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Now one can often hear the sarcastic opinion that soon the world will forget how to read. Of course, it is not. People still read a lot, only now, the ball is not ruled by paper media and electronic devices. Although what's the difference? Yes, the format of reading has changed, but the shape is not as important as the content. And with the content, I must say, there is no problem – every year there are worthy works and readers, it remains only to track them. But it can be difficult. Popular publications and mass book critique of we, unfortunately, do not exist, so people are sometimes difficult to understand which works are worth paying attention to.popular books

Rating of Russia. Fiction

In this review we will cover the most popular books of 2014 in our country, for you to be guided in the selection of printed materials for reading. Agree that bad thing is unlikely to become known, because gossip in any case, will spread information about its quality. Therefore, we have included a list of popular books the most sensational last year in the literary world works. They will be a great choice for those who are wondering about what to read at your leisure.

1. “50 shades of grey”

The controversial novel written by British author E. L. James, last year became the unconditional leader of sales in the Russian market of fiction. In Russian book was published by the publishing house «Eksmo». The work tells the story of the relationship of the entrepreneur Christian grey and a graduate of the University of Anastacia Steele, abounding with scenes of an erotic nature. Candid content and sales data, indicating that the lion's share among the buyers were women older than thirty years of age, led to the fact that the book in the press dubbed “mom porn”. An impressive part of the audience consisted of students and teenage girls. Many critics who wrote reviews of popular books to read, considered creation E. L. James is quite controversial. But such opinions did not affect sales, and in 2014 “50 shades of grey” sold out millions of copies. This popularity marked the adaptation of the work – 13 February 2015 expected release of the film, based on the book.popular books 2014


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2. «Russian Canary. Zheltukhin”

On the second place in our ranking is the first part family Saga, written by Dina Rubina. It's rough and graphic novel, telling the story of the many faces of family, about the amazing intersection of lives through distance and years. In the work are inextricably linked Almaty, Odessa and Israel. We are talking about two births, one little bird, about a young man with a unique singing talent and the deaf girl with the boundless inner freedom. This is both a thrilling detective story and a deep drama about the Maestro and his descendants.

3. «Russian Canary. The voice”

Third place ranking is the second part of the trilogy Rubina – the continuation of the convoluted spy-detective story composed of closely interwoven stories of two very different but sharing one common secret families from Odessa and Alma-ATA, past all the vicissitudes of the twentieth century. It is not surprising that the most popular books of 2014 presented by the novels Dina Rubina, because of her shrill and deep syllable hurts the most subtle emotional strings.the most popular books of 2014

4. “Abode”

This piece of Zakhar Prilepin, is devoted to Solovki-the archipelago in the White sea. The book paints a broad canvas with clear traces of the past and glimpses of the future, with dozens of heroes – it is an entire life fit in one autumn. To Solovki lake as a mirror, on the background of a dramatic love story reflected the tragic history of the whole country with its pain, blood, hatred. Novel “Abode” weaves tangle majestic nature and human destiny, where it is impossible to distinguish the executioners from the victims. Zakhar Prilepin has created a very strong piece about the boundaries of personal human freedom and degree of physical abilities that could not go unnoticed, so the novel was included in the rating of “the Most popular books of 2014”.

5. “Inferno”

Another mystical blockbuster Dan brown is in the fifth position of our top 10. While professional critics, exploring the popular books to read, seek out the author's inaccuracies and factual errors, the usual readers keen to unravel the mysteries of the past with the main character of the novel – a specialist in art history Robert Langdon. This time historian with a Harvard diploma will have an interesting trip to the Apennine Peninsula, where he will dive into the world of the mysterious “the divine Comedy”, created by Dante Alighieri. The again piece will give readers all the things for which they loved the previous popular book by Dan brown: this and codes, and symbols, and, of course, the mystery, the disclosure of which depends the fate of all mankind.popular books

6. “the Fault in our stars”

On the sixth line in contrast to the heroic mysticism is romantic drama by John green, which tells about a poignant love story, which nevertheless is not crowned with a happy ending. The fact that this work was included in a rating of “the Most popular books of 2014” due to the recent film adaptation that caused a new round of fame. The plot of the novel is tied to one of the most tragic phenomena of our time – the lives of teenagers with cancer. 17-year-old girl hazel for several years suffers from a severe form of cancer. She managed to survive, but now she's forever deprived of the opportunity to breathe on his own. Hazel does not go to College, suffering from depression and is in a world of their own imagination. But once it happens, an event that completely changes her life-she meets Agastya. In the hearts of young people arise, the first tender feelings, and all this is happening against the backdrop of the looming Damocles sword, because cancer is almost never backs down irrevocably.

7. “the Fiery finger”

Popular books of 2014 also presented a collection consisting of three stories authored by Boris Akunin, or Grigory Chkhartishvili (this is the real name of the writer). The action of the works takes place in a different era. So, the first story introduces the reader to having superpowers the Byzantine scout, who lived in the ninth century BC who travels the pagan Rus. The second story follows the heroine, who lived in a time when there was rivalry dilapidated Byzantium and Kievan Rus. The third story puts the reader in the era, when Russia was divided into principalities. And, of course, works not without love!the most popular books of 2014

8. “the cuckoo's Calling”

We All know the popular books by J. K. Rowling, but “the cuckoo's Calling" was the first creation of the author, written in the detective genre, using the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. This is an amazing story, tied to the mysterious death of a model. At first glance, the cause of death of the girl we know – it fell off the balcony, but former military and now a private detective Cormoran Strike intuition suggests that it is not so simple.

9. “one Hundred years”

Detective Tatiana Ustinova, telling the history of the first Russian State Duma against a background of mysterious conflicts and the vicissitudes of love, was quite specific, so to speak, for an Amateur. But these fans were many, so the work is “one Hundred years" has earned its place in the rating of “fiction books of 2014”.popular books of the year

10. “to Kill a Mockingbird”

This novel was first published in 1960, but the hype around him is still alive. The product is recognized as one of the best in the twentieth century, its author, the American writer Harper Lee received the Pulitzer prize. The action takes place in Alabama in the 30-ies of the last century, when the United States experienced difficult times of the great depression, the aggravation of racial and social conflicts. The story is told from the face of a little girl nicknamed Scout. The book shows the world through children's eyes light eternal issues from the perspective of a sincere and ingenuous child. This work is about human freedom and injustice in our day is especially important in view of the escalation of violence and xenophobia. Perhaps that is why the novel “to Kill a Mockingbird”, written over 50 years ago, was so popular with readers in 2014, and included in the list of “Popular books of the year”.


According to the rankings of sales in the Russian book stores in the print products from the “non-fiction” were “History of the Russian state. From the origins to the Mongol invasion”. Its author is already mentioned by us Boris Akunin, who has an amazing talent to write popular science books for easy playback...

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