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Victor A. Ryzhakov-known Russian teacher and Director of theater, popular actor of Russia.


Viktor Ryzhakov was born twenty-fifth of may, 1960. His childhood city was Khabarovsk, where he was born. His childhood was fun and carefree.

The school future famous actor and Director was a good student, and after graduation he enrolled in the far East Institute of arts. But the career of Director and actor was so interesting to the young man that shortly after graduation, he tries his hand at the Moscow theatre school named Shchukin. After his graduation he submits documents to GITIS and easy to pass the competition.

Victor Ryzhakov: biography, family and work

Victor A. their activity began in the theatre of young spectator, where he was immediately after the termination of GITIS. He was lucky because his teachers became G. Yanovsky and K. Ginkas. They not only helped him to learn a trade, learn a skill, but also opened a real acting and directing talent in this young and gifted person.

Thanks to his teachers, his talent and determination he begins to put on plays that are successful not only in Russia but also abroad. To hone your skills and show it to the world, Viktor Ryzhakov, photos of which can be seen in this article, participated and participates in all contests and film festivals as international level, and Russian.

Viktor Ryzhakov

Having Received invaluable experience of participating in festivals of different levels, Viktor Ryzhakov in 1993 he organized and then became the leader of the first Russian theatre festival, which took place near the city of Sochi. In Lazarevskoe on the festival «Theatre in search of theater» gathered a large number of aspiring actors and theater Directors. Therefore, the first attempt of a young Director and actor Victor A. Ryzhakova was successful.


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Theatre of drama and Comedy on the Kamchatka Peninsula

In 1995, Viktor Ryzhakov, personal life which has always been a mystery and a mystery to others, and admirers of his work, became the artistic Director of Theatre of drama and Comedy, which was located on the Kamchatka Peninsula. In this theater he worked for six fruitful years, since during these years he managed not only to raise the reputation of the theater, but also created new ones for the Russian theatrical society Board of Trustees. He acted at the state theatre in Kamchatka.

Viktor Ryzhakov, personal life

In 2000 a talented actor and Director together with actors of the Kamchatka theatre conceived and then carried out an unusual theater project. So, it was presented at festivals in different cities and enjoyed great success. Project of Victor Ryzhakova and the Kamchatka theatre of “Guard n 8” showed their performances in such major international cities as Vienna, Los Angeles, Edinburgh and others.

Teaching activities

In 2001, Ryzhkov, Viktor Anatolievich is not only a teacher directing him in this area was awarded the title of Professor. In the same year he begins his teaching career at the famous School-Studio named after Nemirovich-Danchenko, which operates under the Chekhov Moscow art Theater. Soon he begins his activity at the Chekhov Moscow art Theater as a Director.

Since 2002, Victor Ryzhakov is part of the founders of the theatrical festival of a name of Volodina. In addition, Victor A. became the permanent Director of festival “of”. Most of the performances were delivered this talented Director plays by I. Vyrypaev.

Viktor Ryzhakov, photo

But in addition to such an active directing and theatrical works, Victor A. manages to do the laboratory of “New drama”, which allows him not only to be implemented but also to find talent among the young and yet inexperienced Directors. Foreign colleagues know him and the wonderful workshops that he conducts. With his achievements on the theme “Stanislavski and the contemporary theatre” he visited America, Hungary, Germany and Poland. In addition, he was giving lectures and practical classes at Harvard University, as well as in various theatrical Russian institutions.

Recognition of actor and Director

Constantly Victor A. is engaged in research activities. So, for his work he received many honours and awards, including the national award "Golden mask”. His work in the arts was highly appreciated, and 22 may 2014, he was awarded the title of honored art worker of the Russian Federation.

Today he is a winner of many awards in Russia and abroad. His productions receive only the highest award, and in 2010 the performance received the main prize of the festival Severedsolo the prestigious nomination “Best performance”.

Viktor Ryzhakov: biography, family

Viktor Ryzhakov has successfully delivered and the shortest performance in the capital. So, it lasts only 26 minutes. A theatre piece "the Gods have fallen, and no more saving” the Director told short, but very clear about how the relationship of two women of different ages: daughters and mothers. Just play four dialogues that are not only interrelated, but also very similar. But each time intensifies and becomes more complex dialogue, showing the tragic fates of these two women.

Victor Ryzhakov: the wife, the kids

Viktor Ryzhakov: the wife, the kids

About the personal life of an actor is practically unknown, as he carefully hides his family from publicity. Still, fans of his work know that he was married and had a daughter.


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