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Humanity knows not many geeks, whose capacities for the effective age would not be extinguished. They usually are filled with musical and artistic, and mathematical school, but what is called "the finals" out of the unit. That is Vadim Repin. Novosibirsk young violinist, charmed the world, has not stopped in its development, is not lost among the highest names of music of our time.

Vadim Repin

The best violinist

He Started swiftly and brilliantly. Six years after I first pulled the bow across the strings, Vadim Repin has won the international Wieniawski competition in Lublin, received a gold medal. Then he was eleven. And at fourteen he's already toured the world: Helsinki, Berlin, Munich, Tokyo…

Fifteen Vadim played in new York in Carnegie hall. At seventeen he won the International competition in Brussels – one of the most prestigious. And then he became the youngest winner in the history of this competition. The Queen of Belgium was so touched by his performance that gave him citizenship. Now Vadim Repin is free to live in this country too. A great musician of the twentieth century, I. Menuhin called the young violinist's the most perfect thing he's heard, the best of all living.

Vadim Repin biography

The Rise is not finished

Since then the best orchestras in the world were honored to play a music with this virtuoso, Vadim Repin like. Performances with the Berlin, Boston, Cleveland, and Chicago orchestras, from La Scala and the Philharmonic orchestras of new York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Now awards that ever got Vadim Repin, is not counted. Participating in the most famous and prestigious festivals, he almost always took the biggest awards.


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Music festivals in the world held a variety of. Historical, such as Salzburg, you can not miss, and everyone understands why. There are still very popular, such as Proms, where the play is interesting and useful. And there are atmospheric, informal, full of communication, such as the Swiss in Verbier, not to visit which means like to leave myself without the sweet. So says Vadim Repin. His biography is filled with new and new facts: how many claims, so many victories.

Vadim Repin, violinist biography


Now he has about a hundred concerts a year at the best venues in the world. His partners on stage is always brilliant: Yuri Bashmet, Martha Argerich, Nikolai Lugansky, Mikhail Pletnev, Boris Berezovsky, Evgeny Kissin… All list is simply impossible. Most importantly, Vadim Repin, a violinist from God, still gaining altitude, and taking off its not over. Modern life is incredibly accelerated, and this race is hard to resist, but also necessary.

The Musician needs to recover after each concert, which takes a lot of energy and almost all mental strength. Concert plans with professionals such as Vadim Repin-the violinist, compiled for several years and only in the most exceptional cases change. This may be because of the anniversary of someone from friends-musicians, then one hundred concerts a year added another one. But Vadim is not one friend among colleagues. And other situations quite often are such that further play is necessary. Where do you find the strength for such a busy concert schedule Vadim Repin?

Vadim Repin photo


When a person is happy, he can move mountains. And the reason for the elevated emotional state is very significant since as married Vadim Repin, Svetlana Zakharova. Daughter (photos of this little happiness will not, parents are saving the child from prying eyes) made creative energy of the musician is immense. And, of course, the music itself inspires and gives strength.

Vadim Repin at his concerts playing only those works which are not taken away, and give joy, fueling its power due to the resulting from its performance of pleasure. For example, he always enthusiastically plays Brahms himself said that every note in the writings of this composer, leads him into ecstasy. The violinist loves romantic music and many works of such a plan has in its repertoire. And from the new, modern, he included in the concert program violin Concerto – a terrific piece, written by James Macmillan especially for Vadim Repin.

Vadim Repin, Svetlana Zakharova daughter photo

Music school

Never in his family no one musician was not, and suddenly appeared the Prodigy – Vadim Repin, violinist. Biography as a musician began at age five when 31 Aug baby brought to record in a music school. He wanted drums or accordion. But it turned out later, these offices were occupied. Vadim gave up the violin and said that if you do not like, you will have to come early, but next year.

The Violin loved by the boy to such an extent that the parents had revised their plans for the rest of my life. Vadim's father was a painter and decorator, and mother – nurse. Later dad did for a living, and my mother gave herself entirely to the talent of the son and his support. She had absolutely no musical education and studied simultaneously with Vadim listening to it and delving into the essence. This is a complete maternal sacrifice Vadim is extremely appreciated, especially because my mom noticed that the little boy is clean, clearly and quickly picks up heard the song on any instrument.

After the first contest

When eleven-year-old Vadim received almost all the prizes of the competition Wieniawski (main – first, in the different groups, several distinctions from the jury and from the public), the question arose about what to do next, how to develop success? The wise teacher – today the most famous and almost unknown then, Zakhar Bron, Vadim prepared to the meeting with Tikhon Khrennikov. The boy for two weeks, learned the most difficult violin Concerto, to please this wonderful composer.

The Star disease was nowhere to begin and no time – eleven-year-old violinist studied more than six hours a day. And my mother harshly suppressed any attempt to become proud. And Tikhon Khrennikov was very fond of Vadim Repin, as well as your student Maxim Vengerov. Were often the author's evening of the composer, where the boys toured together with Eugene by Kisinin – a child Prodigy pianist. Happy and carefree were the days!

Vadim Repin


Vadim was lucky with a concert violin made by an extremely talented master of the Novosibirsk Mikhail Defleron, but when Tikhon Khrennikov insisted, the Ministry of culture on the fact that this boy deserves the best tool in the world, it was issued from the state collection Stradivarius. Horizons of young talent opened just immense.

Children, trehchetvertki (the only one in the world, by the way), it sounded like a full-fledged adult. Three years later, again thanks to the efforts of Tikhon Nikolayevich, Vadim Repin has already played at full Stradivari-Stradivari Wieniawski. Almost all famous violins have names, because each has its own biography. This tool was used Wieniawski himself when he worked at the Mariinsky theatre.

But then, growing up, Vadim chose Guarneri, because the tools of the school of Stradivari's practically nothing earthly, they are perfect, they sing in the clouds of the divine voices. That is, the violin somehow set by the rules of the game that he is not able to break. Guarneri made their tools more philosophical: they are too "transcendental" a beautiful sound, but also the earth, the "ugly" sound can't resist when it's needed. And often it is simply necessary, especially if you play contemporary music that Vadim in the repertoire of many.

Vadim Repin is a violinist

Three generations

Not for the first time in 2015 was held in Novosibirsk on TRANS-Siberian art-festival, where he delivered three generations of violinists of a school, including myself, Zakhar Bron and his wonderful disciple Vadim Repin. The photo above clearly shows how much expression and how much energy you bring to the stage performers, synchronised wave of bows can be seen – the movement is not stopped!

The program was the most famous virtuoso of the violin pieces-Sarasate, Ravel, Paganini... the conductor of the chamber orchestra stood Nahimovich Zakhar Bron. Played the young, is not eighteen students of this master teacher. Their music has amazed listeners.

The Performance of Vadim Repin and Zakhar Bron of Prokofiev's sonatas “C” for two violins was the crown of this magnificent nearly three-hour concert. The audience stood up and didn't let their favorites, they wrote the name of the native of Novosibirsk on all maps of the world culture the most in large letters.


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