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Who is Astrid hofferson was? What is notable about this cartoon character ‘How to train your dragon”? What is known about her character and skills? Everything in order later in our material.

Astrid hofferson was: a biography

Astrid hofferson was

Our heroine was born in the clan of Hoffersons that are fearless soldiers from the island of Berk. From an early age for her the reputation of a truly brave teenager. She became one of the main riders who assisted the leader of the clan in confrontation with the red death. At the end of the first part of animation history hofferson was expressed sympathy for the main character of the cartoon – the warrior named Hiccup.

In the film “How to train your dragon 2” she is facing the hunter, following the villain Drago Bloodfist. The heroine refuses to obey orders of the leader of the clan of Hoffersons and rushes in pursuit of the robbers. Together with his beloved Hiccup she is captured by the enemy. However, the courage and cunning to eventually allow the friends to gain freedom defeating the enemy.


Astrid hofferson was the biography

Astrid hofferson was – a cute, seemingly fragile, blue-eyed blonde. In the first part of the film “How to train your dragon” the heroine dressed in green armor with metal shoulder pads, leather, and generously studded with sharp spikes, skirt, and fur boots. In the hands of the character adorn fabric bandages.

In the second animated film appearance Astrid hofferson was in the photo that you can see in the article, virtually unchanged. Except that the heroine began to look more feminine. Here, as before, the girl dressed in a tight leather skirt, boots and massive iron shoulder pads. In its way, changed only the upper part of the armor, which acquired a reddish-brown hue. Legs appeared skinny pants and leather knee pads. It is worth noting that in both parts of the animated Saga, the heroine is almost not released from the hands a massive battle-axe.


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Astrid hofferson was (“How to train your dragon”) has an uncontrollable temper, does not tolerate subordination, which brings her a lot of suffering. Temper and self-love often make a girl to look for ways out of difficult situations. At the same time, Astrid demonstrates love for his dragon and ready to stand up for him by the wall.

Despite the complex nature, the heroine is genuinely worried about the fate of loved ones. After overcoming numerous hardships that fall to the fate of her tribe, Astrid catches up with the characters, which had previously experienced neglect.


Astrid hofferson was how to train your dragon

Astrid hofferson was possesses the following skills:

  • Despite its fragile become and boyish good looks almost as good as the strength of the most experienced soldiers-men. Proof of this is the skillful handling of a heavy battle axe, which masterfully wielding girl.
  • Astrid is able to call on the help of your personal dragon Grimhild, using a special battle cry, which she calls a wolf's roar.
  • Character has a special impact Krivokrasov that crushes enemies in flight.
  • Astrid – one of the most skilled riders in the tribe. The girl has otochennye to perfection management skills dragon. She is able to completely synchronize their own movements with the animal.

Hiccup and Astrid

According to the plot of the cartoon "How to train your dragon" Astrid begins to have romantic feelings for the hero named Hiccup. They perfectly complement each other. The guy manages to rein in her short temper. Characters become integral fighting unit in difficult times. Astrid begins to have a guy active support in the difficult relationship with his recalcitrant father.

The Dragon

Astrid hofferson was photo

Personal dragon Astrid hofferson was the serpent is named Stormfly. The choice of this being said about the heroine as a flighty person, because together they often make impulsive and rash decisions. It is worth noting that Stormfly was able to become one of the most agile, fastest dragon on Berk. This contributed to the nutrition of the animal with a special chicken diet, which was developed for him, Astrid.

Stormfly is largely the same nature with his owner. Like Astrid, she is fearless and understands the friends. The dragon doesn't just allow the girl to establish control, but it is a staunch defender in the most dangerous situations.

Astrid in the book

The Prototype Astrid hofferson was in the same literary work stands a little girl named Kamikaze. In the book “How to train your dragon” she at first expresses disbelief Hiccup, but later becomes one of his companions and best friends.

Kamikaze has luxurious blond hair. The girl is an excellent fencer and a woman run. Character tend to demonstrate the blatant complacency. Like Astrid, the girl is constantly trying to compete with the guys.

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