Who is the author of the story "the Night before Christmas"? Personality N. Gogol


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The Novel “the Night before Christmas" was created in the years 1830-1832. Its author - a famous writer Nikolai Gogol. This story is part of a larger literary work.

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol biography

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol was born in Poltava province. The exact place of birth – the village of Great Sorochyntsi. This great man, the author of the novel “the Night before Christmas”, was the son of a County squire. His family is known for the fact that it had a lot of priests.who is the author of the story the night before Christmas

After graduation in educational institutions of Poltava Gogol went to St. Petersburg, and there he published his first works - “Italy” and “Hans Kuchelgarten”. In 1829 he who is the author of the novel “the Night before Christmas”, is in the Department of economic Affairs at the Ministry major there and gets experience, which later helped him in writing works.

In the 1830-ies appear the most famous works by Gogol. This “Nose”, “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka”, “Taras Bulba". In 1835, Gogol, Pushkin receives from the Board write "Auditor" and carries out this idea. In 1836 the writer goes to Germany, where he is working on his famous novel "Dead souls”. Gogol travels to Europe, then went to Jerusalem and returned to Russia.

In 1849 and 1850 Gogol lived in Moscow, sometimes visits Odessa. In 1851 he again lives in Moscow at this time had health problems. In the capital, he is until his death (in 1852).


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The Story “the Night before Christmas”, Vakula and Oksana

The action of the novel takes place in a time when Catherine the great reigns in Russia. Chronologically, it can be attributed to 1775. The scene is the village of Dikanka, located in one of the Ukrainian provinces. If you know who the author of the novel “the Night before Christmas" about this story, you will be interested too.

In the night sky circling the devil and a witch on a broomstick. The first wants to annoy the blacksmith Vakula who painted hell in pornlaura on the wall of the Church. To this end, he steals the month, from the sky. Damn sure that in the dark he did not dare to go to the hut of Cossack Chub, to his daughter Oksana. However, the Kozak Chub still goes to visit deacon with the aim to drink vodka. Who is the author of the story "the Night before Christmas", knew the customs of the Ukrainian people.the author of the novel the night before Christmas

At this time the daughter of Chub Oksana collects at home friends. On one of them she sees gold embroidered shoes. Oksana tells her friends that would marry the blacksmith Vakula in that case, if he will bring her Slippers, which runs the Queen herself.

Kozak forelock goes to the Solokha. There he has to hide from Vakula, who returned to his mother Solokha. In the hut hid hell, and the head clerk.

Frustrated, he takes all the bags, takes them outside and throws, leaving himself the smallest. And in it sits the devil. Damn Vakula offers to sell his soul, but Smith disagrees. Threatening to cross the line, he sits astride it and rushes to St. Petersburg.

The Story “the Night before Christmas" of the second part

In St. Petersburg, Vakula comes to the Cossacks, and with them goes the Queens Palace. Getting to her appointment, Smith makes an exquisite compliment and asks the Slippers that she wears. The Queen looks delighted with Vakula and gives him the Slippers.

what is the theme of the story the night before Christmas

At this time, rural women in Dikanka argue about how exactly committed suicide Vakula. Some say that he hanged himself, others that he drowned himself. Oksana heard it, very experienced and truly falls in love with a blacksmith.

Smith, meanwhile, returns to his village and comes to the Kozak Chubu - to propose to Oksana. He brings Chubu new hat and a nice belt. Chub agrees to marry her daughter to a blacksmith, and soon is the wedding of the young. Vakula, creating a family, beautifully paints his house, hitting others.

picture of folk life in Gogol the night before Christmas

Folk Paintings of life in Gogol "the Night before Christmas”

Novelist Gogol in his novel sought primarily to depict the life of ordinary Ukrainian people, to show folk customs and traditions. Many speculate about what the theme of the novel “the Night before Christmas”. The theme of the novel – life and customs of the Ukrainian people, its traditions. The Central character-the blacksmith Vakula, who wants to fulfill the wish of his beloved. The image of Oksana – it's a way Ukrainian the girl asked in marriage by many, but nobody has been able to win her heart. Oksana falls in love with the blacksmith, seeing his courage and willingness to go to any lengths for her. Whoever the author of the story "the Night before Christmas" has created magnificent characters of the representatives of the common people.

Traditions of the Ukrainian people in the story “the Night before Christmas”

Life of the Ukrainian people shown during the celebration of light Christmas holiday. Vividly described the tradition of caroling: in the village there is a procession of mummers who sing songs and asking for gifts. The bags, which were hidden guests Solokha, carolers mistaken for sacks of provisions and long wear them through the village until you do the deception.who is the author of the story the night before Christmas about this story

The Ukrainian people respect religious traditions and believes in them. The power of the Holy cross, the villagers could defend themselves from all the misfortunes, and the blacksmith Vakula - to curb the trait.

The Fiction of Gogol "the Night before Christmas”

Gogol's Prose is interesting because it connects the real with the fantastic. Mythological characters are associated with evil spirits. However, evil has all the features of real characters. The main representative of the evil forces-hell – the front like a foreigner, and behind - the provincial solicitor. The witch also has the features of a real Ukrainian woman. It Solokha, which may fly on a broom and walk around the village, talking with villagers.


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