How to play the flute. The main rules for beginners


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Flute-instrument with a beautiful sound that can participate in the orchestra, ensemble or to be by himself. The flute is also the oldest and most famous musical instrument. The first devices resembling them in structure, has been found in some parts of Western Europe, and they were done many centuries ago. If you want to learn how to play the flute, use the tips given below.

Featured flutes and cost

Before buying or renting it is better first to consult with your teacher or consult with people who know about this. They will help you to find a suitable tool. The cost of a flute can be 6000 rubles, and 50,000. It depends on what quality she has, what kind of master did it. All that matters is the cost of materials and complexity of the work. High quality flute stand from 20 000 rubles.

how to play the flute

How to breathe

Breathing – one of the most important aspects. It is necessary to learn for those who want to understand how to play the flute. For beginners notes produced from his flute can be a bit trickier than any other, so you have to practice to squeeze out of it simple sounds before attempting to play any tunes.

how to play the flute for beginners

Keep the shoulders relaxed and the head straight, breathing-diaphragm (feels like is as if you are breathing with your stomach). You have not lifted chest and belly. Many such breathing since birth. But people with babies breath be a little difficult to get used to. In the first moments may be a little dizzy. Let your abdomen will stick out, but is breathing – is correct.


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How to keep lips

Get deep, but fast. Imagine that you spit out the husk from sunflower seeds or want to blow away a strand of hair that had fallen onto his forehead. So there must be a air. Now tell me “Poo”. Make and freeze the movement of the lips on your face. Look at yourself in the mirror. So you should put your lips.

Now at the same time say “Poo” and then spit out “the husk of the seeds”. To make it much easier. While to play the flute for beginners is much more difficult at the same time by combining fingers in a certain way and making such manipulation of the lips. So don't be lazy to practice.

how to play flute notes for beginners

Now, making the sound, blow through the mouthpiece through the bottle. The sound is made by hacking your air flow on the edge of the hole of the embouchure. One half of your breath should pass over the hole, and the other needs to move down the groove. It turns out that the air flow is divided in half.

Try to find the correct position of the lips. How to do the above. But what size and width should have a hole in your lips, you have to define yourself. This you can do during the game. Do not keep your lips too tightly, otherwise would not last long. Your mouth will get tired and start to hurt. And do not expect to get used to it.

How to hold the flute

This will help you to learn how to play the flute correctly and without tiring. The hole for the lips near the mouth, and the remainder of the instrument pointing to the right side, hold in a horizontal position. Mash your left hand, shaking it. The thumb rests where you want it. Index - the second key, the average - in the fourth, untitled - on the fifth, and the little finger will rest on the key, which resembles a flat semicircle. Little finger you will use often to learn different notes and fingerings.

Remember, your fingers should be just above the holes where you need them “click”. Don't need holes to clamp. But the right hand position is less convenient. The remaining holes occupy the fingers of his left hand.

how to play flute notes

Keep in mind that your fingers will feel uncomfortable and unnatural at first. This is perfectly normal. With practice you will be more comfortable to do the same thing, how to play the flute. The notes will be easier to get out of the instrument.

Moving your fingers to the holes and blow to remember the sound. To learn how to play certain notes on the flute, you need to study pictures that show the correct placement of fingers for each note. Visually easier to learn.

Play every note, constantly practice, until you achieve the correct sound. The sound should not be so, if you just blow or whistle, it must be complete, with a steady tone.

Once you learn how to play each note separately, practice playing multiple notes in a row. To understand how to play the flute correctly, you not only have to read manuals, but use the knowledge in practice. Over time complicate the task. It doesn't matter if it turns out not very nice. Learn to move smoothly from one note to another, then you will be able to play a gentle and beautiful melodies.

How to stand

Keep your posture straight, your head up and look ahead, regardless of whether you sit or stand. This will help your body to open to play a longer and clearer notes.

Left foot slightly in front of and pointing to the right. Body at an angle. If you want to transfer weight to one leg, don't push it too hard. Try to relax your body. Otherwise it will lead only to stress and pain during the game.

If you are using a music stand, make sure it is at eye level. If it is too low, you will have to bend your neck, thus, your breathing will become restricted, and the body will again tense.

Remember, before you play the flute, you need to know how she knows, as any musical instrument requires care.


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