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If you are tired of watching the same boring movies in the same multiplex, it is worth to pay attention to unusual cinemas in Moscow. Want to experience the atmosphere of the old film still 35 mm film, or Vice versa — want to enjoy the world's masterpieces of modern cinema? How about a little-known author movies, festival and vintage movie movies in the original? Watching movies under the open sky, on the soft padded stools or the comfortable couches — find out about these and other trivial things from articles about unusual cinemas in Moscow with photos.

Cinema Lumiere Hall

Unusual cinemas in Moscow with beds

This unusual theater is characterized in that the image is broadcast on twenty giant screens located on the walls, ceiling and even the floor. You can enjoy the movie on a special comfortable Ottoman. Unusual cinemas in Moscow will organize movie nights during which interested viewers can Express themselves in creative work in the area of the Lumiere Hall, or relax in a hammock, have fun on the trampoline, and then — to sit in the local cafes.

"Movie house"

Unusual cinemas in Moscow with beds

This is a sample of the kind of finishes that will be perfect option for watching movies along with friends or even a romantic date. There's only two rooms: the first is designed for 2 visitors, and the second has 15 seats. It is noteworthy that to you in the room can not go strangers, after the doors are locked from the inside.

In the cinema, no planning sessions: the moviegoer selects the movies to your taste from the list available or bring your own film, pre-recorded on a removable media. In addition, there is the opportunity to play on the console, play a musical instrument or to sing karaoke. From home allowed to bring their own food and products.


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Theater “Torch”

Unusual Moscow cinemas

There Are the most unusual cinemas in Moscow and “elected”. Repertory films are not represented here, but the fans will appreciate more of the film shot in the art-house genre. Also here you can watch festival and vintage movie. This institution provides a unique opportunity to find here like-minded people to discuss films and share their experiences. The highlight of the cinema is holding evenings of poetry.

Circular Kinopanorama on VDNH-Russian exhibition center

Unusual Moscow cinemas

Listing the most unusual cinemas in Moscow, it is impossible not to recall the Kinopanorama, which was especially popular in the Soviet times. In this cinema to watch movies standing up, to make it easier to move around. The fact that the film is broadcast on eleven screens, which are located throughout the area. Established was a cinema in 1959, but still those times were the main control panel, the projector and a tube amplifier. Due to the fact that now not produce films, specially designed for circular cinema to view the available only the old Soviet movies.

Cinema "35mm"

Unusual Moscow cinemas

The School is popular among highly intelligent youth who have appreciated the opportunity to enjoy quality foreign movies in the original. This method of viewing allows you to hear the real voices of world renowned actors and to see the films-winners of the world's leading film festivals. In addition to viewing the films themselves, in the cinema, themed lectures.

Theater “the Boulevard”

Unusual cinemas in Moscow with beds

Presents and unusual cinemas in Moscow with beds that provide their visitors not only the opportunity to watch a movie, but to spend time and relax on the cushioned Ottoman. There are several thematic halls, where everyone will find something to taste. For example, hall “the glade” proposes to hold a viewing of the film in a comfortable Ottoman, which in this chamber 27. They are located along the first two rows. And “Gazebo” comes with large sofas which will certainly appeal to lovers. There is a VIP hall, equipped with chairs and tables, with a total capacity of 46 people. Prices are affordable: a cinema ticket will cost 150-500 rubles.

Theater «Artistic»

the Moscow cinemas

“Green” hall of this theater is very reminiscent of the home theater. Here there are comfortable chairs and the first row laid out a soft and comfortable Ottoman. Usually this is demonstrated not very well-known new films and art house. Ticket prices are ridiculous — 50-200 rubles. Hall «Gold» more suitable for people who appreciate comfort. Here only 22 seats with colorful Ottomans for each that take up several rows. Basically here show children's animated films and classic movies. Entrance to these screenings is free of charge.

Theater “Illusion”

Unusual cinemas in Moscow Illusion

If we consider the unusual cinemas in Moscow, "Illusion" among them is the oldest. Amateurs submitted for review rare films from the Gosfilmofond of Russia. Movies here are showing the film in 35 mm and in three versions. Also, there are often hold festivals of cinema and theme evenings about the history of cinema. The foyer offers live music, spend time in the local café from time to time visited by Russian celebrities.


Unusual cinemas in Moscow photo

Unusual cinemas in Moscow presents and premium class. Here visitors are invited to enjoy the movie in a special wheelchair-transformers, which allow you to sit and recline. To leave for a visit to the bar audience is not necessary, because the waiters will serve you each individually and will bring food and drinks. The ride will cost visitors from 1,5 thousand rubles.


Unusual Moscow cinemas

The Cinema has positioned itself as an institution with serious and high-quality movie. The room is equipped with the latest innovations in the film industry for the convenience of the audience, so that it can be attributed to the best Moscow theaters.

“Sinema Park Starlight”

Unusual cinemas in Moscow with beds

This is a large complex of cinematography, which include 10 cinemas. Among them, the Jolly complex, notable for the stunning interior and the presence of upholstered furniture. And Relax apartments will captivate their aerodynamic chairs of foreign manufacture.

The planetarium

the Moscow cinemas

Documentaries and educational broadcasts are transmitted directly to the surface of the dome, the largest in Europe. Hall of the Moscow planetarium offers viewers an amazing show with the visualization, particularly associated with the cult band Pink Floyd.

The Cinema of Gum

Unusual Moscow cinemas

Known for an unusual cinema in Gum has the luxury of the Soviet period. The window here is decorated with heavy curtains of velvet, the upholstery of the seats is made of this material, crystal chandeliers, through which shines a bright light on the exquisite decoration on the walls. There is also a cinema for children, where they will be able to enjoy your favorite movies. In this theater you will find the bored of popcorn as an alternative he offered sparkling water, champagne, assorted sandwiches and Goodies. The ticket price for children from 300 p, and VIP-room will cost from 1,000 rubles.

Cinema on the roof

Unusual cinemas in Moscow photo

One of the most romantic cinemas of the Russian capital. It is right on the roof in the center of the city. Stunning views of the city from a bird's eye view, the atmosphere of space and freedom, a warm tea and watching an exciting movie under the open sky is the perfect end of summer day.

The Project Space Cinema is a cinema on the roof with hammocks and comfortable Ottomans. The roof is partially green, which promotes a pleasant rest of the audience. The cinema offers to the view a quality movie. In addition there are cozy...

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