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American Comedy "16 wishes” introduces audiences to Abby, Jason – a young person who is not much different from millions of ordinary girls. The plot is uncomplicated, is a story of a modern Cinderella, who made so many dreams that it was to her detriment.

16 wishes actors

Wish List

Sixteenth birthday-an important date in the life of every girl. But because the main character is waiting for her impatiently. Since childhood, Abby was a wish list that she would like to realize in 16 years. One of the items in this list were holding the most "cool" party in honor of his birthday.

Abby is friends with a guy Jay who is in love with her but does not dare to admit it. In the school it conflicts with Krista, the most popular girl. As luck would have it, the birthday girls in one day, and Krista each year trying to spoil the party Abby.

actors of the film 16 wishes

Meeting with a fairy

And here comes the solemn day. Abby is 16 years old. Girl is sure that this day will be the best in her life. However, trouble starts in the morning, when taking off from a swarm of wasps nests “occupying” a house of a friendly family. But at the bus stop a strange woman gives Abby a gift – a small box with sixteen candles. The inscription on the box States that this is a magic candle, and is to light and blow out one of them as the make a wish immediately fulfilled. Match too special, magical.

She does not believe in such miracles, but still decided to light a candle with the number 1, which corresponds to the first wish on her list – meeting Joey Lockhart, an international pop star. You should only extinguish the candle, as the bus pulls up, comes from a singer and congratulates the girl with the birthday. Abby crazy with happiness. Then she lights the eighth candle, and before it there is a red car of her dreams.


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According to the sorceress, handing Abby a gift, magical power of candles ends at midnight and you have to make all the wishes up to that time. So Abby appear the best outfits in the whole school, her volleyball team beats a team of Krista, then she becomes student Council President with 100% votes, beating the same Krista, his eternal rival.

Not all wishes should come true

Abby thinks of another wish that everyone will stop treating her like a child. Extinguished the candle, and Abby for a moment becomes six years older. Now she is 22. But the problem is that her classmates do not remember, but Jay is in this reality is the boyfriend of Krista. In addition, Abby realizes that being a grown-up – this is not as good as she thought. To live in his own apartment, work… She's just a kid and not ready! Abby wants to undo the wish, but do not get it. Before midnight needed to do something, otherwise it would ruin her life. Magic candles still, if it will work with them to correct the situation?

16 wishes actors and roles

“16 wishes": actors and roles

The Role of Abby was played by Debbie Ryan. The actress was born in 1993. On screen debut at the age of 14. “Two for the road”, “Rebel”, “Private practice”, “Mighty doctors” films where Debby Ryan has appeared after the premiere of “16 wishes”.

The Actors who played other characters of the Comedy, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Karissa Tins. Filmography their is a list of small. For Bilodeau became the start of a career part in the filming of “16 wishes”. The actor starred in such films as ‘trick or treat”, “monster hunter”. He was known and for her role in the TV series “Kyle XY”. However, the glory to Jean-Luc Bilodeau came after the movie “no ordinary family”, “16 wishes”.

Actor Gary Smith played in the Comedy the Director of the school. He is known for the TV series “Moving”, “Andromeda,”. Anna Mae Routledge has also played in “16 desires”. Actors this good and unpretentious Comedy little-known outside the United States and Canada, and at home they hardly referred to the stars of cinema. So, in the filmography of Anna Rutledge Maa role CELESTY the brightest. The other actors of the film “16 wishes”: Keenan Tracey, Kendall Cross, Patrick Gilmore, Kainan VIB, Joel Cimande.

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