How old is Jennifer Lopez today?


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Hollywood stars are famous for their talent and versatility. For example, actress, singer, dancer Jennifer Lopez, like the millions of fans. And not surprisingly, beauty is constantly in motion. Here it is on a morning jog, then shooting, and after a trip to the gym, parties, events, charity. When she manages? And one of the frequently asked questions: how old is Jennifer Lopez? For anybody not a secret that a woman over forty, but she looks at all 30, what can I say, it is easy to give and 25. And given the fact that the talented star gave birth to two children (a daughter, Amy and son max).how old is Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo was born in the USA, in the state of new York. She grew up in the “bad street” and lived in a poor family. In addition, she had two sisters who also had their dreams and desires. So the girl was satisfied with what had. Jennifer from childhood loved to sing and dance. When the parents took her to a specialized class, just her happiness knew no bounds. Later, after graduation, the girl worked in a law office, and in the evenings, moonlighting in clubs. No one could determine how old is Jennifer Lopez, she always looked young, was a mysterious beauty. Some considered her too old, others, on the contrary, a schoolgirl.Jennifer Lopez how old,

In the early nineties, jlo participated in a dance TV show In Living Color, and then she was noticed and invited to audition for several TV series. Debut Jennifer was the film “My family”. Then she played in many films, such as "Selena», «Golden globe”, “Out of sight" and others. Even then, the first fans interested in the girls, how old are Jennifer Lopez. a Little later the audience saw on the screens of the films “If the mother-in-law – monster” and “maid in Manhattan" with the participation of a rising star. Even so, that Lo was nominated for the worst actress of the year. But the star never did and tried himself in different genres. Except that she danced with Janet Jackson and Mark Anthony, Jay has seriously studied music. In 1999 came the first album under the name “On the 6”. Then followed other projects, including Spanish, and the girl began to take a leading position in the ranking of best performers. Today, many people wonder, how old is Jennifer Lopez, because she prefers to remain silent about it. Maybe someone doesn't believe, but today is famous for the beautiful 44. As always, she looks gorgeous!Jennifer Lopez age


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Also j-Lo is considered a very successful businesswoman. She created her own clothing line, opened a Cuban restaurant and released a unique perfume, which broke all sales records. Many girls want to be just a little like beauty, that is why they are interested in Jennifer Lopez – age actress, weight, height and other parameters. As for the personal life of a star, after a happy marriage with Marc Anthony, she stated that she intends to divorce, it did in 2011. Here's a mysterious and beautiful woman - Jennifer Lopez. How old is she today, you already know, but for clarification let's say that a popular singer was born July 24, 1969. Try to calculate yourself the exact number.

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