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Today we will tell you who is Elena Aminova. Her biography and major films will be given below. We are talking about Soviet and Russian actress of theatre and cinema, as well as the Director. Received the title of Honored artist of the Ukrainian SSR.


Elena AminovaElena Aminova – the actress, who was born in Novograd-Volynski. Comes from a family of doctors. Her grandfather and father were surgeons. The latter is engaged in playing the violin, drawing, and copied the manner of Norman Rockwell. Elena Aminova studied at the faculty of journalism of Kyiv state University. Has started to work. He became a correspondent of the cultural Department of the newspaper «Kyiv Pravda». He continued his education. In 1973 graduated from Kyiv Institute named after I. Karpenko-Kary. He studied at the V. A. Nellie. For three years he worked at the Murmansk Drama theatre of the Northern fleet. Changed his place of business. In the years 1976-1990 was an actress in the Odessa Russian drama theater named after A. Ivanov. He was a teacher of acting. This position was held in the Studio theater of the city of Odessa, where the artistic Director was made by O. P. Tabakov. In 1991 he went to Moscow. Engaged in the production of plays in theatres. Cooperates with the Moscow Center of children's creativity. Directs the theater group at school. Starred in television series and movies. Consists of the Union of cinematographers of Russia. Participates in ‘SAG’.

Family and awards

Elena Aminova actressThe Husband of actress Yuri Lyubshin S. – cinematographer. Elena Aminova also has a daughter Daria. In 1979 he became the Honored artist of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1994 he received the award at the festival in Riga. Nomination - best actress.


Elena Aminova biographyElena Aminova – the actress, who has played in the following performances: “Eight loving women”, “Zykov», «Quiet don», “the Pretender”, “taming”, “Tutor”, “is Bankrupt”, ‘Cleopatra’, ‘She’, ‘Three sisters”, “cunt”, “I am woman". As the Director put on the stage of the play: “Under one roof”, “C'est La vie, my dear”, “Love — is a terrible force”.


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Movie Roles

Elena Aminova moviesNow you know who is Elena Aminova. Films in which she participated are too numerous. So in 1972, she starred in the films “Sophia Grushko”, “a Random address” and “the love boat”. In 1976 came the film ‘waiting for Me on Earth”. In 1977 he participated in the films “the Evidence on poverty” and “When the next man”. In 1978 he got the role in the films “the Marshal of the revolution” and “Lobo". In 1981 came the picture of the “Long way in the maze” with her participation. In 1982 he played in the film “the Trust, which burst”. In 1983 he participated in the ribbon, “Whirlpool”.

In 1984, he worked on the films “Lyuba” and “despicable me”. In 1985 starred in the films “the Train schedule is”, “a Million in a wedding basket” and “Haze”. In 1986, gets roles in the films “what was not”, “father”, “over the Rainbow”. In 1988, the screen goes to the picture “It was last summer” with her participation. In 1989 he starred in the film “Bullshit” and “cross”. In 1990 gets the role in the film “Kaminsky, Moscow detective”. In 1991, plays in the films “risk”, “prison”, “Dead without burial”, “No justice" Le flic de Moscou, “7 days with a Russian beauty». In 1992, gets the role in the film “Life”. In 1993, plays in the film “the Smell of autumn”. In 1994 participates in the films “Sir Robin” and “Day charming man”. In 1995 a painting “Under the sign of Scorpio” with her participation. Elena Aminova in 1996 takes part in the filming of “Love in Russian 2”.

In 1997, gets the role in the film “the Countess de Monsoreau”. In 1999, screens out the film “to Love in Russian 3” with her participation. In 2001, gets a role in the film “Windows”. In 2003, he worked on the films “Best city in the world” and “Detective without a license”. In 2007 starred in the film “adulthood girls Polina Subbotina”. In 2008, the film goes "Two lives – 4” with her participation. In 2009, starred in the films “other woman”, “Cruise”, “Spellbound love 2”, “Goldeneye. The next». Elena Aminova in 2010 he received the role in the film “great men”. In 2011 starred in the TV series «Group of happiness”. In 2012, a goal on the screens released film “Mosgaz” with her participation. In 2013 he received the role in the film “detective and Utilities” and “the Fourth passenger’.

Is the Director of the film “the Funeral on the second floor”. In his story describes the year 1991, August. Bugrov captain, major and Lieutenant-Colonel Kulakov Ershov investigate special crime, because it involved the corrupt representatives of the high Committee of State Security. The picture is a continuation of the film «Europ”.

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