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Known to Many for the TV series “Voronin» Stanislav Doinikov. His biography, however, is full of a variety of roles in films and plays. But about all under the order.

Stanislav Doinikov biographyStanislav Doinikov: the biography of the artist

So, was born the next actor in the city of Saransk (Mordovia). Year of birth-1973, date – may 17. With this information, it is easy to calculate, how old is Stanislav Duzhnikov. At the moment he's 40. He grew up in a family of doctors (mother – pediatrician, dad is a surgeon), but as we all know, is not followed in the footsteps of their parents. The boy was fond of sports: swimming, bodybuilding, skiing and martial arts made him stronger and tougher. But Stanislav had always dreamed about the scene. And I must say, started to make first steps towards their goal in the school. The first character he played, - the daughter of the stepmother in a production of “Cinderella”. For this “work” they even gave him the prize – so well he showed himself.

A Creative journey

how old is Stanislav DuzhnikovProfessional education started in Saransk school of culture Stanislav Doinikov. His biography shows that it was not an accomplishment for a young man. And he sought to Moscow, Schukinskaya school. However, to reach him failed and he became a student of the Moscow College of contemporary art. But "Pike" still beckoned him. The second and third attempts Stanislaus to get the list of students of the institution were not successful. But on the fourth time he was lucky. After graduation, he was accepted into the troupe theater. Gogol (1998). Among his works the role in such productions as “Fly to Milan”, “My crime”, “Ugly Elsa” etc.


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Later (2001) Doinikov moved to another theatre, which was managed by A. Dzhigarkhanyan. There he participated in "Powder keg", and also in the statement ‘Three sisters" and others. The year 2009 was marked by Stanislaw acceptance in the Mat. The audience could see him in productions of “Pickwick papers”, “Marriage” and “Ghosts”.

When a young man he studied in "Pike" he got the role in a Comedy called “mistress into maid”. It was his film debut. This is also known actor acquired once played the role of a sort of goof in the Comedy "DMB". Then came 2 more parts of this army film, which was also accepted by the audience “cheers”. After these works of Stanislav began to invite in other films and TV series.

Stanislav Doinikov personal lifeAs mentioned at the beginning of the article, many people know Doinikova project of CTC “Voronin”. Here his character – a policeman named Leon. This loser with a bunch of complexes. Comparing himself with his brother, he finds new defects. In addition, the mother significantly more loves Kostya. By the way, “form” of Stanislav to this role was smaller. In order to get used to the way he had to gain another 20 pounds.

Stanislav Doinikov: personal life

With his wife Kristina and Grandma's Stanislav met with the help of friends. However, another year and a half, they were just in the status of “friends”. But on one of the ceremony of the awards between them still have chemistry. I must say that Doinikov was very shy and a proposal of marriage sent the girl a text. Fortunately, she said Yes. About this joyous event, young did not spread by signing in the registry office and having noted the event in a close circle. Pretty soon the couple had a girl called Ustinia.

Here it is – actor and family man Stanislav Doinikov. His biography-a vivid example of what you need to go for their dreams, no matter what.

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