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Paolo Villaggio... We all remember and accountant-klutz Ugo Fantozzi, always gets into funny situations, and lady Robinson, who was smitten with the beauty-the mulatto on a desert island. And in movies-he said good-bye, sesavas at the absurdity of his image... But now let's talk about his daughter.

General information

The daughter of the great Italian comedian Elisabetta Villaggio was born in 1959. Her brother, Pierfrancesco came to light later - in 1965. She collaborated with the art world as her dad, but never became an actress. He worked in television as writer he published several books, been published (and published) in periodicals. Written her scripts performed plays and movies.

Elisabetta Villaggio photo daughter comic

Predicted That Paolo

The Father of Elisabetta Villaggio actor Paolo Villaggio, one day, he met in Rome the famous famous psychic-astrologer, who predicted him that he would die on 14 December 2002 at his house by the sea. However, the next day, the actor, being alive and healthy, participated in a program on TV.

The Prophetess made a mistake for 15 years. Paolo did not 3 July 2017, he died in Tuscany at the age of 84 years, and her daughter Elisabetta, telling the world about it, wrote to his father in his social media account last words: "Now you can fly again freely". Elisabetta Villaggio always thought that Paolo "locked" in this life, and he lacks the air of freedom.

It seemed as if he was profoundly indifferent to the opinions of others. "When I want - and then die," and so throughout.

Later, Elisabetta has told reporters that Paolo Vilaggio had diabetes and died because of it. He's the comedian on the screen, do not treat the disease seriously and did not pay attention to it. Yes, it is, especially anyone and anything not paying attention.


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The Daughter was angry, struggling tried to influence the father to come to his senses and took drugs, took courses of treatment, but Paolo didn't see the point. "How many are reserved, and many will live". Why artificially extend the trials on this earth, haunting, happiness and freedom?

Elisabetta Villaggio photo

Relationship with his father

"dad, we had a complicated relationship. But he taught me to be strong," says Elisabetta, while her brother, the son of Paolo, Pierfrancesco emphasized that "dad was not easy, because he was long absent in my life, like many actors." But in the last years of his life Paolo they were close and they managed to reconnect and make up for something.

Villaggio mosè was a candidate for the 1994 elections from the party Lista Pannella in the constituency of Genoa. Prior to that, he was a member of the party of Proletarian democracy.

Who is the daughter of Fantozzi

What is known about the biography of Elisabetta Villaggio? She studied philosophy at the University of Bologna and studied the art of film and television at La's University of southern California.

She worked in television first as assistant Director, then Director, author, and consultant for some programs. Made two short films. One of them, "Taxi", was awarded at the Venice film festival.

The Daughter of Paolo Villaggio has written several scripts, brought to life a documentary film Paolo Villaggio: mi racconto, which was recorded in the ArtDocFest in Rome in 2010.

Elisabetta taught at RUFA (Rome University of fine arts) at the faculty of film, worked with periodicals.

According to the book Elisabetta "Marilyn: the intrigue around the death" was scripted, plays. Daughter Paolo was in charge of the production since 2012. In December 2014, was published one scenario - the "Marilyn - the last 3 days", as it was staged.

Elisabetta Villaggio biography

Elisabetta Villaggio was the author of several works for theatre. A talented screenwriter, in may 2013 released the play "I am canadian".

In October 2013, she wrote and published the novel "Fancy life" (Una vita bizarre) memories of the girls from the legendary seventies. Photo Elisabetta Villaggio has appear in the media 2014. Then she was rewarded for this book prize Anassilaos Prize 2014 - Opera prima.

Another work - "Mustang Ross" - Elisabetta Villaggio presented at Kontiki. They say that the event was attended by the mayor of Pasqualino Punti, who praised Elizabeth for their excellent work, and then took part in the festival "Beauty of music". The daughter of Paolo Villaggio took the opportunity and thanked the mayor for organizing city events, congratulated him.

"forget It!"

Elisabetta Villaggio

Elisabetta Villaggio in your social media once struck in anger against the world of cinema: her father, the magnificent brilliant Paolo Villaggio, who did not use social media, I forgot. And what is he to blame? He helped make Italian cinema great. "He's not in the best condition, but that's my dad!".

Everyone who saw her claimed that Elisabetta spoke of the deepest sadness and bitterness! The post Elisabetta lifted up the world of Italian cinema, but she later clarified his position: "actually I just wanted to say that my father is not enough movie, it's his great passion to which he devoted his entire life!" Perhaps it spoke more desperate feeling. Yes, most likely, she was jealous of the father to the world of cinema, who callously and cruelly forgets who he ceases to catch the eye.


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