How to draw a nose in pencil?


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In order to become a good artist, you need all the time to train the hand. An outline of any items or specific fragments of human figures should be a kind of charging. For example, you have any question how to draw a human nose? Feel free to take a pencil and try, most importantly do not be afraid to make mistakes. Athletes too train almost every day, in order to achieve success. All you need to exert effort and often considerable.

If you only learn the basics of drawing and try himself in the portrait genre, perhaps this tutorial will help you to understand how to draw the human nose. We will not delve into complicated anatomical detail and try schematically to facilitate this task.

Various techniques and options of how to draw the nose, there are many. Each teacher and each art Studio will teach you to draw using their experience and tips. We do not use a very complex schema and try to draw a human nose from the front. If this lesson will be easy for you, try to make sketches from other angles. Change the angle, make sure that your drawings could be “read”, whose nose is male or female.

So, how to draw a nose with a pencil in stages?

1. To recall the pencils and paper we are not going. Proceed to the pattern. The first step, as always, begins with the sketch. Draw a small circle – that we will shape our future tip of the nose.

how to draw a nose2. The next step will be the nose. Spend two vertical lines up. Yeah, not much of a nose. But be patient, soon will begin to to draw a nose in pencil in stages3. After the bridge of the nose moving to the nose wings. Anticipated future nostrils. It's better already! Even in this form, the nose can be guessed easily.


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how to draw a nose4. At this stage you need to focus a little. Look at the picture, you will see that from the wings of the nose to hold the line to the nose. The planned horizontal line from the nostrils - it will be the future site of the highlight on the tip of the nose. The lines themselves the nose was lowered to the line of the nostrils and slightly bent at the middle to the base of our original circle. Seems a little confusing, but these lines will help you with the next step. Try to draw everything lightly, barely touching the sheet. Then you will need extra lines to erase.

how to draw a nose

5. Now we can move on to creativity. Start to define the shadows, without which your drawing will remain flat. Try to develop the academic bar at 45 degrees and place the strokes close to each other. Here the lines that we have outlined in the previous step will serve as a kind of to draw a nose6. Now you need to erase all of them you line, to correct the shadows to soften them with your finger or a piece of soft cloth, easy rubbing on the main lines. Do not get carried away if you are not sure what is right I will RUB a pencil, skip this step. However, the band can still improve.

how to draw a nose in pencil in stages7. Make the shadows a little contrast, point to the nostrils. Correct the nose. This is the last step in how to draw a nose

how to draw a nose

Your nose is ready! Now you can show others how to draw a nose.

In conclusion, I want to remind you that even when you draw individual parts of the face or portrait as a whole, try to observe proportions, pay attention to the angle of rotation of the head and, respectively, of the nose, don't forget about the lighting. Do you draw yourself looking in the mirror. Best of luck in your training!

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