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Svetlana Selezneva debuted on screens in the 1980-ies. How was its further destiny of acting and what projects she participates now, our material.Svetlana Selezneva

Biography of the actress

Date of birth Selezneva Svetlana July 30, 1965. A Muscovite by birth. Parents worked in a watch factory “Glory”. Favorite childhood Hobbies was dancing, skiing. In the sixth grade started in the theater, then studied at drama class. Always dreamed of becoming an actress. Selezneva Svetlana have two children: a daughter and a son. The difference between them is ten years. The eldest daughter went in her footsteps. Together they starred in the TV series "airborne".

1990 – the end of LGITMiK. In the period from 1989 to 1991 the work was Leningrad theatre of Comedy named N. Akimova. Then she played in the Moscow art theatre. Gorky. Favorite theatrical roles called the role of Gloria (“Dear Pamela”) and Shakespeare's Olivia.

Today he lives in St. Petersburg. Continues to act in films.

Film Debut

The Debut role of Svetlana Selezneva was the role of Lucy filimonovoy. Melodrama, filmed in 1983, was called “the Ladies ' tango”. Director: Sulambek Mamilov. Four years later, an acquaintance of young actress with another Director – Leonid Nechayev. She starred in his work “Tutor”. The main character, played her name was Kate Cambric. The actress called the role multi-faceted and very interesting in the work plan.

Svetlana Selezneva

After the release of the “Tutor” the actress realized what a popular. Even the love of her second husband was an absentee. After her arrival in the theatre, he approached her with the words: “Always dreamed about meeting the actress, who played a major role in the “Tutor”.


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After this film was followed by a fabulous romance "don't leave" (1989), in which the actress Svetlana Selezneva was performed by Marcella (named role was one of the main). Our heroine this footage gave me joy. Had to rehearse a large number of dance numbers, they were headed by the great choreographer Yuri Troyan. The rehearsal was long and hard, she danced barefoot on the cobblestones of the city of Tallinn. Alas, not all of these scenes entered the picture.

The film was often funny and amusing moments. Actress and to this day remembers fondly.

Undoubtedly, the film was a major event in the domestic film industry of the late 80-ies. The game of actors (Svetlana Selezneva, AB Filozova, Vyacheslav Innocent, Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, Igor Krasavin, Varvara Vladimirova), lovely songs and excellent directorial work of Nechaev became the constituent parts that formed the basis of the success of the film.Selezneva Svetlana Nikolaevna

Care of the theatre

A year after the release of the film «do Not leave” and did not the Soviet Union. Changes began the familiar life in the country: the crisis, the lack of jobs. Many actors at this time “broke”, many, on the contrary, became popular. Selezneva Svetlana was forced to leave the theater. According to her, the new production was not raised, was boring.

She often saw in the dream stage. But to dwell on the past and sit with his hands down was not in her nature. With a truly combative qualities to stay afloat, she worked as a cleaner after went to the travel Agency. To realize himself in creative work, opened her own drama Studio for children. The number of people we invite to meetings, was Leonid Nechaev. By the way, they were friends, met in any case.

Return to the screens

Fortunately, the audience are able to see Svetlana Seleznev on the silver screen. She often starred in roles of the second plan. The genre is crime films and TV series. She played psychologist Alla Dmitrievna (TV series “Lethal force-3”), Irina Fomin (TV series “Foundry, 4”), the Director of the orphanage Vera Ignatyevna (film “Protecting Krasin-2”), Irina Olegovna Terekhin (TV series "Secrets of the investigation-8"). She starred in “Streets of broken lamps".Svetlana Selezneva actress

The Attitude to fame, the actress is neutral. But the recognition and love of the audience considers the necessary conditions for a successful acting career. In its plans for – further role. Dreams that they were interesting. With regard to the satisfaction of the actor's fate, he hopes that the best is yet to come. Favorite music – jazz. Favorite genre of literature-the classics. Favorite writer – Ivan Bunin. Favorite movies – the old Soviet and foreign.

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