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A Full filmography of Eric La Salle includes a little more than forty roles. His career is ongoing, so this figure is not final. Spectators of Russia and neighboring countries, he is better known for her role as the doctor in the medical series «Ambulance». His colleague in the shooting was known to George Clooney.

Brief biography

actor Eric La Salle

The light Eric La Salle appeared 23.07.1962. It happened in Hartford (CT). There he spent his childhood, until he enrolled in the Juilliard school. In the new York school, the young man studied art for two years. At twenty-two he moved to new York University (School of arts). To wait for receiving a diploma, he did not, having gone head first into work.

Eric took part in performances of the theatrical enterprises “Shakespeare in the Park”. After that, he began to get roles on Broadway and Off-Broadway.

Beginning acting

Eric La Salle movies

On TV, Eric La Salle first appeared in the soap Opera "Another world" that went on for thirty-five seasons, starting in 1964. At the same time, he starred in another soap Opera called “One life to live”. In 1968, was filmed in forty-five seasons.

Movies with Eric La Salle:

  • “coming to America" - Comedy 1988. Tells about the trip of an African Prince Akim in the United States. The main role went to Eddie Murphy. To stay he chooses Queens, which (despite the fancy name) is not known for its safety and luxury. Prince awaits a lot of adventures and a meeting with my girlfriend. The actor has played Darryl Jenks, a young man, who (as Prince Akeem) harbored strong feelings for the main character.
  • ‘Jacob's Ladder" mystical Thriller was released in 1990. The film was barely able to cover the costs of their production. Tells the story of a former serviceman from Vietnam, who sees demons. The actor played the role of Frank.
  • “Color of night" - crime drama, which appeared in 1994. The main role of a psychologist went to Bruce Willis. The character investigates the murder of his colleague, which is full of mysteries. The main intrigue is a girl, who was loved by all the patients killed the doctor. What is she hiding? It will find the character of Willis together with the police. La Salle played the role of detective Anderson.
  • “chance” is a psychological Thriller, was released in 2002. The main role of an elderly operator of a photography Studio who lives the lives of others, viewing their pictures, went to Robin Williams. The actor played detective van der Zee.
  • “Gifted” - television series came out in 2011-2012 was filmed only one season. He tells the story about a talented surgeon who is fixated on his person. His Outlook changes when it comes to the spirit of the dead wife. The actor is reincarnated as Edward Morris.
  • “Eclipse” is a Thriller, was released in 2012. Tells of a global conspiracy, which turned off the electricity in one of the cities of America. We are talking about Los Angeles. It is taken for agents of national security.

Despite the many roles, most Eric La Salle is remembered for the TV series «Ambulance». Read more about it.


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Dr. Peter Benton

Eric La Salle as Dr. Peter Benton

Eric La Salle began acting in the medical drama series since 1994. All eight seasons he played the role of Dr. Benton. His character was not in all the episodes because the producers had removed him from the show due to low ratings. However, the actor sometimes asked to return to the set.

So, in 2009, he took part in the filming of the last two episodes of the fifteenth season. With him on the fifteenth season is back and George Clooney, who played Dr. Doug Ross for the first five seasons. Added three experienced doctors Noah Wyle, who played a student, and later Dr. John Carter.

Under the contract Eric received four million dollars a year for playing Peter Benton.

Movie maker

Eric La Salle er

In addition to acting career, La Salle serves as writer, producer and Director. Maybe that's why it is less you can see on the screens.

The Director of the work of Eric La Salle (movies)

  • “Diabolically insane” Thriller 2002 on the doctor-the psychiatrist and his work.
  • “Notes from dad” - a family picture, which was released in 2013.
  • “Capture” was released in 2014.
  • “Messenger” is filmed in 2015.

In addition, the actor took part in creating some of the episodes of the TV series, which starred. We are talking about «Ambulance», series “Law & order”, “Without a trace” and other. His career continues, so we can expect new works.

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