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Every year the world of music with new stars. One of them tries his hand, becomes popular for a short time. In the future, realizing that the stage – it is not his element, throws it. Others, realizing that you can't live without music, choose it as the main activity.

One of these great artists is a great was Gulasal Abdullayev. She recently stepped on the scene and has become quite popular.

Brief biography was Gulasal Abdullayeva

Gulasal AbdullayevThe Sultry beauty was born on 14 February 1995 in the city of Namangan is located in Uzbekistan. With childhood dreams of the stage, Gulasal Abdullayev went to study in the Namangan College of arts. After successful graduation he entered the Conservatoire of Uzbekistan. The gentle voice of the singer conquered the hearts of many viewers.

A considerable contribution to the formation of the singer made her first teacher in children's music and art school № 5 of the city of Namangan – Berdiev re.


Their songs were Gulasal Abdullayev sings about love, parents, school. Her songs, a very kind and gentle, the listener sink into the soul. Uzbek girl sings not only in his native language (though these songs the most), but also in English and Russian. In her performance of the song “one Million scarlet roses”, “the Song Cinderella» found new life.

Gulasal Abdullayev biography

The Song "About the school», «Wind», “Julia" fans listen with attention.

When Gulasal Abdullayev performs songs in Russian or English, she sings very clean, no accent.

Uzbek song ‘Mohican”, “Cinema”, “Ciclopista”, “Begun Fitr”, “Rotella” and other have become popular among all age groups. This is not surprising. Young people love them because for them you can dance, and surrender to the romantic mood. The older generation prefer to listen to songs gulaal because they evoke a nostalgic mood.

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