi created a unique project that completely took over the whole atmosphere of the universe of the comic, on the basis of which was created by the TV adaptation. However, the popularity of the series brought not only a quality story and deep study of the world, but also the acting, for many of whom the ‘Dark matter" was the debut.

the dark matter of the show actors

The plot of the series and developments

At the moment, is available in the Network for three seasons of the series "dark matter". The essence of the project lies in the journey of a group of mercenaries who lost her mind due to an intentional introduction, in life support systems of the spacecraft. In search of his past actors of the series "dark matter" sent on a risky mission, gradually opening the veil of secrecy about their colleagues. Once they hunted robbery, and some even involved in more serious crimes. Not wanting to go back to a past life, heroes are rebuilding the moral character of your own world, gradually winning the trust of each other.

Actors from season 3 of the series "dark matter" have already been numerous collisions, to reconstruct the past, managed to visit the prison and captivity of corporations, to lead the team in skirmishes and even a war. Their roles the cast played well, according to critics, newcomers showed themselves in a positive way. The characters are harmonious and deep, with the development of their relationship are interesting to watch, the viewer empathizes with their loss and worried when another team member is faced with an insoluble problem from their past.


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The secret to the success of the cast

the dark matter of the series actors season 3

The cast of "dark matter" won the audience not only with charisma and deeply ingrained history, but also a harmonious balance of the disclosure of the identity of the hero, and his participation in the team. The group of mercenaries consists of a leader, afflicted by ghosts of the past and tormented by questions about themselves, the technical genius who struggles to prove his favor, Joker, capable of self-sacrifice, silent samurai with their own code of honor, and the classic good guys. The group complements the female Android, the immediacy which is able to give odds to the living members of the crew.

The adventures of a team to follow interesting, because each viewer sees a particular character of its own reflection, its successes and failures. The characters are also wrong, love, argue, and be upset, but despite all this, remain one team that always come to the rescue each individual crew member. Scenes of the series may change as the environment, the secondary characters, but the integrity of the crew, including images of each individual character, are immutable. That's what makes the series "dark matter” demand and provides a popular audience.


the dark matter of the actors

The Role of a mercenary under the codename “First” played mark Bendavid. The cast of "dark matter" belong to the category of debutants in the world of big cinema in the world. On the one hand, the Director was not confident that the project will be implemented successfully and will find a response among the audience, on the other – it is a new person supposed to invoke empathy from the audience, which would have taken more well-known heroes as yet another “picture”.

Mark Bendavid known in Canada as Robert Perry from the TV series "Murdoch mysteries". In "Black matter" he played the role of the core team, right hand of the leader, whose task is to keep the band together. The cast of season 3 "Black matter” he already appeared.


the dark matter of the season 3 actors

The role of the leader of the crew and the captain went to Melissa O’Neil, a famous victory in the show "Canadian Idol" in 2005. Despite the role of a cheerful and gentle girl, the actress is believable as a harsh commander and quickly showed that her talent is multifaceted. Among the actors and roles "dark matter’ Melissa’Neil leads in popularity as the most powerful artistic image. Appears in all three seasons, tormented secrets of the past.


The role of the arrow and part of the “bad guy” in the series, awakened from stasis at number three, played by canadian actor Anthony Lemke. Among the actors "Black matter" he is one of the most famous, on account of the actor several films, including a cameo role in the film “storming the White house”. As the leader of the crew, are extremely popular among fans, is found in all three seasons, and never “changing for the better”.


The Role of a samurai of the future played by Alex Mallari Jr. In the series he is secretive, strict and disciplined. It is known that "dark matter" was the actor's debut project, he eschews cameras and rarely participates in social events. Hero Alex Mallari plays the role of a “knight” among the crew of mercenaries, has its own views on honor and ready to defend them.

dark matter series


The Role of the computer genius among crew members played by Jodelle Ferland. Among the cast of "dark matter" of this young girl most famous, on account of its dozens of movies, including “Case No. 39”, “Smallville”, “silent hill”, “Stargate: SG-1”, “Twilight. Saga. Eclipse” and “the cabin in the woods”. The girl was even nominated for the award “Amy”. According to the actress, the role was given to her quite easily as she is so like her character.


The role of the second good guy, who cares for the welfare of the whole team, played by Roger Cross. Despite the fact that the character of the actor is ambiguous, with its own secrets and mysteries in the past, Roger Cross successfully fit into the image and managed to convey inherent in the character sense. Like previous heroes, appears throughout all three seasons of the series.


The Team is complemented by the female Android, who more than once saved all crew members from collapse and even death. Her role went to Zoe Palmer, known to Western audiences for the brilliant performance of episodic roles in several sci-Fi and fantasy films. The way Android turned out succinct, interesting and unusual.

the dark matter of the show actors

If in the first season, the team of mercenaries thought to the viewer a set of cliches, and now fans are arguing about the intricacies of the image of each of the characters and trying to dig in to the authors of those secrets. The ordinary viewer is the cast seem alive. The characters are not jaded, the actors are interesting and of course, that only gives the story of the project of interest. To see with the series is definitely worth, at least in order to see the acting newcomers, debuting with a spectacular success.


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