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“Chernobyl. Exclusion zone” - television series Russian Studio “Sinelab Production”. The slogan mystical picture of the authors did the phrase “no One will return to the old». After reading this article, you Learn a lot of interesting, including and about the Actors and the role of the series “Exclusion zone”.

General information

Both seasons consist of eight episodes, Divided into two parts. Serial painting combines a number of genres: drama, Thriller, Road movie, melodrama, mystery, disaster, horror and Thriller. The duration of the episode is 48 minutes. The premiere of the television series was aired on the channel "TNT" 13 October 2014 Director the first season was A. Jar.

Stream the second season of the Begin November 10, 2017 to "TV-3". At this time, Director was made by P. Kostomarov. On the script worked I. Kulikov and E. Nikishov. In the 2nd season of “Chernobyl. Exclusion zone” Actors and characters remain unchanged.

Chernobyl exclusion zone series actors season 2


Originally the premiere was to be held in 2010. Then the show was postponed three times. 24 Sep 2014 the first eight episodes viewers of 19 Russian cities saw in theaters.

In frames made in the present exclusion zone, Actors "Chernobyl" was not involved. Most of the episodes in Pripyat was filmed in Russian cities with similar architecture. Among them stands out the abandoned camp of “fireworks” and the old wheel display in Kolchugino. Serial Pripyat before the accident was the city of Moscow. With the help of computer technology, the filmmakers have created a panoramic view of the station until 26 April 1986


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Show the exclusion zone actors and roles

The first season

The events of the film happen in our days (2014) and a few days before the world-famous crash. In the morning in the apartment Pachinah parents permeates the system administrator under the pretext of repair of the Network, hacking the safe and runs away with huge amount.

The Robber tells the victim that goes with money in Ukrainian abandoned city. The main characters go after him and encounter exclusion Zone, which is represented by an independent character with his thinking and intentions. Later, they find themselves in 1986, prevents the accident, thus changing the future of the Soviet Union.

Show the exclusion zone actors

Actors and the role of the series “Chernobyl. Exclusion zone”

A Handsome man and a favorite of the girls Paul played Vershinin Konstantin Davydov. His character is At first glance seems to be the leader without the slightest flaw. Despite the fact that the Pasha's parents are very wealthy people, as his friends, he chose children from average families. Vershinin sent to Chernobyl in search of a man who stole a large Money from the home of his mother and father.

Actor of the series ‘exclusion Zone” Sergey Romanovich got the role of Leschi Gorelova bully and headaches others. Best friend Pasha fit everywhere, where only is possible and impossible. Knows how to create scandals out of nothing. Alex is one of the main sources of troubles and a good friend, who will prove his loyalty, do not hesitate to.

Valery Dmitriev accustomed to the role of Anastasia – girls Gorelova. She is fearless, daring, can, if necessary, to strike. Despite their independence, inside she is very sentimental and sensitive person. She hides these qualities from others, especially from his beloved, for which is able to go into the fire and into the water.

the series the Chernobyl exclusion zone actors and roles

In the series ‘exclusion Zone” Actor Anwar Halilulik played by George petrisheva. Gosh – a typical nerd, studying the world through a computer and the Internet. If they are not at hand, the guy panics. Dangerous journey to Chernobyl he pushed Anya. Not being in a hothouse environment, Gosha has detected the other side, which is able to make men's actions.

Anya Antonova (actress, Christina Kazinskogo) – the mysterious character of the series. Sent to Pripyat in order to try to understand where and under what circumstances disappeared, older sister for a few days before the accident at Chernobyl. The reason for his visit, the heroine for a long time hiding even from friends, including from Pasha, with whom she is in a relationship.

Unmatched Actor of the series ‘exclusion Zone” Ilya Shcherbinin played the first antagonist of the Podcaster (Igor Matveyev). First saw this character, it is impossible to understand that It – the the villain. Podcaster enters the house of the Pasha as...

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