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A Large segment among all projects on television is a TV series about cops. The viewer can find the show on your taste. It may be a Comedy series, mystical, historical and even fantastic. Police and their surroundings are placed in a variety of situations and worlds.

Every year on TV there are dozens of new TV shows about cops. But not each of them deserves the attention of the viewer. Better to spend the time watching the projects that have received the recognition of millions. So, the largest database of film IMBd presents selections series. Sort detective series, you can immediately start the acquaintance with the best representatives of the genre.

Rating TV series on IMBd:

  • ‘Sherlock BBC” to 9.2 points.
  • ‘True detective” - 9,0 points.
  • “Hunter mind” was 8.8 points.
  • "Lucifer" - 8.3 points.
  • “Mentalist” and 8.1 points.
  • “Unusual detective" to 8.0 points.
  • “Commissioner Rex” - 7.1 points.

The Series «Sherlock BBC”

Anyone know the name “Sherlock Holmes”. The original book was translated into dozens of languages. The number of adaptations of strikes. Every Director was trying to create a “perfect” the image of the great detective.

TV series about police

But the BBC decided on an unusual adaptation based on the books. Sherlock Holmes remained in London, but moved from the nineteenth century into the twenty-first. He now uses, along with the deductive method of modern technology.

A British COP show and Sherlock Holmes received recognition of the audience. Of course, some do not like the new way of Sherlock, but still, the ratings of the project and its rating on IMBd speak for themselves.


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As in the books, Sherlock rents an apartment and Watson, solve crimes and facing with its main rival – James Moriarty, who in the series is not an elderly Professor, a young and arrogant villain who strikes fear and sow panic.

TV Series ‘True detective”

Speaking about the American TV series about cops, not to mention the TV series ‘True detective”. The film is set in two time lines: in 1995, seventeen years later.

TV series about cops in the us

In 1995, in Louisiana, there was a strange murder that shocked all the locals. The investigation took detectives Martin HART and Rust cohle. They must find the killer and appease the residents of the quiet town.

But something goes wrong when the strings lead investigators to high-ranking officials. Then the administration decides to deal with the case yourself: who they are “find” the criminal and close the case. HART, though, and does not accept the outcome of the case, but agrees with the captain and obediently departs from the case. But Rast – another. He – the one who was able to find many leads. His different vision of the world, in all its imperfection, helped him and HART to move on. Because of the arbitrariness Rasta fired.

Seventeen years Later occurs the same murder. The cops decide to enlist the help of detectives on a similar case.

Series “Hunter mind”

“Hunter mind” is a show about police officers based on real events. The events unfolding in 1977. In America start to happen murder, committed not in the heat of passion. The victims are ordinary people who did not hurt anyone and no one was hurt. The police and FBI can't disclose such things, after all, between the victim and the killer has no ties.

TV series about police

At this time, the behavioral analysis unit at Quantico works only in order to inform the police of different States on new methods of combating criminals. But Holden, Ford, working in the behavioral Department, decides to find a way to deal with a new kind of criminals. Thanks to him appears the term ‘serial killer”.

Series "Lucifer”

What would happen if the Devil is bored in Hell and taking with him a faithful friend, will go to the Earth? It is obvious that he will open a nightclub in Los Angeles, will lead a riotous life and provide “services” mere mortals.

TV series about cops in the us

Lucifer Morningstar – the most eccentric fallen angel. He's not afraid to give his real name, often spoke of his “father”, and all because no one believes that he is the devil.

But once killed my friend Lucifer. The devil decides to personally deal with the offender in the course of the investigation meets Chloe Dekker – a police detective. Lucifer is faced with a serious problem – Chloe was not acting of his power. To understand this phenomenon, it takes place in a police consultant.

Series “Mentalist”

Patrick Jane – a great psychologist who has mastered the technique of mental manipulation. Movements, facial expression and words, Jane is able to understand, the man is lying or not. Patrick owns the technique of hypnosis, he can use a few weird issues to gain acceptance from the offender.

unusual detective

Jane pretends to be a psychic to make money and to become famous. Once on the program he was asked a question about "Red John" - a serial killer terrorizing California. Patrick responded that this is a weak and lonely man. “John” did not like the description of Jane. That same night was killed the wife and daughter of Patrick. And on the wall was painted a bloody smile - sign "red John".

Then Jane set out with a singular goal: to avenge his family and kill “John”. For this he became a consultant to the local Bureau of investigation.

Series “Unusual detective”

Among all the TV series about cops, ‘Unusual detective” is distinguished by its vitality. Detective Casey Shraeger is the position of the COP not the first month. But her life is still no different to any significant events.

inspector Rex series

But everything changes when Casey was transferred to the new York police Department. Starting to work in major crimes, Casey meets people that are not familiar with moral principles that do not value the lives of others.

But if the criminals all clear, most striking, Casey feels when he realizes that all the other officers at the station kept secrets. And, as it turns out later, Shraeger is no exception.

Series “Commissioner Rex”

The Series about Rex and his owners began airing in 1994. And though the project did not get too high score on IMBd, TV series “Commissioner Rex” is familiar to almost everyone.

TV series about cops

The Story begins with the death of Michael – the owner of Rex. Policeman dies on duty, and his faithful four-legged friend remains single. Rex grieved the death of his man. But the death of a police officer – is a serious event. Commissioner Moser began an investigation and then notices the dog.

Moser imbued with sympathy to Rex and takes him home. The trust between them is built at once. But much later, when the dog, and people get used to each other, they become real friends.


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