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In 2012 on STS channel launched the series “Kitchen”, and in 2014 he published a feature film “Kitchen in Paris”. The actors who played staff trendy restaurant, is famous in the whole country. Let's remember the audience favorite characters and artists, who embodied them on the screen.

actors kitchen

Victor Barinov

“Kitchen” - television series, the actors who firmly took its place in the hearts of the audience. Viktor Barinov is the most prominent character on the show. A brilliant chef of the restaurant “Monet” has a temper, likes to drink, besides he is an active football fan and fan of gambling. His flaws prevent him not only to build relationships with people, but also to manage the kitchen. However, his subordinates loved and respected.

Played the role of a headstrong chef Dmitry Nazarov, the famous Russian actor and TV presenter. Dmitry has received several prestigious theatre awards, actively starred in television shows and movies, leads cooking shows, voiced cartoons and computer games.


Actors «Kitchen» perfectly demonstrated how people behave in ridiculous situations. And most of the mess came the character of Mark Bogatyrev – Maxim Lavrov. This young man came to Moscow to fulfill his dream-to become a chef. He's resourceful and inventive, easily likable people and has great talent in cooking. However, Max is frivolous, irresponsible and often tries to hide their little mistakes with lies, which leads to negative consequences. The hero is a success at women. Throughout the series, he was in a relationship with a few girls, was married to Vick.


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Mark Bogatyrev graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre school in 2010 and played in the trainee group of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov. Maxim Lavrov role for the young actor's first major film actors and roles

Victoria S.

Many actors are “Cuisine” was loved by the audience, but among them the most memorable – Elena Armin van Buuren, who performed the role of art Director Victoria Alekseeva. Character – a confident, talented and intelligent woman. But Vika has a significant drawback-it is extremely demanding of others, and if it can be considered a good, personal relationship prevents excessive nicety. No relations have strict Vicky with disorderly max.

Elena Armin van Buuren – the actress of theatre and cinema. On the big screen debuted in 2002, but the real fame brought her the role of Victoria Sergeevna Goncharova.

Dmitriy Nagiev

In the television series “Kitchen”, the actors and the role which was loved by the audience, attended the real stars. Dmitry Nagiev plays showman and actor Dmitry Vladimirovich Nagiyev. This role is not a cameo. Dmitry loves women, he was married to the former hostess of the restaurant Christina, had a relationship with Vika, Eleonora Andreevna.

The Actor Dmitriy Nagiev began his career as a broadcaster, DJ, entertainer. Gained popularity through humorous TV series “Caution, modern”, “Caution Zadov”, participate in TV as a presenter.

kitchen TV series actors

Kostya and Nastya

Konstantin Anisimov-sommelier and bartender, best friend max. Kostya – simple and good-natured guy, married to a waitress Nastya. Played his Viktor Horinyak, the graduate of School-Studio of MKHAT. In the movie debuted in 2007, the role of the bartender-Bones at the moment his most famous work.

Anastasia Fomina (Anisimova) - the waitress in the restaurant “Monet”. Kind, naive girl, a vegetarian and animal rights activist. The Wife Of The Bartender Bones. The couple have a son. Played Nastya, Olga Kuzmina, a graduate of GITIS, the actress of Theatre of the moon. On television, she debuted in childhood in the TV series “pie”. Often appears with small roles on the screen, work in “Kitchen” was the most famous.

Senya and Fyodor

Actors “Cuisine” for the past five seasons and made the audience laugh. Main jokers – chef Senia and Fyodor. Senya – specialist meat, a great lover of practical jokes and petty thief. It was played by the actor Sergei Lavygin. Fyodor – specialist fish, a regular participant of this sweepstakes. He was lying, that worked as a cook on the ship, lives on forged documents. Starring Mikhail Tarabukin.

kitchen in Paris actors

Kate and Denis

Actors “Cuisine”, which appeared only in the third season, viewers love nothing less than “old”. A vivid example - Valery Fedorovich, who starred as chef of molecular cuisine Katie. Ekaterina Semenova – a bold, daring girl, the daughter of Victor Barinov.

In the television series “Kitchen”, the actors and the role of which is well remembered by the audience, the characters were gone, it appeared again. So, from the second half of the fourth season the main character max took his best friend Dennis, played by Michael Bashkatov. Denis Krylov - honest, open person. He's a musician, but worked in the kitchen as a cook, it is absolutely not being able to cook.

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