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This national song – it is they. Their music reflected the true Russian reality, not stretching and not artificially-samovar, which it tries to present “gold ring”. They are not silent about what really interested in their compatriots, and always in the lyrics and the lyrics cut to the truth. They – Soviet and Russian punk. They – “the Gaza strip”.

discography Gaza

Group Information

5 December 1987 in the city of Voronezh was founded a rock band called "the Gaza strip”. Vocalist and lyricist Yuri klinskikh known to fans and connoisseurs of Russian punk under the pseudonym of Hoi an. He was joined by another Voronezh musician, guitarist Michael Fink, who, however, continued along the way to play in another local group called “the Decree on peace”. Some time “the Gaza strip” in fact, consisted of one klinskikh, because the guitarist was busy on the gigs ‘Decree of the world”. Later, in late 1989, formed the final part of the punk band: How and the Finn was joined by guitarist Sergey Tupikin, bass player semen Titievsky, and drummer Oleg Kryuchkov.

Beginning its countdown to 1989, and their discography. “the Gaza strip” released first record. Let us remember how it was.

Gaza first album

How it all began

5 December 1987 on the stage of the Voronezh rock-club at the local CHP left Yuri klinskikh. He was singing alone, without accompaniment keyboards or drums, only guitar. He sang three songs: “Easter”, “Collective punk” and “Driftwood”. All of these songs eventually became known, and in some ways even legendary.


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Then there were more performances at a local rock club. At one of the competitions held there, "the Gaza strip” won the prize of spectator sympathies.

Why “Gaza”?

Many are unfamiliar with the history of the band people note that the name it seems a little strange. In fact, riddles are no: Yuri klinskikh so named their group because I do not even think about success in the beginning of his career.

The fact that the musician lived in the left Bank district of Voronezh. There were a lot of plants, they are all well smoked. The area is jokingly called “Gaza” many local residents. Called him and a young hoy. In honor of this unofficial name of your district and with a small eye on the same “hot spot” of Palestine, whose name in those years was at the hearing because of the on-going military conflict, Klin and decided to choose among other option “the Gaza strip”.

Why Hoi?

Interestingly, and the origin of the nickname of Yuri klinskikh.

‘Hui’ – it's a short word, which welcomed each other Soviet and Russian punk. I drink it as a cry: “Punks, hoy!» Yuri klinskikh was a regular at the Voronezh rock club, it's something he acquired his nickname.

Gaza group discography

Speaking at the scene, the future vocalist “the Gaza strip” at every show appealed to the audience: “Punks, hoy!” most Likely, they used this word as a greeting. Some time later, Klin says, his home started to come people previously unknown to him who asked Yura hoy. This nickname stuck to him and remained with him until the end of life.

“Gaza": the first album

In 1989 he released two debut album. They were called "Plows woogie” and “Collective punk” and was created by local Voronezh recording Studio Black Box. The quality of these records, as recognized some time later, Yuri klinskikh, was not very decent, so more of Voronezh, then these records are not moved. But after some time the band re-recorded songs from those albums. It so happened that the album “the Gaza strip” “Collective punk” a think first. The fact that there was a greater number of recognizable songs in the future.

Then, in 1989, Yura hoy and his rock team knew only in Voronezh. To speak outside the city of the ability the guys just weren't here and were only on the stage of the local rock club at the CHP group “the Gaza strip”. The first album, however, liked the local audience, though, and was recorded unprofessionally.

1990: first Studio albums

It took three months after the recording of “Collective punk”. Two more plates were added to the discography. “the Gaza strip” released albums “yadrena louse” and “evil dead”. They were recorded in just four days on two Soviet VCR “Timbre”. One wrote “minus”, then there is only music, without vocals, on the other – “plus”, the final versions of the songs.

The Conditions were such that musicians had to replay the entire song over if one of them suddenly was wrong during the recording. But the guys tried, for four days, they give everything. No wonder then Klin sold his motorcycle, favorite “Java” to rent a Studio.

full discography Gaza

People liked the creativity of the group «the Gaza strip”. Album "things change" and the album “evil dead” in fact, paved the young artists way on the big stage. To them no one could so simply and openly, close to the Russian person language to talk about the problems of ordinary inhabitants of the provinces, while laughing at them. And lyrics about the afterlife then it seemed something unimaginable.

The Year 1991. Fifth album, and growing popularity

In 1991 the band signed a contract with a music label Gala Records. Replenished the fifth album discography. “Gaza" called it “the Night before Christmas”.

This year was a landmark for the team: a producer, Fidel Simonov, began touring, gained popularity. In the same year, changed the composition of the group: came new musicians, some of them were provided in the session or only helped record songs in the Studio, but not acted in concert. The basic composition was:

  • Sergey Tupikin, bass guitarist;
  • Alexey Ushakov, keyboardist;
  • Alexander Yakushev, drummer;
  • Yuri klinskikh, vocalist.

In addition, the latest albums were recorded with the assistance of backing vocalist Tatiana Fateeva, which two years later left the band due to health problems – weird Allergy that kept her working in the recitals.

Sektor Gaza discography 1989 2000

Another “Collective punk”, “Hey, man!” and “step on the gas”

At the end of the 1991 album “Collective punk” was re-recorded on vinyl. The circulation was enormous-as much as 100 000 copies. In early 1992, the band released their first music video for the title song of the album. It was shown on TV, and the popularity of the team was truly Russian.

Then enriched with two albums almost at once caught the fancy of the audience, his discography. “the Gaza strip” released album ‘Hey, man!” and “step on the gas”. With a concert tour in support of the first of these, the band played more than hundred concerts in a year. And the musicians to stop was not going to.

best album of the Gaza strip

Fruitful 1994

This year, the remaining recording from the first two albums material was released on the same disk “the Gaza strip”. Next came the album ‘Dancing after Bang”. As the name implies, when you work on it Yuri Hoi less likely to mince words. This record was recorded with a different backing vocalist, Inna Bugarini, but her manner of singing reminded left the team Tatiana Fateeva that fans did not immediately notice the substitution.

This year was marked by implementation of large-scale creative ideas-punk-Opera “Kaschey the Immortal”. In content it was an alternative version of the tale about Ivan Tsarevich and Vasilisa the Beautiful, but the execution – parodies of famous rock artists, both foreign and domestic. Then Hoey “got” the group AC/DC, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers and even the Soviet “Ensemble”. Fans fell in love with the punk Opera, and the people know its a called “Skazka”.

“fairy Tale” was going to film in the nineties, but if this was not the time nor the money. The project is frozen, filming planned to return in 2000. But, unfortunately, implement this idea and failed…

The Crisis of the mid-90s and the best album “the Gaza strip”

Until 1996, new discs, the group “the Gaza strip” did not go. Yuri klinskikh has entered a period of creative crisis, but because just did not write the song. But this time, the team toured extensively with their best p...

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