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Luis buñuel – a talented Director and screenwriter, whose name is forever imprinted in the history of cinema. This man who has lived 83 years, managed to remove about forty films, many of which still evoke the interest of viewers. “ * ”, “Girl”, “Forgotten”, “beautiful Day”, “that obscure object of desire” is difficult to choose the most outstanding of his paintings. What is known about the man, who called himself a supporter of surrealism?

Luis Bunuel: a biography of the star

The Future Director was born in Calanda (Spain). It happened in February 1900. Luis buñuel was born in a family of wealthy landowners, but he never had any desire to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Recalling his childhood, the master often spoke of the special atmosphere that prevailed in his native village. Many traditions observed by the inhabitants of Kalanda, has been preserved from the Medieval times, religion was combined with the Ghost fear and faith in miracles. All this left an imprint on the work of the Director.

Luis buñuel

The Maestro was 17 years old when he moved with his father to Madrid, he became a student of the Complutense University of Madrid. While studying Luis buñuel had many famous friends, among whom were writers, artists, philosophers. Especially friends of a young man with Federico Lorca and Salvador Dali.

Early successes

Classes at the University did not help the mater to forget about his childhood dream to link their fate with the world of cinema. Not surprisingly, in 1920, namely Luis buñuel became the founder of one of the first European clubs movie, which he entered with his famous friends.


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Luis buñuel films

In 1925, the Director became a student of the Paris Academy movie, then he succeeded to the post of assistant is known at the time, Director Jean Epstein. For the first time to declare itself as a writer he had in 1928, when he participated in the creation of the script of the film “the fall of the house of usher", the plot of which was borrowed from the acclaimed novel By Edgar Allan PoE.

Directorial debut

“the Andalusian forest” is the first short film, which was filmed by Luis buñuel, whose films and in our days continues to fascinate viewers. The short film was created in 1929, the inspiration for the Director of steel dreams-his own and a close friend of Salvador Dali. Dreams and later told Maestro vivid images, which he translated to the screen.

the milky way Luis buñuel

Buñuel, not without reason, feared that his first job shocking the viewers. If it were used in bizarre surreal images, for example cut into strips with a razor eye. In this 17-minute short film Luis has also acted as an actor, starring in the prologue as a man armed with a razor. Later, the Director with a laugh, Recalling how he appeared at the premiere with stones, which were intended to fend off the outraged audience. However, the audience took a picture with enthusiasm, so the fight did not take place.

Movies and scandals

Director Luis buñuel – a man whose films have often acquired a reputation as scandalous. This is what happened with the picture of the “Golden age”, published in 1930. For nearly 50 years, this tape remained banned, as it ridiculed public morality, attacked religious beliefs.

the phantom of liberty Luis buñuel

Documentary drama “Land without bread", published in 1932, is allowed to show only five years after its creation. In this film the Director told about intolerable conditions in which they work, the peasants. A similar fate awaited tape «Hour, emergency!”, “Who loves me?”.

Forced to move house

Like many other residents of Spain, but suffered from the fascist regime. The attacks from the authorities forced the poster to move to the United States in 1932. With the relocation forced break in his career, about 15 years Louis absolutely did not take off. Mater worked as a film editor in Hollywood, worked in the Museum of modern art, hoping someday to return to the hobby.

Luis buñuel filmography

A Turning point in the life of a genius was moving to Mexico, incident in 1947. Two years later he received Mexican citizenship and re-started to make surreal films. It was then that he created his first famous painting by Luis Bunuel. Filmography of the master got drama “Forgotten”, devoted to youth crime. The focus of the audience turned out to be the difficult lives of two teenagers coming from poor Mexican families. This film received nominations for several prestigious awards, including at the BAFTA.

Best movies

“Uredinia" - the film of Luis buñuel, presented to the court audience in 1961 and became one of the most outstanding works of the Director. The movie became a joint production of Mexico and Italy. The story about the secret passions of men, in love with his own niece. The girl intends to leave the monastery, but the passion interferes with the uncle to agree with her decision. His sense so much that cannot fail to impress niece.

Director Luis buñuel

With what paintings was counted for discharge of the Directors of the classics of Luis buñuel? “Uredinia” - is not his only outstanding work. Deserves attention of fans of the Maestro and drama “ * ”, released two years earlier. The film tells the story of a priest, who suddenly abandons his identity and goes on a journey. The situation is complicated when a priest forced to do the salvation of a prostitute, who is accused of killing colleagues.

In 1972, the Director takes the picture “the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie”, which makes a strong impression on the audience. Surreal sketch dedicated to the worthlessness of life in the modern middle-class. This film brings to the master of not only the applause of the audience, but the award «Oscar». Nomination «Oscar» receives and drama "Tristan", published two years earlier. In this film, which is a story of retribution, a key role was played by Catherine Deneuve.

More view

Listing the most outstanding creations of the Director, not to mention the "milky way". Luis buñuel created this Comedy drama, a joint production of Italy and France in 1969. The film tells about the life of the two tramps, who during their journey are forced to become participants of strange and even fantastic adventures.

Luis buñuel bereginia

In 1974, the Director reminds the audience, releasing a surreal film “arrow”. Luis buñuel made this Comedy in a series of episodes that seem independent, but gradually develop into a single picture. Like the previous creations of the master, this film can shock unprepared viewers. In this film project, the Director pokes fun at the hypocrisy of modern society, attacks on the army and the Church.

Latest movie

You can Not leave without attention and the last picture took the genius surrealist. His last work was the Comedy-drama “that obscure object of desire”, presented to the public in 1977. The film is about how young beauty charms the old man. The girl likes to play with his victim, to feel its power. Interestingly, the role of the fatal temptress are two Actresses with the help of this technique, the Director wanted to show the audience different sides of the same person.

Critics have called the last film directed by bright and cocky, she made an impression on fans of the master. After that, the master had not removed a single film, which is associated with his health problems.

Personal life

Luis Bunuel tied the knot in 1934, his choice was French woman Jeanne Rukar. It is known that they met eight years before he married. Director Jeanne gave birth to two sons named Juan Luis and Rafael. The sons followed in the footsteps of a famous father, having been engaged in directing these activities, but to achieve such glory could not.

The Memoir, released by Janna after the death of the Director, allow fans to explore the unknown facets of the personality of genius. It turns out that in life he was a real tyrant and jealous. Buñuel did not allow the second half of the work, for fear of her communication with other men, holding in their hands the family budget, everyday life sought to austerity, are reluctant to part with the money. Interestingly, the image of her husband, a tyrant, a controlling spouse, is present in many paintings by the master. The habit of saving money are preserved by Louis and then, when the family ceased to need them after gaining star status.

The Death of the Director

The Famous priori...

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