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"Who wants to be a millionaire?" is a popular game show, which probably everyone knows. It has become the equivalent of an English TV quiz show called Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? In this program each have the opportunity thanks to their knowledge and of course luck to win 3 million rubles. In the show involved celebrities, who are regularly invited to the filming of the popular game, and the spectators who decided to try his luck in this game show. Were the lucky ones who managed to win a decent amount of money, and one of them we will discuss in this article. The transmission, which was played by Igor Zaseev - "Who wants to be a millionaire?".

Igor Zaseev

History of show

The first Transmission was broadcast on NTV called "O lucky man!". Then leading was Dibrov. The program became very popular and the ratings of its more and more increased, but the winners come down to the main prize, and was not. Later, the transmission moved into First channel under the more familiar name of "Who wants to be a millionaire?". On the role of lead put humorist Maxim Galkin. It happened in 2001, but in 2008, leading once again became Dmitry Dibrov. Since 2005, the amount of earn has been increased - now the main prize of 3 million rubles.

Igor Zaseev millionaire

Game Rules

So, for those who don't know, recall the rules: in the game, as mentioned earlier, a total of 15 questions. However, they can be associated with completely different fields of knowledge, so the player needs to truly have a great Outlook, at least, to walk to the main, cherished 15 issue.


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Each question has 4 possible answers: the player must choose the only correct one. There are three lifelines: 50: 50 (when removed from a list submitted two wrong answers), phone a friend (everything is clear), as well as the audience, which must show the knowledge to help the player who has difficulty in the answer.

Questions are not all difficult. For example, from 1 to 5 are for the most part comic, and answer them will not be easy, although, of course, and there is as lucky. To 10 are questions of medium difficulty level the overall theme. But then it will be much more difficult - it will require a lot of knowledge in specific areas and will need to put a lot of effort to reach the finish. In the show's history, by the way, these people were, albeit in very small quantities. Let's talk now about the first millionaire who managed to win the main prize.

Igor Zaseev who wants to be a millionaire

As the future millionaire got the idea to participate in the game?

He began to notice that while browsing the home of that TV show often correctly answered many of the questions, while the participants did not know the answer. His wife was in some way inspired him that he went to Moscow and took a chance to play in the show "Who wants to be a millionaire?" where the leading then became Maxim Galkin. Igor Zaseev this idea was positively received and went to the capital to fight to the end for the Grand prize.

Life before "million"

Having Received a University education, member of the show "KSM" Igor Zaseev came to work in the Institute of silicate chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, which were active until the mid 90-ies. Then started typesetting books and later became an editor at the publishing house. At the time of participation in the transmission he already had four children from his second marriage, and from the first one. Second wife - Anne, sons, Yura, Sasha, Timothy and Basil. Five children - the eldest son Maksim from his first marriage.

Igor Zaseev won a million

The Beginning of the path to a million

The residence of this once popular millionaire, Igor Zaseev - Saint Petersburg. He is the father of five children. On the program "Who wants to be a millionaire?" were due to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". First he tried calling for the transfer, but nothing worked, then he saw in the newspaper the card numbers. Because of this he was able to get the list of winners, which was sent to the "Who wants to be a millionaire?". And finally Igor Zaseev - millionaire: the first edition of the TV quiz, which began to broadcast on the First channel, he reached 15.


As stated then Igor Zaseev - millionaire who won in the television show the Grand prize, the more he was preparing for a qualifying round, rather than to the game. He was afraid that will not work for him, so very carefully trained, for example, studied the history of the Russian Federation. He also delved into many books. The zeal and the considerable work that he put into preparing for the game, did their job with honor and dignity lasted throughout the show, answering all the questions. He hoped that it would come to the tenth question, then he does not count. Despite the confidence in knowledge in various fields of activities, the victory in this game for him was truly unexpected.

Answers to questions

The Only thing he hesitated on the question, which dealt with the works of "Eugene Onegin". Later in the interview, the player admitted that he really caught him by surprise, as the works of Pushkin, of course, he read it, but many years ago. The other questions he gave confident and clear answers so that in the course of this game he showed great erudition and exposure.

Igor Zaseev: the biography of lucky

At the time of the prize Igor Taseevo turned 39 years old. He was born in 1962, 21 Dec. Postgraduate of Leningrad state University, faculty of chemistry. Professional web designer, make layouts of books. As already noted, is married and has five sons. His eldest son Maksim from his first marriage lives with her mother in Germany, at the time of the transfer he had not seen him for two years. Igor Zaseev has a musical background, his childhood dream is to become a composer.Igor Zaseev

Hobbies Igor Zaseev

He loves sports, in particular, enjoys playing football and basketball. Thinks he's a gambling man. Favorite Directors - F. Coppola and Andrei Tarkovsky. From books prefers fiction. Lover of music in different genres, listening to classical and rock, jazz. Favorite singer is Louis Armstrong. Winnie the Pooh is a favorite literary hero (he loves this character for his optimism). The most beautiful animals on Earth he thinks hippos: he has created a collection of these toy creatures, which he has about 100 copies.

How Zaseev reacted to his unexpected good fortune?

To his surprise that his prize he had to pay 35 %, in total, it came out 350 thousand rubles, which he was forced to pay into the state Treasury. According to the rules, supposed to transfer a portion of the winnings, which are levied as a tax and go to the state.

Igor Zaseev biography

How to dispose of the prize?

Date March 12, 2001, was significant for him, because on this day he not only won the biggest prize in the game "Who wants to be a millionaire?" but became her first winner. Thus, it is forever recorded in the history of the popular game. Money it ordered as follows: first bought the younger children bike, spent part of in search of the eldest son, who had not seen for a long time, went to a romantic trip with the current wife in Austria and Italy, made a purchase of a Renault car, bought a computer and have a rest in Crimea with the whole family. Also part of the money was invested in repairs.

In Addition, Igor wanted to open my own business and part of the money thus invested in him, but failed. Being in Germany, visited together with his eldest son Maxim as part of a tour group in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Happy release program

The Premiere of the updated version of transmission, now broadcast under the title "Who wants to be a millionaire?" on 19 February 2001, and in the air it only showed March 12. This happened for the reason that the audience might have doubts about the honesty, because in the first release of Igor Zaseev won a million. Then his victory he introduced the organizers as a shock, so easily winning the main prize. He has received a prize in the live "Good morning" then he was handed a suitcase full of money. After the transfer, instead of cash he was presented a card, opened him a Bank account.

The Gambling man

Igor Zaseev considers himself a gambling man willing to take the risk. Before the happy game he has decided for himself that in that case he'll be lucky to reach the fifteenth question he will answer it, even if it is not sure of the answer. At least, he will become the first person in this program who dared to reach the end, and not to take money from otstutstvie confidence in the last response.

By the Way, in the end, he was asked about the teachings of Zen, namely, to the direction of religious philosophy it is. Taseevo helped to win in the transmission of his knowledge, because he is a man with a broad Outlook, a very well-read, erudite and intelligent...

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