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In the mid-90s, the screens out of the cult animated series "Evangelion". It was created based on the manga and quickly gained popularity around the world. It took more than two decades, but there is still conversation and debate about the series "Evangelion" is not silent in the environment of fans of anime.Rei from the anime evangelion


The plot time of the action – 2015. The world is a post-Apocalypse. Not so long ago there was a serious catastrophe that destroyed most of humanity. The series "Evangelion" refers to the genre of "fur", because it is based – the interaction of people with robots.

The Main character “eve” Shinji – a normal 14-year-old student. But the father holds the boy's responsibility to control the robot, a complex machine that needs to kill the mysterious creatures known as Angels. Shinji did not initially confident in his abilities and mind to be a pilot. But he is forced to obey.

The anime Title comes from the names of the machines themselves-robots - Eva. The scene is Tokyo-3, specially designed as a castle and a secret facility to protect mankind from the Angels. These strange creatures periodically attack and capable of destroying the entire planet.


Shinji Ikari is not the only pilot the robot. He is only the third and the first two – girls school girls Rei and Asuka. All the guys are about the same age. Shinji – a shy guy, he has serious problems in the relationship with the father. In the course of the story the young man is changing, becoming more responsible and self-confident.

Rei in "Evangelion" – the most mysterious character about whom little is known for many series. It says nothing about yourself, virtually no one speaks and always keeps clear.


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Asuka Langley – quite the opposite in character of the heroine. Emotional and hot-tempered, she has a high opinion of himself and tough on others. At the same time, as a pilot Asuka is extremely capable and determined.the animated series evangelion

The attention of the creators of “eve” to the inner world of the characters, some of the innuendo in the episodes – these are the decisive factors of the popularity of the anime series.

The Appearance of Rei Ayanami from "Evangelion"

Mangaka Yoshiyuki Sadamoto gave the appearance of the heroine unique features. At Ayanami's blue hair and pale skin, and his eyes glisten with shades of red. She is albino and incredibly beautiful, well proportioned, as all the heroine of anime series.

While you control your robot Evangelion Rei dressed in a white costume, skintight body. Hands-gloves. anime evangelionIn everyday life, the girl dresses quite modestly. Most often she can be seen in a school uniform: turquoise dress with a skirt to her knees, a white blouse, with a red bow on the chest.

Another recognizable element of the character – bandages. Ayanami has repeatedly suffered serious injuries during the battle, because she has to heal its wounds. Fans of the series remember ray with a white eye patch and use this attribute on the spot.

Character and actions

Ayanami very quiet, prefers to be alone. She has almost no friends. Close it only with Gendo, Shinji's father. In fact, the character – is not a person, it is artificially created clone and not know how to Express their feelings. But in the process of the struggle for humanity and development of relationships with other characters, her character begins to unfold. Viewers learn that Ayanami is able to Express emotions, and in one of the final scenes the girl sacrifices himself in the name of the lives of others.

The image of the character in the manga and Rei from the anime "Evangelion" have significant differences. In the comic, the author of the best revealed the character of the heroine. Ray bolder and more sensual, she is in love with Shinji, and makes no attempt to be closer to him. And she's jealous of the guy in the number two pilot Asuka Langley.evangelion Ayanami Rei

The Complexity of the character is manifested in his internal struggle. Ayanami is aware of his origin and purpose. She is fearless and willing to follow orders, not afraid of death, and even committed to it, considering its true purpose death for others.

The Popularity of the character

Rei from "Evangelion" is one of the most popular characters in anime series. Acestuia in cosplay, fans copy her unique style: clothes, hair, try to imitate its manners. The image of the heroine has inspired musicians, writers and artists.

In Ayanami all attracted by its mystique, the image of a modest girl, “not like" of the injured, but at the same time, incredibly strong. The authors of the anime and manga have created a brand new character. Subsequently, this image is repeatedly copied by other artists for the heroes of various works.

Fans of the series have created a lot of fan art on the theme of the series, and especially a lot of drawings depict ray.

evangelion Rei

Worldwide, especially in Japan, sold statues and costumes of the heroine. And one of the most memorable episodes of the animated series "Evangelion" was voted the one where Rei smiles for the first time.

Largely due to the way ray, "Evangelion" is a series that look and recommend for viewing for anime fans around the world. Popular fictional character many times exceeded real living famous people: Actresses, singers, models.


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