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If you happen to visit Murmansk, don't miss the drama theatre of the Northern fleet. Attending a performance will leave an unforgettable impression.

When did the theater of the Northern fleet Murmansk

First appeared in the Arctic in 1936. His company consisted of sailors, and wives of commanders. From 1943 to 1986, was located on the premises of the officers. Drama theatre of the Northern fleet Murmansk participated in world war II, in the North section of it. 55 people of the theatre workers received awards and medals for merit to the Fatherland. The history of the emergence and influenced by the themes of the repertoire of the Drama theatre of the Northern fleet. theater of the Northern fleet MurmanskStill among the performances prevail with military-Patriotic orientation. His first productions were: «Russian people" Simon, "the Destruction of the squadron” the author Korneichuk, “Optimistic tragedy” put “Hurry to catch” crane “Officer of the fleet" Crown, “Ocean” Stein.

This is one of the oldest theaters of the Russian Federation. In different years the drama of Murmansk there was playing folk artists of the USSR: Mikhail Pugovkin, Valentin Pluchek, actress Elena Aminova, Elena Sergeeva, Marina Gavrilova-Ernst, Contarina Margarita, Prostyakov Sergei, Leonid Nevedomsky, Benjamin Radomyslsky, Sergei Morsain.

Many well-known talented playwrights to write for him my plays: Yuri Herman, Isidor Stock, Veniamin Kaverin, Konstantin Simonov, Alexander Stein, Viktor Gusev and many others.

The team of the theater of the Northern fleet

the Murmansk drama theatre

Responsibilities of the chief Director has been performed by Y. V. Feketa, enjoying the respect of the public and the support of the local Governor. The troupe are honored workers of arts and culture, folk artists: Yuri Sergienko, Olga Tsyplakova, Alex Goodin, Julia Blahova, Alexey Makarov, Sergey Sorokin, Elena Balakireva, Dmytro Paster, Yulia Chernavskaya, Eugene Patapchyk, Vitaly Gromak, Svetlana Makovsky, Yulia Makarova, Alexander Tito.


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The Stage of the theatre

In the Murmansk drama theatre of the Northern fleet is located at the address: prospect Kola, D. 186. theater of the Northern fleet Murmansk addressThere is the perfect place where you can watch their performances, but there are numerous other venues for performances. The Murmansk drama theatre successfully tours to cities of Russia and around the world. The creative team of the theater has already showed performances on the stages of all big Russian cities. Played their performances in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany.


The repertoire of the theatre of the Northern fleet in Murmansk can be seen on the page of the theater, in numerous media. Although the Murmansk drama theatre is primarily known for its classical repertoire, there are a lot of original works. Among the spectators the particular success are: the play “Mommy” the piece “Jokes in the middle of nowhere”, the statement ‘mistress into maid" performance "Kim" Comedy "Love in French”. Drama theatre of the Northern fleetAmazing and sincere call the heroic-Patriotic musical, devoted to the feat of crew of the submarine K-23. He talks about the courage of the sailors in the icy waters of the Barents sea.

For children of the age of the theater put: winter Wonderland “frost”, “the Golden Cockerel”, “Puss in boots”, “Enchanted”, “the Princess without the pea”, “Fly-Tsokotukha”.

Expected of the new movie: Comedy “crazy Love”, a play based on the Ukrainian stories “industry”.


After a visit to the drama theatre of the Northern fleet in Murmansk, the audience always remain the fondest memories. In the first place because in the theater created a special spiritual atmosphere. This is the place where not just doing work, but do welcome visitors and bring joy and energy to everyone.

What productions can visit people came to the theater of the red banner Northern fleet? Theatre, of course, more famous classical pieces such as “Comptroller” Comedy by N. Gogol, drama “Storm” A. N. Ostrovsky, drama “Cat on a hot tin roof" of the Tennessee, the play “the Forest” Ostrovsky Comedy "Tartuffe" Moliere, a play in five acts "peer Gynt" row.

But there's the original, far from boring classics works: crisis Comedy “Diva”, a crime Comedy “Trap for a lonely man" fairy tale “Mushroom stir" Comedy “Fantasy Faryateva" of the heroic and Patriotic musical “here I am! I'm next!! I'm close!!!" drama "the long war”. All they make you laugh to tears and sadden the viewer, which is somehow not notice the uncomfortable seats, old draperies, to the small room. the repertoire of the theatre of the Northern fleet MurmanskThe jokes of the actors of the drama do not have age restrictions. They can laugh and grandmothers, and the young generation. In addition to the diverse repertoire, the living language of original ideas, good acting visitors the advantages include modest canteen in the building. People who have already watched the stage production, it is recommended to visit to anyone visiting or living Murmansk in the Arctic. The only thing they complain about is the dilapidated state of the interiors, the lack of capital repair of the building, the low ceiling in the hall.

Address of the theater of the Northern fleet in Murmansk

The Drama theatre located at prospect Kola, next stop is "may day”. It can be reached on foot in 4 minutes to the theatre building, if you want to go there.

More information about the theater of the Northern fleet in Murmansk can be found on his page «Vkontakte». There you can read previews of future events, articles in local Newspapers about the productions, see photos, team drama, and trailers.


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